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Fritz   Abadi  (born 1915)  Studied at ASL and with Nahum Tschacbasov.  Member of: AEA, Brooklyn Soc. Artists, NAWA, ASL.  Exhibited at: NAWA (prizes), Univ. Illinois, CI, LOC, BM, WMAA, City Center Gal., Argent Gal. and Van Dieman-Lilienfeld Gal.  Works at Butler Inst. Am. Art. Listed in Who was Who in American Art (1975, Polk).
Alice   Acker  Boston artist
Rob   Adamcik Represented by the Lyman-Eyer Gallery, 349 Commercial St. Well collected artist.  Has also exhibited at the Schoolhouse Gallery, Icon Gallery '97, Kongers Gallery, Boston '98.
Loring   Adams Painter of the 19th/20th century.  Exhibited at Boston Art Club, 1900, 1902, 1905. Listed in Who' was Who's Who in American Art.
Mark   Adams  Represented by the Schoolhouse Gallery, Provincetown. Mark Adams is an artist and cartographer living in Truro. His ink and watercolor sketches of Cape Cod combine visual art and science. He teaches students how to sketch nature at Castle Hill, Provincetown Art Association and to Cape Cod high school students.
Scott   Addis (born 1963)  Was represented by the Tristan Gallery, Provincetown.  Exhibitions include Soho Intl. Art Comp., NY, Springfield Mus. Art, Diana Paul Gallery, Canada, Represented by Galerie Addis (self owned), Artmode Gallery, Absolute Arts, Toro Gallery, Tristan Gallery, Beacon Fine Arts, Somerhill Gallery, Gallery Flagstaff, Michel Bique Art Gallery, Lieberman's, Loretta Goodwin Gallery, Lieberman's, Mary Bell Galleries, Toronto International Art Fair, Rouge Gallery, Art Works Gallery and more.  WonCanadian Artist Grant (CARFAC). 
Lewis   Adler  Studied at Art Students League, taught at Hudson School  Museum, shows in Palm Springs and Beverly Hills.  Currently lives in Mexico.
Samuel  Marcus Adler  (1898-1979) Studied at NAD with Leon Kroll, Charles Louis Hutton. Member of AEA (Pres., NY Chapter, 1954-55), Woodstock Artists Assoc. Exhibited at: PAFA (J. Henry Schiedt Mem. Prize), Univ. Illinois, American Painting Today, MMA, AIC, WMAA (purchase award), Art USA and many others including 23 solo shows, Frank Rehn Gallery, NY, Ford Found. (award). Works at: WMAA, Nat. Collection Fine Arts, Smithsonian Inst., Hirshhorn Mus., Brooklyn Mus., Munson-Williams-Proctor Inst. Well listed.
Virginia  Morris Adolph  (1880-?) Studied at London Sch. Art and PAFA. Member of Queensboro Soc. Allied AC., Wolfe ACE, Am. Ar. Prof. Lg., Studio Gld (1937). Exhibited at Ogunquit ME, Art Center in 1936, Studio Guild, NYC in 1937, Queensboro Soc. Allied AD, National AC (1939), Salons of America. Listed in Who was Who in American Art, 1975.
George G. Adomeit (1879-1967) Studied at Cleveland Sch. A., F. C. Gottwald. Member of AIGA, Cleveland SA, AI Graphics A., Cleveland Print Club. Exhibited at Ohio State Fair, Detroit Inst. A., Albright A. Gal., Toledo Mus. A., PAFA, CGA, CAM, WMAA, LA Mus. A., AAG, Carnegie Inst., Newark Mus., Springfield Mus. A., CMA, AFA Traveling Exhibs. Awards include 24 awards in CMA Shows. Works at CMA, Ashtabula Lib., City of Cleveland Coll. Well listed artist, frequently painted on Monhegan Island, ME.
Nicolai   Afonchikov (Afon) Early Provincetown artist whose works in part of PAAM permanent collection and many collections here and abroad.
Yakov   Agam  (born 1928)  Israeli artist and sculptor with worldwide fame, best known for his optical and kinetic art.  Studied at Acad. of Art and Design, Jerusalem.  First solo exhibition was at Galerie Graven (1953, Paris) which established him as a leading pioneer of the Le Mouvement.  He showed alongside artist like Alexander Calder.  Worldwide museums and collections include his work.  In 1996, was awarded the Jan Amos Comenius Medal by UNESCO.
Raynor   Ahmuty (b.1922)  Studied at RI School of Design under Price Dodge, teacher also. Exhibited at Providence Art Club 90's, was also President and life member. Member of PAAM, countless collections.  This is the first time he has participated in these auctions.
Don   Aikens Known and collected Cape Cod artist.  Many murals include The Provincetown Inn, The Holy Grail Food & Spirits Restaurant, Epping, New Hampshire.
Maud   Ainslie (1870-1960) Studied with AW Dow and William Zorach.  Member of Louisville AA and PAAM.  Exhibited at PAAM 1917, Louisville AC, 1943, 1954 and AR Hite Institute (solo show-1951).  Better known for her wood block prints.  Very well listed in Who's Who, and Davenport's.  
Ernest   Albert  (1857-1946) Studied: Old Montague Art Sch. (1872 with JB Whittaker, Brooklyn Art Sch. (won Graham Art Medal). Member of: ANA, NAC (life member), All. AA (founder, 1914), SC, AWCS, Grand Central Gal., New Rochelle AA, CAFA, Old Lyme AA, New Haven PCC, Silvermine GA, New Canaan Soc. Artists, Amer. Soc. Scenic Painters (founder and 3rd VP), Chicago Soc. Artists. Exhibitions: Brooklyn AA, NAD, Allied AA, Pan-Pac. Expo, Silvermine Ga., New Canaan Soc. Artists, Highland Park Art Mus., Babcock GA., Grand Rapids Mus., Grand Central Art Gal., Rockefeller Center, Vose Galleries and many others. Works at: Colby College. He changed his name from Ernest Albert Brown to Ernest Albert in 1879 for professional reasons. Also scenic painter and designer for Brooklyn Theatre. Very well listed in Who was Who in American Art, 1975.
Ramon   Alcolea  (born 1958)  Represented by the School House Gallery, Provincetown.  Member of PAAM and also in the permanent collection.  Exhibitions are international and has had several group shows, solo shows from as far away as Hawaii.  Well listed.
John  G. Aldrich  (20th Century) Providence artist.  Member of Providence AA.  Exhibited at Salons of American.  Listed in Who's Who.
Courtney   Allen  (1869-1969)  Studied at the Corcoran Art Sch., NAD and with Charles Hawthorne, C.C. Curan, Felix Mahoney and WH Bicknell.  Member of Beachcombers, Provincetown AA (pres., 1952-52 and 56-58).  Exhibits include: Allied Artists Am., PAAM, Chrysler Art Mus., Provincetown Historical Mus.  Works at: Nat. Mus. Amer. History.  He began illustrating juvenile magazines and later Colliers, Sat. Evening Post and other magazines.  Was trustee of Chrysler Art Museum in Provincetown (1960-68) and pres. Truro Hist. Soc. in 1969.  Known as an illustrator, sculptor, painter, etcher, and printmaker.  Listed in Who was Who in American Art.
Erma   Allen  (1877- )  Studied with Charles Hawthorne, ASL, Corcoran Sch. Art.  Memberships include Society of Illustrators.  Exhibited at Society of Independent Artists.  Known for block prints, illustrations and writings.
Mary Cecil Allen  (1893-1960)  Studied at ASL, 1935.  Exhibited at S. Indp. A.  Was active in Provincetown in the 1950's and 60's.  Listed in Who was Who in American Art.
Greta   Allen (Dietz)  (1881-?)  Boston portrait painter.  Studied at: Mass. Sch. of Art with Joseph deCamp, BMFA Sch. w/Frank Benson and George Noyes.  Member of Copley Society, Boston AC.  Exhibits include: Milwaukee AI (1930, solo),  Boston AC, Copley Society, Boston SAC (1897-1927), Irving and Casson Gal., Boston, PAFA (1918), Jordan Marsh Co.  Well listed.
Eloise   Allenwsworth  Boston painter.  Listed.
Marge   Alligretti Was represented by the Swansboro Gallery in Wellfleet.  Well known Cape Cod artist. 
Steve   Allrich Was represented by the Blue Heron Gallery, Wellfleet.  Studied at Amer. Acad. Art, Chicago with E. Hall. Member of Allied Artists National, CCAA, American Artists Prof. Lea., Salmagundi Club, Copley Society.  Exhibitions and awards include Cape Cod Art Assoc. (first prize in drawing, oil, (various years), Creative Artists Center, Copley Society (1rst prize), CCAA, Mass. Arts Lottery.  He has moved off cape.
Harold   Altman  Well listed artist with worldwide museum listings and countless shows in PAFA, WMAA, MoMA. BMFA, BMA, MMA.
Ernie   Amaral  Well known local artist and in Florida with many showing and galleries (Renaissance III) in the past in Provincetown. Known for his mosaic style paintings. Private collections include Bill Gates and Microsoft.  Had a patron who sponsored his painting career.
Gregory   Amenoff   (born 1948)  Represented by the Salander O'Reilly Galleries, NY, Nielsen Gallery,  Boston, The Gerald Peters Gallery,  Santa Fe and Vidal St. Phalle Galerie,  Paris.  Studied at Beloit Coll. (BA), Mass. College of Art (Honorary Doctorate).  Recipient of countless awards from numerous organizations including NEA, Amer. Acad. of Arts & Letters, NY State Council, Tiffany Found., The Artists Found. of Mass.  His exhibitions are very extensive. Works of his can be found at Whitney Mus., MFA, Boston, MoMA, the Met.  He has been a Professor of Art at Columbia since 1994 and holds the Eve and Herman Gelman Chair of Visual Arts.  Taught at The School of Visual Arts, NY, RISD, Yale and others.  He has served as President of the NAD since 2001. 
Wally   Ames  Connecticut artist, extensive shows and well listed
Vincent    Amicosante Represented by the Harmon Studio Gallery, Wellfleet. Although this artist has had countless exhibitions and articles written about him and his work, difficult to find printed biographical information on him.  
Allyn   Amundson  The only reference I could find was on a website where he visited Boston in 1961 with fellow artist friend Jerome Mallman and that Allyn has passed.
Anne  P. Anderson (20th century)  Studied at: AIC, Chicago Academy, FA and with Charles Hawthorne and Hugh Breckenridge.  Member: Chicago SE, Swedish-Am AA, North Shore AL.  Exhibited at: AIC, 1926,.  Known for her etchings, block prints and painter.  Born in Elgin, IL.
Laura   Anderson  (late 20th century)  Represented by  The Chase Gallery, Boston.  Studied under Wolf Kahn, Wayne Thiebaud, RISD, Hartford Art School.  Exhibits include Parkersburg Art Museum, WV, Springfield Museum FA, DeCordova Museum, Fitchburg Art Museum with awards, 1979,80,81.  Galleries include Chase Gallery, Boston, National Arts Club, Gallery East, and many other shows and awards.  Extremely well known Boston artist.
William Monte Anderson (1928-2005) Utah.  Worked as an ocularist for 33 years and also talented artist.  Exhibitions include The Lake Galleries, Carmel, and Laky Galleries, also in Carmel (22 of 27 paintings sold in solo show).
Lisa   Anderson-Bisson  (b.1955)  Studied at Tufts Univ. and MFA, Boston (1986-1990).  Exhibited: Brush with History Gallery, (solo, 1986, Animal Rights Education), Art Alive Gallery, Lowell, Ma. (1980, The Christmas) PAAM, MFA, Bank of Boston.  Awards from Kodak, Lowell Sun, Chaser Bar, Provincetown and others.  Cover of Provincetown Magazine (photo contest, 1998, May) and Kodak Intl. Newspaper Snapshot Awards (1988, Lowell Sun, 1rst place "Untitled and 3rd place "King Richard).  Recently relocated to Provincetown.
Lois   Anne Studied at Alfred Univ. (BFA). Has a studio in Rockland (since 1983). Taught at Farnsworth Art Mus., UMA Thomaston Cntr., Rockport Coll., Coastal Workshop, member of Round Top (since 1998). She has exhibited throughout the country in art galleries and museums including Maine Contemporary Art and Ocean House Gallery, Maine, both in Maine.
Thomas   Antonelli  Represented by the Antonelli Gallery, Provincetown.  Has lived in Provincetown for the last 30 years.
Chuck   Anzalone  (born 1951) Represented by the Lyman-Eyer Gallery, Provincetown. Studied at Art Institute, Boston, 1972 (graduate), Mass. College of Art and Cape Cod School of Art with Griffel. Shows and exhibitions include; Thanassi Gallery, Provincetown, Alumni Show, AIB, 92,Jacob Fanning Gallery, Wellfleet, 1993-95, Charles Baltivik Gallery, Provincetown, 1996-2001, The Art House, Brewster, 2002, Studio 34, Provincetown, 2002.  Several juried shows at PAAM.  Well collected artist.
David   Armstrong (born 1954) New York artist/photographer.  Studied at Tufts Univ. (BFA, 1988), Cooper Union (1977-78), Boston Mus. Sch. (1974-78).  Exhibitions include: Camel Mennour, Paris, Matthew Marks Gallery, NY, Judy Ann Goldman FA, Boston, M. & R. Fricke Gall., Dusseldorf, Scalo Gallery, Zurich, Bangs Street Gallery, Provincetown, Joao Graca, Lisbon, Yvon Lambert, Paris, Galerie Bruno Brunet (with Nan Goldin), Mus. Fur Gestaltung, Zurich, Hudson Gallery, Boston, Jeffrey Hudson Gallery, Boston, Whitney Mus., Dallas Mus. Art, F.I.T. NY, DeCordova Mus., Amer. Fed. Arts, Marlborough Gall, NY, St. Lawrence Mus., Cooper Union, Patrick Fox Gall, MFA Boston, Vision Gallery, Boston and others.  Books by the artist: "All Day, Every Day", "The Silver Cord", "A Double Life" with Nan Goldin, "I'll be Your Mirror" with Nan Goldin.  Well listed and established.
Constantine   Arvanites (1921-1998)  New England artist.  Member of Rockport AA.  Exhibits include Loyola College Art Gallery, Smithsonian Institute.
Betsy   Arvidson  Studied at: Ringling Sch. Of Art, Fl., ASL, NAD Sch. of FA. Exhibits include: Phoenix Rising Printmaking Coop. Grp. Exh., Columbus Cult. Art Center, Ohio, Ohio Dominican Coll., Wehrle Gall., Bradshaw house Gall., Alabama, Gallery on Second, NY, Cooley Gall., Ct., Susan Conway Carroll Gall., Wash., DC, Morningstar Gall., NY, solo exhi. Wehrle Gall., Ohio Dominican Coll. Works in many private collections.
Carl   Ashby (20th Century Painter)  New York Address, exhibited at WMAA, 1947 and 1948 and at Corcoran Gallery, 1947. Listed in Who was Who in American Art.
Elise   Asher (1914-2004)  Wrote poetry until 1947 when she started to paint illegible words onto canvas creating a gestural pattern. Later she painted similar script onto transparent plexi-glass panels, adding fantasy-like birds and other forms.  Had a recent retrospective at FAWC.  Married to Poet Stanley Kunitz.  Listed in Who was Who in American Art.
Eve   Aspinwall  (born 1951)  Represented by her own studio in South Orleans.  Studied at Vesper George School of Art, Museum School and Massachusetts College of Art.  Exhibitions include Gallery 52, Boston Visual Artists Union, Annual Boston Drawing Show at Boston Center for the Arts, David Wright Gallery and Hopkins Gallery in Wellfleet, PAAM, Self-Portrait Cape Cod at Cotuit Center for the Arts, and Michael McGuire Galleries in Provincetown and Nantucket. Owned and operated Casa Vieja Gallery in Vieques, Puerto Rico 1993-2006.  Widely collected. Works in private and corporate collections in the U.S.A., the Caribbean, the E.U., and Australia. 
Judith   Austen  Studied at Pratt Institute (BFA), Bank Street College (Masters), Boston Univ. (MFA, Art).  Exhibits are numerous in Boston area (10 1-woman shows and several group shows).  Teaches art in schools.  Studio located in Newton, Ma.
Darrel   Austin (born 1907) Studied at Columbia Univ., Univ. Notre Dame, Univ. Oregon and with Emil Jacques at European School Art. Exhibited at Putzel Gallery, Perls Gallery, AIC, PAFA, Corcoran Gallery, WMAA, St. Louis AM., Inst. Contemporary Art, Boston, ACA Galleries, Harmon Gallery, Naples Fl., and elsewhere. Works at MMA, MoMA, BMFA, Nelson Gallery Art, Kansis City, Phillips Mem. Gal., Albright Art Gall., Smith College Mus., Clearwater AM. and more. Well listed.
Milton    Avery (1885-1965) Studied at Connecticut League of Art Students under Charles Noel Flagg.  Member of Fed. Modern P & S, Independent Artists and Woodstock AA.  Exhibited at S. Indianapolis, 1927-34, PAFA, 1929-64, CAFA, 1930 (prize), AIC, 1932, Durand-Ruel Gallery, NYC, 1943-50, Corcoran Gallery, 1941-63, BM, Newark Museum, Albright Art. Gal., WMAA, BMA, 1949 (prize), Ford Foundation, BMA (retrospective), Smithsonian Institute, Wadsworth Atheneum, NYC WPA Art, Salons of America and many others.  Works at: MMA, WMAA, MoMA, NMAA, Newark Museum, BM, Phillip's College, PAFA, Albright Art Gallery.  One of nation's pioneering colorist.  Active in Provincetown, 1956 and 1960.  Very well listed artist.
Leroy  Milton Avery, Doctor  (1841-1906) Martha's Vineyard, Quisset, Ma. artist. Very active in New Bedford, MA. Studied at Columbia College, 1862, Bellevue Hospital College, 1866 but primarily self taught as an artist. Member of NYEC (founder, 1877, pres., 1877-79). Exhibits include: Boston AC, 1882, Brooklyn AA, 1883. Works at: Print Dept., NYPL has a selection of his best works and tools. He came every summer to Nonquitt, MA. He was also a friend of R. Swain Gifford. He made several hundred etchings, mostly landscapes and later turned to pastels. Listed in Who was Who among other places.
Caroline   Ayres Unknown who this artist is.
Grace   Aznive  New Bedford Artist
David   Azuz (1909 - 1970) Studied at Art Student League, exhibited at PAFA, WMAA (award winner), MMA, NY,  VMFA, Boston Museum and many more, collections include Guggenheim, MoMA, NYPL, Denver Art Museum, and many more, extremely well listed, taught at Brooklyn Museum Art School.  Well listed.
Kathy   B. C.  Wife of Jurek, the artist, also exhibited at PAAM.
Barbara   Babcock  Was represented by the DuBarry Gallery in Provincetown in the 1980's.
Del-Bourree   Bach (born 1953) Illustrator and artist.  Started with pen and ink and in early 1980's, began using acrylics in a technique similar to watercolors with wash effects.  Had exhibited and sold at Morris & Whiteside Galleries, Hilton Head, SC.  Known as a New York artist.  Still active.  Listed on
Otto  Henry Bacher  (1856-1909). Studied at: Royal Acad., Munich (late 1870's), Academie Julian, Paris with Boulanger and Lefebvre, Carolus-Duran also in Paris, Frank Duveneck in Florence (etching) and with Whistler in Venice (etching).  Member of: ANA, SAA, SI, Soc. Painter-Etchers, London (fellow).  Exhibits include: NAD, 1880-93, Soc. Painters-Etchers, 1881, BMFA, 1881, Boston AC, 1884,88, Paris Salon, 1886, PAFA, Pan-Am. Expo, LA Purchase Expo, Parrish AM.  Works at: BMFA, NYPL.  Considered one of the "Duveneck Boys". Traveled to Venice with James Abbott McNeil Whistler with his own printing press.   Listed in Who was Who.
Peggy Margaret Frances Bacon (1895-1987)  Studied at: NY School of Applied Design for Women, Jonas Lie's Summer Landscape Sch., with Howard Giles (1914-15), and in Provincetown with Andrew Dasburg and BJO Nordfeldt (1915-17).  Also at ASL with John Sloan, George Bellows and KH Miller.  Member of: Whitney Studio Club, NAD, SAGA, NIAL and Woodstock Artists Assc.  Exhibited at: Whitney Studio, WMAA, Joseph Brummer Gallery, NYC, Stieglitz's Intimate Gallery, and at Montross Ga., Anderson Gal., E. Weyhe Gal, Downtown Gal., Rhen Gal, Kraushaar Gal, and American Group Retro., 1942.  Also at Ogunquit, MN (solo, 1979), NCFA, Salons of America, AIC, NIAL and Butler Inst.  Won a Guggenheim Fellowship, 1934.  Many awards and prizes.  Works at: Guild Hall, East Hampton, NY, MMA, WMAA, BM, MoMA, NMAA, Woodstock Artists Assc. She was a well known children's book illustrator and satirical caricatures of the New York City art world in the 1920's and 30's.  Countless books, articles and extremely well listed.
Ruth   Baderian  (born 1927) Studied at ASL, scholar.  Also with Jean Liberte, Harry Sternberg and Barbara Vasilieff. Member of Am. Artists Prof. League, Hudson VAlley AA, Wolfe Art Culb, NY Nat. Art League.  Exhibits include: Am. Art. League, NY, 1966-72 (prizes 70-71), Hudons Valley AA, 1966-72, Am. WCS, 1970-72, Knickerbocker Artists, NY, 1971-72.  Works at: Sen. John D. Caemmerer Coll., Long Island Lighting Company.  Well listed in Who's Who,
Stanley   Bagush (born 1930)  Studied at Mass Coll. Art.  Studied also at PAAM, under Ilona Royce Smithkin and the Whorf sisters.  For years he taught art in Framingham and Belmont.
framingham, belmont, art teacher
Barnum  Bailey Known as the greatest show on earth.  Began some say in 1793.
LaForce   Bailey  (1893-1962) Studied with William M. Hekking, Charles Hawthorne, John R. Frazier. Member of AIA, Provincetown AA, AWCS, Wash. WC, CI, Phila. WC CI. Exhibits include: AIC (frequently from 1928), AWCS,. Works at Murals, Ill. Century of Progress Exp. Listed in Who was Who in American Art, 1975 edition.
T.   Bailey  Ficticious Marine Painter, many paintings emerged from Boston and Winthrop between 1910 and 1938. The inventor of this name was Morris Hambro (1860-1938).
    Bailey Bailey is a signature many artists signed to paintings of theirs.
Oliver  F. Baker  (1856-1939).  He exhibited at the Boston AC in 1897 and 1900.
Richard   Baker Represented by the Albert Merola Gallery.  Well listed and collected artist.
Susan   Baker Represented by Susan Baker Museum in Truro, extremely well known and collected artist of Cape Cod, in many collections and illustrations of local books.
Edith  E. Baldwin  (1870 - ?) Studied at Acad. Colarossi, Paris, Academie Julian, with T. Robert-Fleury, Gustav Courtois, also with Henry Mosler and Julian Rolshoven in Paris. Exhibited at SNBA (1891), Soc. American Artists, Salon de Champ de Mars, Paris, in Worcester (1903). Known as a painter and bookbinder, listed in Who was Who in American Art.
Calvin   Balis (1817-1863) Probably active in New York (New Hartford), 1846-50).  Listed in Who was Who in American Art and Askart.
James   Balla  (born 1956)  Represented by the Albert Merola Gallery, Provincetown.  Born in Norwalk, Ct. and studied at Parson's School of Design.  Exhibits include SF Mus. of Art, PAAM (in permanent collection), Michael Martin Galleries, SF., Carrie Haddad Gallery and others.  Has been reviewed by the Village Voice, the Boston Phoenix and more.  Very collected artist.
Katherine   Baltivik  Represented by the Charles-Baltivik Gallery, Provincetown.
Ellen   Banks  (20th century, died  )  Studied at: Mass Coll. of Art, (BA), BMFA School.  Exhibited at: Dunbarton Galleries, Boston (1962, solo), BMFA, 1970, Smith-Mason Gallery, 1971 (solo), Nat'l Center of Afro-American Artists, Boston (award) and Prix de Paris, 1967.  Well listed in Who's was Who.
Albert   Banning Newport, Rhode Island artist.
Albert   Banning Newport, Rhode Island artist.
John Warner Barber  (1798-1885)  Connecticut artist/engraver, topographical draftsman.  Works at Conn. Hist. Soc.  Started his own engraving business in 1823 and traveled extensively on the east coast gathering information for his multiple books and engravings, including Provincetown. Listed in Who was Who in American Art, 1975 edition.
Samuel   Barber (born 1943)    Represented by the Sam Barber Studio of Fine Art, Hyannisport, Mass, Wohlfarth Gallery, Provincetown and Washington, DC., Tree's Place, Orleans, Ma., Wally Findlay Galleries in New York, Palm Beach and London and the Weatherburn Gallery, Naples, Fl.  Studied at Art Students League, NAD with William Draper, (recognized his talent and in the mid-1960's arranged for him to study with Henry Hensche at Cape School of Art. Works and Awards and Exhibitions include: Cape Cod Association, First Prize in Oil - 1974, 1977, 1980, 1981, 1983, Cape Cod Association, Excellence in Tradition - 1974, LaGrange College Collection (Georgia) Purchase Prize - 1974, Shreveport Art Guild (Louisiana) Award - 1974, Two Flags Festival (Arizona) Award - 197, Cape Cod Association, Best in Show - 1975, 1976, Cape Cod Association, Best in Pastel - 1977, Cape Cod Association, Best in Oil, All New England - 1978.  Collections: Attleboro Museum,  William Benton Museum of Art - Storrs, CT, Birmingham Museum of Art - Birmingham, AL, Cape Museum of Fine Art - Dennis, MA
Crestar Bank - Richmond, VA, Daikin Industries - Osaka, Japan, Fayette Art Museum - Fayette, AL, Fleet Bank - Boston, MA, Hale and Dorr - Boston, MA, Heritage Plantation Museum - Sandwich, MA, Hickory Museum of Art - Hickory, NC, Housatonic Museum of Art - Bridgeport, CT
IBM - Boston, MA, JEF Films - Osterville, MA, Korn/Ferry International - New York, NY, La Grange College Collection - La Grange, LA, LaSalle University Art Collection - Philadelphia, PA, McDonald's Corporation - Oak Brook, IL, Masur Museum of Art - Monroe, LA, Mead 
Salmagundi Club (New York City) Philip Eisenberg Award - 198.  His career as an artist started on the streets of Provincetown where he was a well known portrait painter for over 40 years.  He relocated to Hyannis Port and opened his own gallery.  His works have skyrocketed in price with prestigious collectors of Hyannis Port, Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket vying for his plein aire works.Works among countless collections include PAAM permanent collection, Provincetown Town collection, Cape Cod Hospital (Hyannis, main entrance hallway) and many others.  He spends part of every year painting in Italy.
Peter   Barger  (born 1947) Represented by the Gail Brown Gallery, Provincetown. Studied at New York School of Art and Pratt Institute.  Known for his Children's Book illustrations and etchings.  Extensive Boston and Cape Cod showings that have included South Shore Art Center, Wellfleet Oyster Festival, Festival of the Arts, Wrentham Arts Festival.
Martin   Barooshian  (born 1929)  Represented by the Julie Heller Gallery in Provincetown.  Studied at: BMFA Sch., full scholarship, graduated with high honors.  Also with Albert H. Whitlin in Europe.  At Tufts Univ., BS Educ., Boston Univ. (art hist.), with Gaston Dorfinant & SW Hayter in Paris, France.  Member: Boston Printmakers, Soc. Am. Graphic Artists.  Exhibited at: Young American Printmakers MoMA Traveling Show (1953-55), Soc. Am. Graphic Art Exhib., Montreal Mus. Fine Art, South Bend Art Exhib., Honolulu Acad. Art, Dorsky Gallery, NYC.  Works at: Montreal Mus. Art, MoMA, MMA, LOC and Lincoln Center Mus. Performing Arts to name a few.  Well listed artist.
Willie   Barracchi (b.1969) Venezuela. Represented by Dirty White Boy, Provincetown.  Has studied under famed local artist Ray Nolin.  Exhibits include: Broward Art Guild, 97, FAWC, 99, PAAM (several collaborative shows), ASGCC Benefit Auctions, Erotic Art Show, One man show, 11 Carver Street, Tristan Gallery, HOW shows and 2 new shows in Boston.  Well collected.
Bill   Barrell  Member PAAM permanent collection, prolific painter of Provincetown in early 60's and 70's, extensive shows in NYC, awards, listed.
Joan   Barron  Provincetown artist. Member of Provincetown Art Association and Museum. Recent exhibition and sale through PAAM yielded selling price of 275.00 with multiple bids. Also exhibited and sold for the recent ASGCC Auction.
Joan   Barron Provincetown artist. Member of Provincetown Art Association and Museum. Recent exhibition and sale through PAAM yielded selling price of 275.00 with multiple bids. Also exhibited and sold for the recent ASGCC Auction. 
William C. Barron Represented by Boston Art, Erdreich-White Fine Art, Inc., Boston and Ellen Wallace Art Consulting, Inc., in Illinois. Studied at Rutgers Univ. (MFA), Mass. College of Art (BFA and with Kupferman, Berger, Neuman, Daby and Lichtenstein. Awards include Pollock-Krasner Foundation grant (1992), Union League Club (purchase award, 1989), Mass. Arts & Humanitites Found. (1975). Countless exhibitions and collections include: Benefit Trust Life, Borg Warner, Eastern Casualty, Cisco Tech., Hale and Dorr, Hewlett Packard, McDonald Corp., Scudder Stevens and Clark, Boston and elsewhere. Commissions include Northwestern Mem. Hosp., LaSalle Bank. His works have appeared in various publications including The Cape Codder, The Cape Cod Compass, Provincetown Arts Magazine, Provincetown Pocketbook, National Fisherman and Woodenboat. 
M.  H. Bartlett  Extensive research yielded nothing on this artist.
David   Barton  (born 1953) Studied at Cornell with Freidl Dzubas.  Representation includes Falmouth and Westport, Ct.  Among his many group and solos shows include New York, Washington, DC, Connecticut and Cape Cod.  Formerly the owner of 495 Broome Gallery, Solo, NY.  His architectural paintings are in countless international collections.
Rose   Basile Represented by the Julie Heller Gallery, Provincetown and Acme Fine Art, Boston.  Provincetown painter, who has recorded the history of the town with narrative, whimsical, colorful, and  often paintings of social commentary.  Well known for her Fishermen Series, she is in the collection of PAAM,  the Cape Museum of Art and the Provincetown Town Collection.  Basile has been selected Provincetown's "Visual Laureate" for 2009.  Has shown in NYC, Japan, Provindence, RI and New Bedford. 
Charles   Basing (1865-1933) Studied at Academie Paris, Cornell Univ., exhibited; AIC (prize), Am. Institute (prize), listed in Who's Who, Askart, extremely collectible.  Known for his town-landscapes, interiors and murals.  Paintings have sold as high as 4,082 in auction (1991).
Leonard   Baskin  (born 1922) Studied at NYU, Yale, Educ. All. with Glickman, Tiffany Found., New Sch. Social Res., AB., Acad. de la Grande Chaumiere, Acad. FA, Florence, Univ. Mass., Clark Univ., DFA and others.  Member: Nat. Inst. Arts & Letters, William Morris Soc., Am. Inst. Graphic Art.  Exhibited at: WMAA, PAFA, Art Mod, Paris, New Sch. Social Res., Kennedy Galleries, NYC.  Awards include Guggenheim Found. Fel.  Works at: MoMA, MMA, BM, Nat. Gallery Art, Wash. DC., Fogg Mus. and others.  Ver
Priscilla  Alden Bass  illustrator for several poetry books (Pictures in Verse).  This is one of the direct descendants of the John Bass and Alden and Bass marriage (Ruth Alden and John Bass) on February 3, 1657 (in Braintree, Ma.).
Wallace   Bassford  Lived in Truro, Ma. and NYC.  Studied at St. Louis Sch. FA, Univ. Mo, Wash. Univ. Sch. FA, and with Pennell, Hoke, von Schlegell, Wuerpel, Carpenter, Gleeson, Goetch and George Elmer Browne. Member of: St. Louis A. Gld., All. A. Am., Grand Central A. Gal., Provincetown AA, Cape Cod AA, Audubon A.  Exhibits include: Kansas City AI, CAM, St. Louis A. Gld., SFMA, All. A. Am., Joslyn Mem., Ogunquit A. Center, Univ. Ill., Corcoran Gallery, MMA, Provincetown AA, CPLH, PAFA, TMA, CI, BMFA, CAFA, Boston Gardens Festival, Silvermine Conn Gld., Cape Cod AA, All. A. Am., Terry AI, Grand Central Art Gal. NYC, Palm Beach Galleries (most of the exhibits won this artist many awards).  Works at: Mo. State Capitol Bldg., Boca Raton Fl. Club, Univ. Syracuse, Univ. Mo, DeBeers Collection.  Very well listed artist, teacher, known for portraits, landscapes.  Taught at North Truro School of Art in summers.  
Midge M. Batelle Was represented by the Robyn Wasson Gallery, Provincetown and the new Battelle-Harding Gallery, Greenfield, MA.  Very well known and collected artist of Provincetown.
Walton   Battershall  (20th century) Philadelphia painter. Studied and painted on the lower cape. Exhibited at PAFA. 
Rudolph   Bauer  (1889-1953) New York abstract painter. Exhibits include: Der Sturm (1915-20's). He was the lover of the founder (Hilla Rebay) of the Mus. Of Non-Objective Painting (later became the Guggenheim Mus.) 
Donald   Beal  (born 1959) Represented by the DNA Gallery in Provincetown and Cherry Stone Gallery in Wellfleet. Studied at Swain Sch. of Design, New Bedford, Ma. and Brooklyn College and Parsons School of Design (New York). Numerous group and solo shows in New York and throughout Cape Cod and Massachusetts. Solo show at Cape Museum of Fine Arts, Fall, 2004. Extremely well known and collected artist, taught art at college level in Boston, 2002. Currently the Professor of Fine Arts at Univ. of Massachusetts since 1999. Also a guest lecturer and visiting artists in schools across New England.
Gifford   Beal  (1879-1956) Studied with WM Chase in NYC, Shinnecock Summer School, 1891-1900 and at Princeton Univ., ASL with DuMond and Ranger.  Member of NA, NIAL, ASL (pres., 1913-1929), AWCS,, NYWCC, NSMP, NAC and others.  Exhibited at: Worcester Mus. of Art, 1903, PAFA, 1903-1956, Boston AC, 1904,07,09, St. Louis Expo, 1904, NAD, 1910, 1913, 1919, 1931,32,48,54 and Armory Show, NYC, 1913.  Also at: NAC, AID, Corcoran Gallery, Pan-Pac Expo, Newport AA, Phila. WCC, WMAA, Kraushaar Gal, NYC, and many others. Works at: MMA, BM, AIC, PMG, WMAA, Syracuse Mus. FA, CAM, Everson Mus.,, Arizona St. Col., Yale, Princeton,, NYPL, Addison Gallery in Andover, MA. and many others.  Countless awards, prizes (several Altmann prizes) and shows.  Extremely well listed and very sought out.
Reynolds   Beal  (1867-1951)  Rockport artist.  Studied at Cornell Univ., 1885-89 (naval architecture), WM Chase at Shinnecock, 1890, ASL.  Member of ANA (1909), AWCS, Soc. Indep. Artists (founding member, 1917), SAE, SC, NAC, Lotos Cl., Century Assn, 1918-1951, New Soc. Artists, NYC (founding member, 1917), Boston AC.  Exhibits include: SNBA, 1896, NAD, 1895-1900, PAFA, 1899-1904, 1917, 1922, 1929, 1937, Boston AC, 1899, 1903-09, SC, 1902, Clauson Gal., NYC, Corcoran Ga., 1908-21 and 32), AIC, S. Indp. A., Mus. Luxembourg Paris, Mem. Hall, Southampton, Milch Gal, NYC, Kraushaar Gal., North Shore AA., Phillips Collection, Montclair Gal, WMAA, Hammer Gallery and many more.  Older brother of Gifford Beal, had a great interest in maritime paintings and drawings.  
Yonna   Beattie Extensive research yielded nothing on this name.
Robert   Beauchamp (1923 - 1995) Estate representation by Acme Fine Art, Boston, MA. Studied at Colorado Springs FA Center, Cranbrook Acad. A., Bloomfield Hills (BFA) and with Hans Hofmann.  Exhibits include: Carnegie Inst., AIC, Corcoran Gallery, 1963,67, WMAA 1963-69.  Awards include Fulbright Award, Gutman Fund Grant.  Works at MoMA, WMAA, Larry Aldrich Museum and the old Chrysler Museum in Provincetown.  Was a very active Provincetown painter.  Well listed.
Lyette   Beaulac (b.1949) Studied under Elke Schold, watercolorist, and at PIAI under Vicky Tomayko.
Bernard   Beckman  Prolific Cape Cod artist.  Works of his included in the permanent collection of PAAM.
Doris   Beers  Early Twentieth century Nantucket artist.
Toni   Begman  2 year fellow at Fine Arts Work Center (1971-72, 1972-73) in visual arts.
Fred   Bell  Represented by the Lakeshore Gallery, Shorewood, Wis. Studied at the Cape School of Art with Henry Hensche for 6 summers, also at ASL and Sch. Of Visual Arts. Photojournalist with The Sun Gazette, Washington, Dc, now a full time artist. Works have been accepted into the National arts Club shows, Emerging Artists, 1978.
Bruce   Bellas (Bruce of LA)  (died 1974)  Originally from the Midwest....he is extremely well known and collected as an early beefcake photographer with works  spanning the 1940's-1970's.    
Susan  Jane Belton Studied at Colby College (Art and Art History, BA with honors in Art and English).  Assisted James M. Carpenter with his book on color theory "Visual Art", Knopf, 1982.  Also studied at School of the Art Institute of Chicago and received diploma at School of Museum of Fine Art, Boston.  Winner of the Boit Prixe and Clarissa Bartlett Traveling Fellowship.  Also received grant from Mass. Cultural Council and Finalist with 2 Boston Cultural Council Grants.  Exhibits include: East End Gallery, Provincetown, Arden Gallery, Thomas Siegel Gallery, Boston (8 years), Gil Einstein Gallery, NY, Howard Yezerski Gallery, Boston, Boston Athenaeum, Mills Gallery.  Collections include Graham Gund, MIT, Hood Museum, Dartmouth College, Boston Public Library, Fidelity Investments, Federal Reserve Bank, Lehman Brothers, Kuhn & Loeb, Watergate Building, DC, Chase Manhattan Bank. Will  be a featured artist in the issue of February, 2004, "New American Painting."
Richard  R. Benda  (born 1934) Studied at Chicago Acad. FA, AIC. Memberships include: North Shore Art Lg., Audubon Artists, Chicago AC. Exhibits include: North Shore AG, Illinois State Fair, Painters in Casein Soc.,NY., Knickerbocker Artists, NAC, Nat. Juried Exhibition, Sidell, LA., Bertrand Russell Cen. Inv., Ft. Inst. Latin Am. gallery, Mexico City, Welna Gallery, Chicago, Verzyl Gallery, NY. Works at: MoMA, Mexico City, Columbia Coll., Borg Warmer Corp. Collect., Ill. Bell Telephone Corp. Illinois State Mus., and many others. Listed in Who was Who.
Gerrit  A. Beneker  (1882-1934)  Studied at AIC, Art Students League  and under Charles Hawthorne. Member Beachcomber's, PAAM,, exhibited; AIC, PAFA, Corcoran Gallery, Detroit Inst. of Art, countless shows, awards, well listed in Who's Who, Davenport's, AskArt. 
Elwood  G. Bengert Represented by the Munson Gallery, Chatham, listed in Who's Who, NA, Montclair Art Museum, AWSC, Salmagundi Club, New Jersey Water Color Society, countless collections.
Frank  Weston Benson  (1862-1951)  Studied at: BMFA Sch., Academie Julian with Boulanger, Lefebvre 91883-85).  Member: ANA (1897), NA (1905), Ten Am. Painters, Nat. Inst. A. & L., Chicago SE, Por. P., Guild of Boston Artists (founder, 1914), Boston Soc. Watercolor Painters, Soc. Am. E., Am. acad. A. & Sciences.  Extensive exhibitions include: PAFA, NAD, Columbian Expo, Mechanics Assn., Boston, Cleveland AA, Boston AC, SAA, CT, Paris Expo, Pan-Am. Expo, St. Louis Expo, Phila. AC, Corcoran Gallery, Chicago SE, AIC, Newport AM, Phila. WC Soc., Sesqui-Centenn. Intl. Expo, Spanierman Gallery, Vose Gallery and others.  Works at: Cincinnati Mus., CI, Buffalo Acad., FA, RISD, BMFA, Worcester A. Mus. Chicago AI, MMA, CGA, Detroit Inst. A., Butler A. Inst. Farnsworth AM., LACMA.  An important American Impressionist painter known for his pleine-aire paintings.  Extremely well listed.
Sheila   Benzer Represented by the Lyman Eyer Gallery, Provincetown, Trees Place in Orleans and Jan Collin Selman Gallery in Falmouth.  Very well known and collected artist, environmentalist.  Studied at CCSA.  Countless collections here and abroad. 
Paul  Frederick Berdanier, Sr.  (1879-1961) Studied at ASL, St. Louis Sch. FA amd wotj Fistav Wolff and Alfred Gihon. Member of Chicago Soc. Etchers, SAGA, All. A. Am., Hudson Valley AA, A. Lg. of Long Island. Exhibits include: St. Louis A., SC, SAE, SAGA, P & S of New Jersey, All. A. Am., Hudson Valley AA., A. Lg. of Long Island, Freedom Fnd., Salons of America, S. Indp. A. Works at: Jefferson Mem., St. Louis, Mo., Museum Moret, France, Univ. Kansas, Howard Univ., NGFA, NYPL, SC. Well listed in Who was Who in American Art, 1975.
John   Berger  Extensive research on this artist yielded an author that resided in Provincetown and taught at the FAWC.  Not sure whether he painted or not, but still a great minimalist painting from the 1960's era.
Virginia   Berresford (1904-1995)  Well known painter and dealer who addresses include Paris, Fr. and Martha's Vineyard.  Studied under Charles Martin, Columbia Univ., Art Students League, Academie Moderne, Paris, Fr. Exhibited: Bernheim Gallery, Paris, FR.,  The New Gallery, NYC, WMAA, World's Fair (1939), PAFA, MoMA, BM, AIC, Salons of America. Works at; WMAA, Detroit, Columbus Gallery Fine Arts, countless collections.  Extremely collectible.
Robert  L. Bertolli  Was head of the Massachusetts College of Art.
Mae  H. Bertoni  (born 1929) Represented by the Cove Gallery, Wellfleet, the Grand Central Art Gallery and the Bertoni Gallery, NY. Studied at Parsons School of Design, New York. Member of AWCS, Hudson Valley Art Assoc., juror for New Jersey Painters & Sculptors, Salmagundi Club, Audubon Artists. Exhibitions include Grand Central Art Gallery, NY., Peerman Galleries, NY and Tx., WSOAE (1rst prize), Fairleigh Dickinson Univ. (award), Mystic Outdoor Exh. (Best of Show), NAC (Grumbacher Artists Award), Long Beach AA, Flushing Art League, National Art Club and many others. Works at Rockwell Intl., William Esty & Co., Columbia Pres. Med. Center. Listed in Who's Who of American Women and 2000 Outstanding Women of the Twenty First Century. 
Barbara   Bervis Eastham artist
Andreas   Betz  (1910-1963)  European artist with International following, has sold in Paris auctions, listed.
Roger   Bezombe (1913-2004)  Well known and collected French artist.  Along with many exhibitions worldwide and in museums and collections, he created a large poster for Air France.
Evelyn  M. Bicknell  (1857-1936)  New York City artist.  Member of NYWCC, SC, 1901, AWCS.  Exhibits include: NAD (1885-1899), Boston AC, (1888-1905), PAFA (1888-1900), Salons of America, AIC.  Listed in Who was Who in American Art.
William H Bicknell  (1860 - 1947)  Known for his landscapes and etchings.  Studied under Frederic Crowninshield, BMFA School, member of Copley Society, Chicago SE, Boston SE and PAAM.  Exhibited at BAC 1884-85 and 88-89k, PAFA 1898 and St. Louis Expo (award winner, 1904).  Works at AIC, BMFA, NYPL.  Well listed and collected artist.  Who's Who, Askart., etc.
Joseph   Biel  (1891-1943)  Studied: Russian Academy, ASL, Workman/s College, Melbourne.  Member of ASL, Artists Union, Am. Artists Congress, Whitney Studio Club, Artists League Am., John Reed Club, Nat. Serigraphic Soc., Brooklyn Soc. Artists, League Present Day Artists.  Exhibited: Brooklyn Mus., 1932 (solo), ACA Gal, 1934 (solo), 36 (solo), 39 (solo), WFNY, 1939, Salons of America, S. Indp. A., WMAA, 1928-34, "NYC WPA Art" at Parson's School of Design, 1977.  Works at: Mus. Western Art, Moscow, Biro-Bidjan Mus., Russia, Newark Valley Central School, NJ, Brooklyn school, Slater Mem. Mus., Norwich, Ct., and PAAM among others.  WPA Master Artist for one year.  Well listed. Also husband of Lena Gurr.
Dotty   Billiu 2nd wife of Henry Hensche, directly responsible for his traveling and teaching/living in Louisiana.  More to follow.
Nieves  Marshalek Billmyer  Cape Cod artist, works at permanent collection of Provincetown Art Assoc. & Museum
Jacob   Binder  (1887-?) Studied at Vilna A. Sch., Acad. A., Petrograd and with J. DeCamp, John Singer Sargent. Member of Boston AC, North Shore AA, Am. A. Lg. Exhibited at AIC (1919-21), North Shore AA (1920-1945), PAFA, (1923, 1928, 1930), New England A. Exh. (1929, prize), CAM., Ind. AA., Springfield AA Mus., Copley Soc., FA Mus. Harrisburg, PA. East Gloucester AA, Ogunquit AA, S. Indp. A. Works at: BMFA, Harvard Univ. Northeastern Univ., Boston Univ., Pub. Lib. and State House, Concord State House. Well listed in Who was Who in American Art.
Robert   Birbeck  Represented by the Passions Gallery, Provincetown. Studied at NE Sch. Art, Boston. Membership includes NAD, Audubon Artist, PAAM. Exhibitions and representation also include Wit Gallery, Lenox, the Red Gallery, Art Forms, Scott Bundy Gallery, Kennebunkport, Gallery North Star, Vermont, Kent Gallery, Key West, Rivers Gallery, United Kingdom, Landing Gallery, Woodbury, NY., Somerhill Gallery, North Carolina, John Turchin Art Gallery, NC., Winstanley-Roark FA, Dennis, Candler Gallery, Vero Beach, Fl., Red Orchard, Bethesda, Maryland and many others. 
Alfred   Birdsey  (1912-1996)  Bermuda and Cape Cod artist.  Internationally known, he was born in England. He has murals in Boston, New York, and Bermuda.  There was a Birdsey Gallery on Cape Cod run by his daughter.
Edwin  Avery Bisese  20th century artist with shows and gallery. representation in Washington DC and the Caribbean.
Edward  George Bisone  (born 1928) Studied at Unv. Buffalo with Seymour Drumlevitch.  Member of Artists Equity Asn. Exhibited at 27th Annual Butler Inst. Am. Art, Youngstown, OH 1962, AWCS, NYC 1966, NAD 1970, Awards include First Prize Burnhams Gallery Sight and Sound, 1963, Tony Sisti Awards, 1968, and others.  Well listed artist
Constance   Black  Represented by Teichman Gallery, Brewster. Also has studio at 6 Priscilla Alden Road, Provincetown. Studied at Vesper George School of Art, Boston (1947-50), Cape School of Art (summer, 1950), PAAM (printing and etching, Bill Behnken, 1993-94), Mono print and etching with Andrew Mochler and Michael Mazur at FAWC (1995).  Also with Robert Townsend, FAWC, 2000-2001.  Also studied extensively with Jim Forsberg.  Exhibitions include: PAAM (1954-present, open and juried), Provincetown Group Gallery (1964-74, 1 and 2 person shows), Sun Gallery Group Show, Front Street Gallery, 2 man show, The Cobb Gallery, Barnstable, The Wellfleet Art Gallery, Tamsin Gallery, Auburn, NY, Gallery North, E. Setauket, NY, Cape Cod Conservatory, Barnstable with Joyce Johnson, Berta Walker Gallery, and also at the Charles-Baltivik Gallery, Provincetown.  Also at Rotunda at Pan American WH Build., Landsburgh Build., Washington Women's Art Center, Source Theatre and many others.  Also wrote and illustrated 4 books of Poetry.  Awards include solo show in graphics at Pen & Brush, NY (1998), Winner of Hors Concour Award, 1999, Watercolor award, Pen & Brush, 2001 & 2003, was chairman of Provincetown Art Commission.  Very collectible.
Devon   Blackwell  (born 1969)  Studied at Mass. College of Art (mid 90's, painting/photography).  Exhibitions include San Francisco Zen Center, Variety Club Preview Room (Hobart Building).  Born in 1969, Devon Blackwell studied painting and photography at Massachusetts College of Art in the mid-nineties.  Exhibitions include: San Francisco Zen Center  (Blessings and Curses, 2/2000, solo), "Life Outside" 2/2000 (solo), Ibiza (8/2000, Oakland, Ca.), and at the Variety Club Preview Room (2/2004) in the Hobart Building in San Francisco.  He recently moved to Fall River, Ma. 
Arthur   Blake  
Arnold   Blanch  (1896-1968)  Studied at Minn. Sch. Art, ASL, with K.H. Miller, J. Sloan, R. Henri.  Member of Guggenheim Fellowship (1933), Woodstock AA.  Exhibited at S. Indp. A., SFAA, CPLH, AIC, PAFA, Doomesday Press, Corcoran Gal., GGE, WFNY, MMA, Butler AI, WMAA, Nat. Ceramic Exhib., MoMA, VMFA, LOC, DuPont Mus. Art, Artists of the Upper Hudson, Norton Art Gal., West Palm Beach, Silvermine Gld. Artists, Phila. Arists All., Salons of America and many more (many prize and/or solos).  Works at WMAA, MMA, CMA, Colorado Springs FAC, CPLH, Cranbrook Acad. Art, Detroit IA, Univ. Nebraska, CAM, Denver AM, Butler IA., DuPont Mus, PAFA, BM, LOC, Tweed Mus., Lowe Gal., Woodstock Artists Assoc. and many more.   Very well listed.
Charlotte   Blass  (b.1908)  Studied under Charles Hawthorne at ASL, also NAD.  Exhibited: NAD, PAFA, TMA, AWCS, PAAM, BM, Salons of America, AIC.  Works at: BM, West Point, Columbia Univ.  Countless shows and awards, well listed in Who's Who and AskArt and Davenport's.  Known for her portraits, still-life and landscapes.
Thomas   Blinks  (1860-1912)  European artist known for his pointers.
Carolyn   Blish (born 1928)  Studied watercolor with Edgar Whitney.  Member of Am. WC Soc., All. A. Am., Hudson Valley AA, Am. Artists Prof. League, Phila. WCC.  Exhibits include Am. Watercolor Soc. (1965 on), Catherine Lorillard Wolfe Art Club (1968), Hudson Valley AA (1969, gold), Allied Artists Am. (1969), Grand Central Art Galleries, NYC (1970, solo).  Awarded Washington Sch. Art Award in 1971 and C.F.S. Award in 1972.  Listed in Who was Who.
Robert R. Bliss  (1925-1981)  Studied at: Bowdoin Coll. and MFA, Boston. Also considered himself self-taught.  Instructor/Gallery director at Deerfield Acad.  Exhibitions include: Vose Gallery, Childs Gallery, The Green Dolphin, Swain School, 1960-63, Rockport AA, PAAM and Norton-Rogers Gallery.  Also in Manhattan, Florida and elsewhere. Awards include: Cleveland Arts, Oh. (Prize, 2001). Andrew Wyeth chose Bliss for 1960's Look Magazine on 4 top artists.  Works in Leslie-Lohman Gallery and Malcolm Forbes estate purportedly has over 40.    
Jonathan   Blum  Represented by the Ernden Gallery, Provincetown.   Studied at MFA, Boston, Emerson College and Central Art School in London.  Well known for his cartoons in Stuff Magazine (Boston, 1988), he works mostly in mono prints.  He has had one-person shows in Washington, D.C.; Provincetown; Boston; New Orleans; London; Berlin; Tel Aviv; and Prague. He currently lives and works in a storefront space in Park Slope, Brooklyn.
Betty   Bodian (b.1928) Represented by the Thanassis Gallery, Provincetown. Long time Provincetown artists, original Provincetown Group, countless shows in New York, life long artist.
Nathaniel   Bodner Self taught summer Provincetown artist who also resided in Providence  He donated all the proceeds of the sales of his paintings to charity.
Varujan   Boghosian (b.1926)  Represented by the Berta Walker Gallery.  Studied at Vesper George Sch. Of Art, Boston, Yale Univ., BFA and MFA.  Exhibited at Stable Gallery, NY (1963-66), Cordier and Ekstrom (1970,72).  Awards include Fulbright Grant, 1953, sculptor in residence, American Academy, Rome, 1967, Nat. Inst. Arts and Letters, 1972, WMAA, 1960-68.  Works at MoMA, WMAA, Addison Gallery, Andover, MA, Worcester Mus., Currier Gallery, Art. Extremely collectible artist of New York and Provincetown.
George  W. Bohde  (early 20th century) American artist. He is known for his detailed paintings of genre, landscapes, farms, poultry, and Indians.
Tom   Boland Currently part owner of Farlands in Provincetown (deli/market).  Studied in Ct. (master degree in historic and object preservation.  Was represented for many years at the Schoolhouse Gallery, Provincetown.  Known for taking a simple piece of furniture and converting it to a work of art with paint, his works can be seen in many places like Clem and Ursie's.
Cid   Bolduc  (b. 1958) Attended Boston Univ., Museum School, PAAM. Currently represented by Gallery Ehva, Bolduc has shown in Provincetown since early 1980’s including emerging artist exhibit at PAAM. Work has been included in juried shows throughout the U.S. In addition to exhibiting, Bolduc has taught at Castle Hill, PAAM and in FL. Bolduc has been the recipient of several grants from Mass Arts Council and Fl Arts Council. Her work is included in both museum and corporate collections.
Derek J. Bolduc Represented by Wellfleet Glass Works, Wellfleet and Peacock Alley in Orleans.  Studied and award scholarships at Castle Hill Art School, Truro.  Long time Cape Cod resident.
C.   Bolletti (born 1900) French artist.
Louis  W. Bonsib  (1892 - ?) Studied at Indiana Univ., Univ. Cinn., Vincennes Univ. Member of Citizens AL, Ft. Wayne Art Sch. Assoc., Brown co. art Gallery Assn., Inc. Artists Assn., Hoosier Salon. Exhibits include: Hoosier Salon Ann., Ft. Wayne Woman's Club, Ind. Artists Ann., N. Ind. Art Salon, Ogunquit, ME., and others (many award and/or prize showings). Works at: Ft. Wayne Women's CI., YWCA, Ft. Wayne, Hanover Coll., Fort Wayne Pub. Schools, Ft. Wayne Art Mus., Brown Co. Art Gall., and elsewhere. Listed in Who was Who in American Art. 
William  F. Boogar, Jr. (1893-1958)  Studied at PAFA and with Charles Hawthorne in Provincetown.  Member of PAAM and Beachcombers.  Exhibited: PAFA, 1922,24,26 (solo),30,32, 36-38. Also at: NAD, AIC, 1928, Paris International, 1937, Salons of America.  Works at Children's Fountain, Wawbeck, WI (1950) and most notably the Pilgrim's Landing tablets in Provincetown, MA.  Also Frederick Waugh Memorial, memorial to Henry Major.  After WW1, he started a foundry in Haddonfield, NJ and became best known for his sculptures of seagulls, often designed as fountains. He also had a foundry in Provincetown at the end of Bangs Street, now is the location of the Beachcombers.  Well listed, Who's Who and others.
Louis  (George) Bouche  (1896-1969)  New York artist.  Studied at: Academie Julian,  Acad. de la Grande Chaumiere, Acad., Ecoles des Beaux-Arts (all in Paris) ASL with DuMond and others.  Member of: Penguin Club, NA., An. Am. Group, Audubon Artists, Am. Soc. PS & G, Am. Artists Congress, NIAL, Woodstock AA.  Exhibitions which are quite extensive include Daniel Gallery, NY (1918-22 and 23-31), AIC, Valentine Gallery, NY, Tri National Exhib., France and Germany, Penguin Club, NY, Kraushaar Gal, NY, NAD (2 Altman Prizes), Corcoran Gallery, PAFA, MMA, WMAA and many others.  Works at MMA, WMAA, PMG, WMA, PAFA, LACMA, US State Dept., Eisenhower Museum, Radio City Music Hall lounge and so many other places.  Extremely well listed.
George  Henry Boughton (1833-1905) Self taught artist, but also studied extensively in Paris. Membership includes: NAD (honorary member), AWCS, Royal Academy (London).  Exhibits include: Boston AC, 1844 and 1874, American Art Union, 1852, NAD 1853, 1856-76, Washington Art Assoc. 1857, Brooklyn AA, 1862-64, 1869-92, Maryland Hist. Soc, 1868, Royal Academy, AIC 1889, PAFA 1894 and 1899.  Works at: NYHS.  Very well listed artist.
Paul   Bowen (born 1951)  Represented by ArtSTRAND, Provincetown and Cherry Stone Gallery, Wellfleet.  Extremely well known artist, sculptor and teacher with PIAI, FAWC and Castle Hill.  Shows include Boston MFA (also in permanent collection), PAAM, and photography in front of Whaler's Wharf, Provincetown.  Exhibited at Fogg Museum, Guggenheim, NYC, Walker Art Center, Minn., Birmingham Museum of Art, DNA Gallery and others. Awards include Pollock/Krasner Foundation fellowship and other prizes and awards.  Listed on Who's Who and
Wilfred   Bowen Massachusetts artist.  Exhibited at Jorday Marsh, Hanover Art Show.
Sean   Boyce Falmouth artist, shows at Little Deb's, in Falmouth and Boston, popular artist.
Ralph L. Boyer  (1879-1952)  Studied at PAFA with W. M. Chase, C. Beaux, Anshutz, Breckenridge (Cresson Scholarship to Spain).  Member:  PAFA.  Exhibited at PAFA, Bridgeport Mus.  Works at WPA murals in Westport, Ct., Mem. Chapel, Valley Forge, PA., murals for Bridgeport Brass Co.  Listed in Who was Who in American Art, 1975 edition.  Known for his portraits, etchings and illustrations (Good Housekeeping, Harper's, Scribner's).
Nancy   Braginton-Smith Cape Cod Artist.  Studied with Lois Griffel and Sami Barber.  Elected member of the CopIey Society (C.A.) in Boston, and the Pastel Society o America (P.S.A.). Her education includes studies at the Cape Cod School of Art, Swain School, and New England School of Art and Design, forming a solid foundation for her work.  Commissions include  Charles Regatta in Boston, the Figawi Race Committee, and the Falmouth Yacht Club to produce promotional paintings for their events, as well as participating in fundraising events at the Cape Museum of Fine Arts.
Clarence   Braley  (1858-1925)  New Bedford artist.  Self-taught.  Member of New Bedford AA (vice-pres., 1907-10).  Exhibits include: Boston AC, New Bedford AC, H.S. Hutchinson & Co., Swain Sch. of Design, also in Phila, NYC, Chicago, Boston, AIC.  Works at Old Dartmouth Hist. Soc. (New Bedford Whaling Mus.).  Mediums include pastel, watercolor, glass decorator and cutter and engraver.  Very well listed in Who was Who in American Artists.
W.   Branden  Maine artist that painted in Truro in the early 1970's.
Dayton   Brandfield  (1911-1993)  WPA printmaker in NYC (1939).  Listed in Who was Who in American Art, 1975 edition.
Warren   Brandt (1918-2002)  Studied at Pratt Inst., Wash. Univ. (BFA), Univ. NC (MFA) and with P.Guston, M.Beckman, J.Miliken.  Exhibited at: MMA, Am. Fed. Arts, WMAA, Artists by Artists, New Sch. Soc. Res., Allentown Art Mus., AM Sachs Gall., NYC, PAAM, Spanierman Gall. and elsewhere.  Works at Chrysler Mus., NMAA, J.Michener Coll., PAAM, Chase Manhattan Bank and more.  Abstract painter that was active in Provincetown in 1960.
Bethia   Brehmer   (born 1942)  Represented by the Co-op Gallery, Whaler's Wharf, Provincetown and Kendall Gallery Wellfleet.  Also at Giving Tree, Sandwich and MFA, Dennis.  Studied at Univ. of Michigan (BS-Arts) and Univ. Wisconsin (MA, MFA-Arts).  Among the extensive exhibitions and shows (over 60 one person shows): PAAM, Assoc. American Artists, Cambridge Artists Co-op, Prairie House, Il., Graffiti, London, Eng., Wallach Art, Canada, Vladimir Arts, Germany and MFA in Dennis, Boston Printmakers and countless others.  Has been on the faculty of Truro Center, Castle Hill, Cape Cod Conservatory, PAAM, Wellfleet Art Galleries Assoc., The Artisan's Guild, CC and many others.  Very well listed and collected artist.
Gerry   Brennan  (b.1941) Show at Provincetown Library, August 2003.  Studied under Jim Peters, Steve Kennedy and Gail Browne, PIAI and Ilona Royce Smithkin at PAAM.  Also with Marjorie Portnow, FAWC and Castle Hill (landscape).  Also had entered PAAM Member's Juried and sold in first days.  Emerging artist to watch. 
Alfred  Thompson Bricher  (1837-1908)  Largely a self-taught artist but studied in Newburyport, Ma. and at the Lowell Inst., Boston.  Member of: ANA, 1879, AWCS and BAC.  Exhibited at Boston Athenaeum (after 1860), NAD (1868-1908), Brooklyn AA, Boston AC, AIC, PAFA.  Works at Indianapolis MA and the MMA.  Known for his cliff and coast scenes of Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and New York.  Listed in Who was Who in American Art.  Very well collected.
Anne    Brigadier (1908-1989)  Studied at ASL with K.Nicolaides and M.Kantor, also with R.Ray, and in France, Italy and Spain.  Member of Am. Fen. Arts, Provincetown AA (hon. VP, 65-70, trustee 58-64 and 1971 on.  Exhibits include Cape Cod AA, Exhib. Contemp. Painting, Springfield MFA, ROKO Gallery, Mansfield State Col., PA., MoMA, Phila. Mus. Art.  Works at Syracuse Univ. Mus., NC Mus. Art, Raleigh, NC., Univ. Md., Baltimore, Finch Coll. Mus., NY, Newark Mus., Norfolk, VA.  Active in Provincetown from 1940 on.  Well listed.
Alice   Brock (b.1941)  Studio at 69 Commercial Street. Famed artist, cookbook author and is the "Alice" based on the movie "Alice's Restaurant", c.1969  and the song "Alice's Restaurant" by Arlo Guthrie.
E.   Brodney  (born 1910) Massachusetts artist. Studied at: Yale Sch. FA, BFA, BMFA Sch. Art. Works at New State Capital, Newton City Hall and murals.. Director of the Brodney A. Gallery, Boston. Listed in Who was Who in American Art.
Lora   Brody  (b.1945)  Represented by Utilities in Provincetown.  Extremely popular cookbook author (Cape Cod Table, Chocolate: American Style, Kitchen Survival Guide and others.) Also one of the invited artists to paint the table tops at Clem and Ursie's.  Studied at FAWC.  Works grace countless private and public collections.
Carl William Broemel (1891-1984)  Studied at ASL, NAD, Cleveland Art Sch., Royal Sch. Appl. Arts, Munich.  Member of SI, AWSC, Kent Art Sch., USAF Art Prog., Cleveland SA, A. Gld. NY.  Exhibited at CMA, PAFA, Amer. Paintings & Sculptures, AIC, WFNY, AWCS, Kent Art Sch., Air Force Art Show, Pentagon, Berkshire AA, NWC Comp. and more.  Works at CMA, New Brit. Musd., Am. Art, BM, USAF, Art Mus., and elsewhere.  Known for his illustrations, paintings and designs.  Well listed in Who was Who in American Art, 1975.
Robert   Brooks   (died 1992)  Born in Fall River, Ma., raised in New Bedford.  Studied at Swain Sch. of Design, Vesper George Sch. of Art, Boston.  Winner of Yankee/Sagendorph for watercolors (1986, cover of Yankee Magazine).  Member of Cape Cod Art Assoc. and Copley Society.  Also taught at Cape Cod Community College.  Also won scholarships (1941, Mass. Women's Club), Vesper George School.  The Copley Society has a scholarship in the name of Robert Brooks awarded to promising art students annually.  He had his studio on Route 28 in Hyannis for many years.
Robert   Brooks  Represented by R. Michelson Gallery.  Extensive showings in Western Massachusetts and the Cape.  Viewed as one of the most interesting young artists on the Cape, is on the edge of his future.  His art, which is large, confident, and enthusiastic, is also meditative.  Brooks’ work suggests the influence of impressionism, realism and surrealism combined with his own sense of composition and balance, as well as daring color and a deliberate brush stroke, to create a unique, compelling style, quoted from Cape Cod Life Magazine. 
Sally   Brophy  (b.1960) Represented by the Lyman-Eyer Gallery, Provincetown and also Now Voyager Bookstore Gallery.  Recent show at Printmaker's Show at the Creative Arts Center in Chatham and upcoming Printmaker's of Cape Cod Summer Exhibition show at  Marion Crane Gallery, Orleans. Studied under Kathi Smith, PIAI, many PAAM Member's juried, show at Whaler's Wharf, 2001.
Harry   Brorby  (born 1927)  Exhibited at MoMa, AIC, PAFA, Tadlow Gallery of FA.
Ray   Brose  Rockport/ North shore Artist.
Albert  L. Bross, Jr.  (b.1921) Studied at ASL w/Dumond, Bridgeman and McNulty.  Member ASL (life member), Hudson Valley AA, Acad. Artists Assn, Hunterdon Co. Art Center, Summit Art Center (both in NJ).  Exhibited at: Nat. Arts Club Print Show, 1972, Hudson Valley Art Assn., 1972, Springville Mus. Art, 1972.  Awards include: West Orange Civic Award, 1966, Oil award, Nat. Show, Springville, 1970, AAUW, 1972.  Works at: NJ State Mus, Trenton, Roebling Collection, Springville (UT) Mus. Art, Hanover HS.  Listed in Who was Who.
Miriam   Broudy  (born 1905) Studied at PMA School, Acad. colorassi, Paris, France and ASL. also at New Sch. Social Res. and with Kuniyoshi. Member of: Silvermine Guild of Artists (exec. v. pres, 1972), CAFA, New Haven Paint & Clay Club, Nat. Assn. Women Artists, AEA. Exhibits include: Riverside Mus., NAD, Art USA, Silvermine Guild Artists, New Britain Mus. Awards include: Howard Penrose Award, CAFA, 1960, Henry Ward Ranger Award, NAD, 1961, NAWA, 1963. Works at: Burndy Corp., Ct., Cosmo. Mut. Casu., Leo & Muriel Rogers Coll., Everhart Mus., Scraonton, PA. Listed in Who was Who.
Frank   Brow (died 1967)  Was member of Copley Society, Boston, PAAM.  Exhibited at the Copley Society, Boston, Provincetown Art Assoc. & Museum.  Authored a book on collage.
David   Brown Conneticut artist
Davio (David)   Brown Local artist of distinction.  In many collections here
Florence  Bradshaw Brown Early Provincetown painter.  Exhibited at AIC, 1909, 1912-14, 1917-18, 1920.  Also at PAAM, 1934, New England Summer Colonies, Ann., Springfield MFA, 1934 and American Soc. Min. P., 1938.  Listed in Who was Who.
Harold Haven Brown (1869-1932)  Studied at Ecoles des Beaux-Arts, Paris and Academie Julian, Mass Normal Art School. Exhibited; Pan-Am Expo, AIC, Buffalo.  Works at; PAAM, countless collections, well listed in Who's Who, AskArt.  Known as illustrator, figure and graphics.
Margaretta  Gratz Brown  (1884 - 1932) Studied under E. Ambrose Webster, Charles Woodbury and William Chase.  This painting has the definite Charles Hawthorne en plein aire influences with many people in period dress. In most major art collections.
Tom   Brown  Listed and award winning artist, now resides in Southern California.  First exhibited in Chicago and has since been exhibited around the world.  He has been featured in Southwest Art & Antiques, American Art Review and other publications.  Membership includes Orange Art Assoc., Laguna Plein Aire Painters Assoc., SC Plein Air Painters Assoc.  Also known for his demonstrations and lectures.
Byron   Browne (1907-1961)  Studied at NAD (1924-28 w/Aiken, Zorach).  Member of Am. Abstract Artists, AEA, Audubon Artists, Am. Artists Congress, Allied AA, Yonkers AA.  Exhibited at NAD, AIC, Corcoran Gallery, WMAA, MoMA, WFNY, Audubon Artists, Carnegie Inst., Kootz Gallery, Salons of Amer., S. Indp. A., LaTusca Exhib., Univ. Illinois, M. Diamond FA (NYC), Acad. Arts & Letters, NYC WPA exhib., Newark Mus. Art, Butler AI, Univ. Georgia, Hirshorn Mus.,  Dallas Mus. FA, Walter Chrysler Jr. College, Tel-Aviv Mus., Northwestern Univ., Brown Univ., Cornell Univ. and many others.  Countless of the above listings were award winners and solo shows.  WPA painter and teacher (ASL), extremely well listed.
Gail   Browne  New gallery at 364 Commercial Street (formerly at 2nd fl, Whaler's Wharf). Studied at the Cape Cod School of Art with Henry Hensche (1968) Well known and multi-talented Provincetown artist.  Mediums include sculpture, assemblage, clay, watercolor and now some spectacular oil on canvases.  Countless shows, collections and exhibitions.  Multi year PAAM member with countless juried shows.  Works in the Hirshhorn Museum among many others.
George Elmer Browne  (1871 - 1946) Famed artist/teacher who painted in Provincetown  from 1919-45.  Countless shows, awards, worldwide.  French Government bought one of his paintings in 1904.  Studied at BMFA, Academie Paris.  Works hang at MMA, NAD, NYPL, TMA, etc.  Too much to list, well listed in Who's Who, Askart, etc.  Works have sold for as high as 28,750 in 1997 in auction.
Margaret  Fitzhugh Browne  (1884-1972)  Studied at Mass. Normal Art Sch. with DeCamp, Richard Andrew and Munsell, BMFA Sch. with Frank Benson.  Member of All. A. Am., NAWA, North Shore AA, Gld. Boston A., Grand Central A. Gal., Audubon A. Academie A. Rockport AA, Copley Soc., AAPL.  Exhibits include AIC, Cobb Gall., Boston, CAFA, Newport AA, Doll and Richards, Boston, North Shore AA, Ferrargil Gal., NYC, CGA, PAFA, Vose Gal., BM, All. A. Am., NAWA, Boston AC, Corcoran Gal., Copley Soc., Newport AA, Rockport AA and many others.  Works at MIT, Boston Univ., Harvard Univ., Buckley Sch., NY, Master Mariners Assn., High Mus. Art, Atlanta and many others.  Very well listed.
Heather   Bruce  Represented by the Julie Heller Gallery, Provincetown.  Studied at: San Francisco Art institute (BFA) and at Cape Cod Sch. of Art under Henry Hensche.  Exhibits on both coast (galleries) and include Julie Heller Gallery, Castle Hill, Art Trail (Backwater) and others.  Also teaches at Castle Hill School of Art in Truro, MA.
Lodewijk Karel Bruckman (1913 - 1980)  Studied at Royal Acad. Art, The Hague.  Exhibited at Raymond Agler Fine Arts Gallery, Gloucester, Cooley Gallery, t., Scott & Fowles Gal, NYC (1948, Boston Arts Festival, (1953, 1957, both prize winners), Cape Cod Mus. Art, PAAM.    Works at MoMA, PAAM, Cape Mus. Art, Dennis and elsewhere.  Provincetown artist, opened up Royal Dutch Art Gallery, 1953 in Provincetown in summers.  Winters spent in Florida, Cuba and Mexico.  Listed under Provincetown Painters and Who was Who in American Art, 1975 edition. 
Robin   Brun (b.1964) Graphic Artist, tee-shirt designer, Studied at Art Institute of Pittsburg.  Well known local artist, resident of 8 years.
Chris   Bruno  painted in the 1970's, part of Provincetown Art Collection
Patricia   Bruno Studied at HS of Art & Design, NY, Hunter College, Southampton Coll., Lake Erie College.  Known for her contour line drawings, prints, ceramics, raku sculpture and more recently hard edge abstract oils and acrylic paintings.  Designed sets and costumes for Provincetown Theatre Co. in 1980's and early 1990's.  Lived in Provincetown since 1981 and has been selected in many juried shows, received many awards.
V. Eden Bryan Extensive research yielded nothing on this artist.
Breten   Bryden (b.1961) Represented by the Great Island Gallery, West Yarmouth.  Member of CCAA, Pastel Painters, CAC - Chatham.  Descendant of Charles Kaeselau. Self taught artist that won 2nd place, CCAA Watercolor category, 2002. First entry in these auctions.  Definite artist to watch and collect.
Fritz   Bultman  (1919-1985)  Studied with Morris Graves, at New Bauhaus, Chicago, also at Hans Hofmann Sch. FA.  Exhibited at WMAA, New Orleans MA., AIC,  J. Washburn Gal., NYC, and in Paris, Cologne, Turino, Milan and Japan.  Awards include Italian Government grant. Fulbright res. grant, Paris.  Works at WMAA, Rockefeller Art Gallery, Seal Harbor, Maine, Mus. Art, RISD, Riverside Mus., Univ. Nebr.  Known as an abstract painter, he was active in Provincetown from 1938 on.  Well listed.
George Raymond Bunker (1923 - )  Studied at Yale Univ., ASL with R.Marsh, Y.Kuniyoshi & V.Vytlacil, Brooklyn Mus. Art Sch., with Victor Candell, Acad. Julien. member of Print Club Phila., PMA, MoMA, Am. Assn. Univ. Prof., Union Indp. Cols. Art.  Exhibits include: Am. Fedn. Arts, Traveling Exhib., PMAS Second & Third Festivals, PAFA Biennials, BM Print National, CMA Int. Exhib. Lithography, Phila. Art All. Regional, Print Club Phila, Cheltenman Art Ctr., First National Draw. Exhib., Socrates Perakis Gallery, Phila.  Works at PMA, LOC, Lessing Rosenwald Coll., nat. Gallery, Sam. S. Fleischer Found., Phila. Rosenbach Found.  Well listed in Who was Who in American Art, 1975 edition.
Nancy   Burgess  Popular artist of Vermont, many shows and gallery exhibitions, had recent exhibition at Vermont Welcome Center on I-91N
Robert   Burkert  (born 1930) Studied at Wustum Art Center, Univ. Wisconsin and in Paris. Exhibited at USA Exhib., MoMA, Boston Printmakers, Butler Art Inst. Arm., Assoc. Am. Artists, Univ. Illinois, Bradley Galleries. Works at: MMA, BMFA, Butler Art Inst., PMA, NMAA. Well listed artist.
Vallie   Burlingame (b.1960)  Prolific Provincetown and Cape Cod artist whose works grace the permanent collections of Cape Museum of Fine Art, Dennis and Provincetown Art Association & Museum.
Polly   Burnell Represented by the Berta Walker Gallery.  Studied at Kent State Univ., Univ. Cincinnati, visual Fellow at FAWC (1993-94).  Has been living in Provincetown since 1986.  Other exhibitions include Ernden Fine Art Gallery, Addison Gallery, Cape MFA, Schoolhouse Gallery, FAWC, Artstrand and elsewhere.  Well collected.
Milton  James Burns  (1853-1933)  Studied with W. Bradford (Arctic Expedition), NAD with JG Brown, Paris and ASL.  Member of SC (founding member).  Exhibits include: SC, NAD, Brooklyn AA, PAFA, London Fisheries Exh., Boston AC, Mystic Seaport Mus., S. Indp. A.  Works at:  Mystic Seaport Mus. and Mariners Mus. He was known as one of America's best marine artist and prolific illustrator.  He and a close group founded the Salmagundi Club.  Illustrations of his has appeared in  Harper's, London Graphics, Century, Literary Digest and others.  Also known as the artist of the America's Cup. Very well listed.
S.  Chatwood Burton (1881-1955)  Studied at Academie Julian, Paris.  Exhibited at: Minn. State Fair (1917, 18, 1rst prize) plus others with prizes awarded and in New Orleans and Grand Rapids. Collections include: MMA, Univ. of Minnesota, AIC, and others.  Although this looks like the Provincetown Monument, surrounding structures leads me to believe it is not Provincetown.  Also member of Beachcombers and PAAM.
Peter   Busa (1914-1983) Studied at: Carnegie Inst. with Simboli,, Rosenberg, Kostellow and Benton.  At ASL, Hofmann School of Fine Art, Yaddo Fellowship.  Member of: College Art Assn, AEA, Minnesota Chapter, ASL (life member).  Exhibited at: WFNY, 1939, Walker AC, Carlebach Gal, Art of this Century, Peggy Guggenheim, 1946, AAG, "Young Painters USA" sponsored by AFA, WMAA, AIC, 1940, PAFA, 1946 and 51-54, Bertha Schaefer Gal, NYC 1949-51, Albright-Knox Art. Gal, 1954, Chrysler Museum, 1959, Ford Found., 1962, Parrish AM, WMA, NYC WPA Exhibit., Parsons Sch. of Design.  Works at: Smithsonian Inst., Guggenheim Mus., Smith College, Walker AC, WMAA.  Was active in Provincetown from 1936-70, and his preferred mediums were: oils, woods and plaster.  He taught at several places including: NY Univ., Cooper Union, State Univ., NY College, Univ. of Minnesota, LSU, Iowa State Col..  Auction of several books also.  Extremely well listed and collected artist.
Jack   Bush (1909 - 1977) Apprenticed at Art Dept. of Rapid Grip Co., Montreal, studied with Adam Sheriff Scott, Art Assoc. Montreal with Edmond Dyonnet, OCA with John William Beatty, Charles Comfort, James E.H. MacDonald and Ontario Sch. Art.  Exhibitions include 1rst Canadian Art Abstract Exhib., Oshawa (1952), Robert Simpson Company Store (1953), the Robert Gallery (Painters Eleven), and many more national and international group and solo shows between 1945-1977.  Co-founder of the "Painters Eleven".  Was criticed by Michael Greenwood  in ArtsCanada, June-July, 1971.
John    Button  (b.1921) Studied at UC Berkeley, Sch. of Fine Art Exhibits include: Nabi Gallery, Fischbach Gallery, David Herbert Gallery, Hirschl & Adler Gallery, Tibor de Nagy Gallery, Tanager Gallery and Kornblee Gallery (all New York). Also taught at School of Visual Arts (1979). Listed in Who was Who in American Art. 
Walter   Butts Unknown who this artist is.
Ruth   Cabral Well known past local artist.  Works hang prominently at Provincetown Town Hall and countless collections.
Bouvier  de Cachard (Count)  (b.1929)  European artist.  Listed in Artprice (ADEC). Was related to the Bouvier family (Jackie Kennedy).
Ralph   Cahoon  (1910-1982) Studied at the School of Practical Art, Boston.  Works at the Heritage Plantation, Sandwich.  Extremely collected folk art painter of Chatham
Isaac  Henry Caliga  (1857 - 1934)  One of the earliest artist of Provincetown.  Studied at Student's Art League, Cape Cod School of Art with Hawthorne, studied in Paris. This is a major piece of early art history of Provincetown. Countless collections, museums, shows and awards.  Had a high sale at Sotheby's in 1995 at 49,450.00.  Recent PAAM auction, a landscape sold at 8,000.00.
Peter   Cameron  Was represented by the Julie Heller Gallery, Provincetown, the Munson Gallery, Chatham . Other exhibitions include: Waremark Gallery, East Providence, Hay Gallery, Portland, ME., Craven Gallery, Martha's Vineyard. Also very well respected in Providence, RI. Involvement with RISD. Countless collections and very well collected. 
Denny   Camino Represented by the Camino Gallery, Provincetown. Studied at Point Park College (Business) and Fashion Institute, NY. Primarily a self-taught artist. Exhibitions include: Steven Amedee Gallery, New York, Rotunda at Whaler's Wharf, Provincetown, TJ Walton Gallery, Silas Kenyon Gallery, PAM. Works in many private collections. Well established and collected artist/gallery owner with an awesome gallery in Provincetown center. 
Kenneth   Campbell  (1913-1986)  Studied at Mass. Sch. Art with Ernest Major, Cyrus Darlin, R. Andrews and W. Porter, also at NA of Design with Leon Kroll and Gifford Beal, ASL with Arthur Lee.  Member of: Artists Club, ASL. Sculptors Guild, Audubon Artists, Boston Soc. Indp. Artists.  Exhibited at: WMAA, PAFA, Audubon Artists, Sculptors Guild, Univ. Ill, Univ. NC, Univ. Ky, Ford Found. Works at: Kalamazoo Art Inst., Walker Art Ctr., Minn., WMAA.  Awards include Richard Davis Mem. Award, Guggenheim fel. (1965) and Purchase Award.  Taught in Boston, Provincetown (1947-1951).  Well listed artist.
Phylis   Campbell Extensive research yielded several possibilities but unsure which artist this is.
Victor  E. Candell (1903-1977)  Known for his town-landscape and other imagery.  Studied in Paris, Budapest and NYC.  Exhibited at; Carnegie Internationals, Corcoran Gallery (1947-61), MoMA (1940, second prize), Audubon Artists, WMAA, WMA, Albany Inst., WMA, PAFA, Galerie Jean Bucher, Paris.  Works at MMA, WMAA, CGA, CI, BMA, Children's Hospital, PAAM.  Extremely well listed in Who's Who, AskArt, Davenport's, countless shows, awards and collections.
Donald   Cantin  (1936-2004) Studied at Cape Cod School of Art. Member of PAAM. Exhibits include PAAM and a number of other local establishments. Well respected published author, accomplished painter and boat builder. Was a officer of PAAM. In private collections. Estate representation by Outer Cape Auctions.
Donald   Cantin (1936-2004) Studied at Cape Cod School of Art. Member of PAAM. Exhibits include PAAM and a number of other local establishments. Well respected published author, accomplished painter and boat builder. Was a officer of PAAM. In private collections. Estate representation by Outer Cape Auctions. 
Lind   Capri (Mona-Lisa) Born in Dalarna, Sweden. Studied at Calif. Coll. Arts & Crafts (BFA Fine Arts), SF Art Inst. (MFA, 1989) and Loyola Marymount, LA, Contemporary Artists Center, North Adams, MA., Swedish Inst. Artist in Residence, Capri, Italy. Member of Swedish Women's Educ. Assoc., SCAA. Exhibits include: Museum in Falun, Sweden (1998) and at the Los Angeles County Museum’s Art and Sales Gallery (2001). Numerous awards including the City of Laguna Beach Award for Design (2000) and the Beverly G. Alpay Memorial Award, Palos Verdes Art Center (2002). 
Robert   Cardinal Represented by the Kiley Court Gallery, Provincetown.  Also at J & W Gallery, New Hope PA., Clarke Gallery, Stowe Vermont, Gardner Colby Gallery, Naples Fl.  Studied at La Grande Chaumiere School of Art, Paris, France.  In countless collections, public and private and very well collected. Originally from Montreal, Canada, he has been living for more than 35 years on Cape Cod.
William   Carey  (born 1945) Studied: SMFA Boston with Louis Gippetti, also under Sal Del Deo & Lois Griffel in Provincetown. Exhibition: Sola Gallery in Brewster, He is included in collections in the United States and in Holland.
Victor  de Carlo  (1916-1973)  Prolific Provincetown artist.  Works reside in the Provincetown Art & Association permanent collection.
Eric   Carrier (b.1966)  Represented in New York by the Mark Milliken Gallery on Madison Avenue.   Also represented by Remembrances of Things Past in Provincetown.  Has also had exhibitions at Tristan Gallery.  Collages in private collections in Provincetown, New York, Montreal and London.  
Frank   Carson (1881-1968)  Studied at Mass Normal A. School, Fenway Art School and ASL under Boothbay.  Member Copley Society, Providence WCC, PAAM and Boston AC.  Exhibits include: PAFA 1919-31, Berkeley Mass Lg. FA, 1924 and Boston AC, 1924 (prize), Buffalo FA Academy, Newport AA, Detroit Inst., Gloucester, Toledo Museum and Providence AG and others.  Works in many museums and collections.  Well listed in Who's Who, AskART and Davenport's.
James   Carter (born 1948)  Represented by the Left Bank Gallery, Provincetown.  Studied at Silvermine College of Art, Ct. (AFA, 1970), Maryland Inst. Art (BFA).   Also worked as Art Director at Warlock Graphic and Jack Keller Designs, NY. Extensive exhibition listings that include Telluride Gallery FA, Knottywood Treasures and in the collections of The Bruce Mus., Ct., City of Miami, Fl., Yale Univ., Christian Dior, Inc., NY, and United Jersey Banks, NJ.  Originally planned on being an architect.
Joseph   Caruso  (b.1943)  Has been painting for over 40 years, countless collections on Cape Cod and Boston.
Marian   Carver  Extensive research yielded nothing solid on this name.
Eliot   Cary Unknown about this artist.  Probably came to Provincetown in the mid-1930's to study the wood block.  Extensive research yielded nothing on this name.
Amy   Case Extensive research yields an Amy Case as an art teacher.  Whether the same, I cannot find evidence to that end.
Charles   Casselman I have come across several works by Charles Casselman but in all my research, I have not come across anything in regard to his artistic history.  All I can say is he did work on the Outer Cape for a number of years.
Terry   Catalano (b.1961)  Studied at FAWC with Paul Bowen but considered a natural artist.  Member of PAAM.  Exhibitions include Ehva Gallery, Provincetown, Now Voyager Bookstore and Gallery, Provincetown and Renaissance III Gallery.  Also exhibited at the Surfside, in current Member's Open (Art Shack #2), Schoolhouse Gallery (Dog House , 2009), Seamens Bank (Commercial Street), PAAM Member's Juried, 2000. Auctioneer and creator of Outer Cape Auctions.  Listed. Also award winning poet, short story writer and playwright (2 plays, one produced, one staged).
Toni   Catell  Was represented by the Swansboro Gallery, Wellflleet
Giorgio   Cavallon  (born 1904)  Studied at NAD, with Charles Hawthorne and Hans Hofmann in Provincetown.  Member of: Am. Abstract Artists.  Exhibits include: S. Indp. A., Am. Abstract Artists, Charles Egan Gallery (NYC), Riverside Mus., WFNY, AIC, PAFA, Yale Univ. Art Gal., Jewish Mus., Univ.of Texas (Austin), WMAA, MoMA, AM Sachs Gallery, Kouros Gallery, Jason McCoy Gallery, Smithsonian Inst., New Britain Mus. of Amer. Art, William Benton Mus. of Art, Manny Silverman Gallery, Grunebaum Gallery, Weatherspoon Gallery, Kootz Gallery, ACA Gallery and many others.  Works at: Albright-Know Art Gallery, Chase Manhattan Bank, NY, Fogg Mus., Grey Art Gallery (NY), Mus. of RISD, Prudential Ins. Co. (NJ), Singer Manufacturing (NY), The Bank of New York, MoMA, Guggenheim Mus., Whitney Mus. of Amer. Art, Univ. of Art Mus., Berkeley, CA. and others.  Very well listed.
Bruno   Ceccobelli (born 1952) Studied at L'Accademia di Belle Arte, Rome with Scialoja, Biennale des Jeunes, Paris. Exhibited at Spazio Alternativo Gall., La Stanza showroom (1977), Ugo Ferranti Gall, Yvon Lambert, Paris, Salvatore Ala, NY, Gian Enzo Sperone Gall, Rome, Jack Sherman Gall, NY, Cetnro di Cultura Ausoni, mar Estrada Gallery, Madrid, Mus. Centre Saydie Bronfman, Rimini at the Gallery of Modern Art, L'Istituto Italiano di Cultura, BMB Gall, Amseterdam, Dresda, Rome, the Palazzp Rasponi-Murat, Livorno, Arturo Schwarz, Bilbao, Mus. Cont. Art, Riccione plus countless others.
Philip   Celeste  (born 1963) Represented by Robinwood in Boston.  Studied at MFA Boston (illustration under Johnson), Mass Art, FIT (degree in design).  Many collections in Boston and Provincetown.
Ramon   Chabin  French modernist discovered in Paris.  Studies at Ecole de Beaux Arts.  Many of his paintings you would swear were painted on Cape Cod.  
Oliver  Newbury Chaffee  (1881-1944) Studied at ASL with William Chase and Henri, also at NY Sch. of Art with Hawthorne, Miller  and also at Detroit Acad. and in Paris.  Exhibited at: Detroit AI 1908, PAFA, 1912, Armory Show, NYC 1913, Salon d'Automne, Paris, 1913, AIC, 1919, 28,32 and 42. Also at PAAM.
Samuel R. Chaffee   (1850-1913)  New England artist.  Artworks have been sold through several different auction houses including Eldred's.  Paintings typically depict New England scenes.
Marc   Chagall (1887-1985)  Born in Vitebsk, Russia; his original name was Moishe Shagal (Segal), but when he became a foremost member of the Ecole de Paris, he adopted French citizenship and the French spelling of his name.  Museums and collections worldwide.
Georffrey Teale Chalmers Boston painter of New England and other American scenes since the early 1980s. Studied at Harvard Coll. and with Henry Hensche, Provincetown and briefly with several Boston artists.  Member and represented by the Copley Society, Boston (since 1980).  Designated as Copley Artist having been in numerous shows and receiving many awards.  Designed the 1993 Boston Marathon poster image, also Head of Charles, the Boston US Pro tennis tourn., Fenway Park and Honolulu Marathon.  Works at BankAmerica, New England Life, John Hancock, Liberty Mutual, LPL Financial and other Boston area businesses as well as numerous private collections. His paintings have been reproduced as posters and prints, sold through major stores.
Walter  L. Chaloner (1852-1922)  Lived in Boston, MA.  Member: BAC, 1901. Exhibited: Boston AC.  Listed in Who Was Who in American Art. 
Samuel   Chamberlain  (1895-1975) Studied at Univ. Wash., MIT, in Paris with Leon, Osborne, Royal Art Coll., Marlboro Coll. Member of NA, SAE, Amer. Art & Sciene, Amer. Inst. Architects, Photog. Soc. America, Chicago SE, Northwest PM, Societe de la Gravure. Exhibits include: NAD, Paris Salon, Boston Tercentenary, Soc. Am. E., Salons of Am., Guggenheim, Childs Gall, Boston, and others. Works at NYPL, LOC, MMA, BMFA, AIC, British Mus., Victoria and Albert Mus., Bibliotheque Nationale. Very well listed.
William  Henry Chandler  (1854-1928)  Early 19th century landscape painter of New England. 
Bryant   Chapin (1859-1927)  Studied with R.S. Dunning.  Works at Fall River Public Library.  Member of the Fall River School of Painters, spent most of his life in his native town, but traveled to Europe to paint landscapes.  Known for his still lifes, landscapes and portraits.  Listed in Who Who's and among others.
Grace   Chapin  (20th century) Massachusetts artist known for harbor scenes and seascapes
Tim   Chappell Represented by the Wohlfarth Gallery.  Very popular artist of Provincetown and Boston.  In countless collections.
Jessie  Harris Charman  (1895-   )  Studied at Phila. Sch. Des. for Women and with Sidney Haward in London.  Member of NAWPS, Nat. Lg. Am. Pen. Women, Assoc. Artists, Widener European Fellowship.  Exhibits include: PAFA, NAWPS, 1932 (prize), Phila. Sch. Des. for Women, 1934, Syracuse AA (some of the above with prizes).  Known as a painter, designer and teacher.  Listed in Who was Who in American Art.
Frederick  Montague Charman, AWS  (1894-1986)  Studied: Sidney Haward, in London.  Member of A. Worker's Gld., London, Phila. WCC, Assoc. A., Syracuse, Audubon A, Intl. Inst. A. & Letters, AWCS and others.  Exhibits include NAD (1948-49), Phila. WCC, AWCS, Phila. A. All, Baltimore WCC, AIC, Audubon A., Syracuse Mus. FA, PAFA, Assoc. A. Syracuse, Rochester Mem. A. Gal., Albright A. Gal., Arnot A. Gal., Binghamton Mus., NY State Fair and others.  Works at: Syracuse Mus. FA., Solvay HS, Springville A. Soc., Syracuse Univ., Brigham Young Univ., Brooks Mem. Mus. and others. Very well listed. 
John  Allen Chase (1882-1965)  New Bedford Marine painter.  Exhibited in New Bedford Art Club, 1907-14, 1917.  New Bedford Five Cents Savings Bank, c.1950.  Listed in Artists of New Bedford, Massachusetts.
William   Merritt Chase (1849-1916) Extremely well known American artist, studied at: BF Hays, 1867 with JO Eaton, NAD with Wilmarth, 1869  and Royal Academy.  Member of: ANA, 1888, NA, 1890, SAA, 1879 (founder), AWCS, Ten American Painters (joined in 1905 after Twachtman died in 1902), NIAL, AAAL, Portrait Painters, NAC.  Exhibited at: NAD1817-1912, Boston AC, 1876-1909, Brooklyn AA, 1877-1912, PAFA, 1879-1917, Paris Salon, 1881-1889, also with Cleveland AA, AIC, SAA, Pan-Am Expo, and Corcoran Gallery, 1907-1916.  Major retrospective at MMA, 1983, Spanierman Gallery, 1995 among many others.  Works at: MMA, NMAA, NGA, BMFA, PAFA, Corcoran Gallery, Wilstach Gal, Cin. Mus., RISD, AIC plus countless others.  Extremely well listed artist known as one of the Impressionist Masters and most influential teaches.  Taught at: ASL, Brooklyn AA, Chase Sch. of Art, AIC, PAFA and also in London, Holland, Madrid, Italy, Bruges and Venice.  
Elizabeth Libby Chater My mother died in 1999.  She lived her last 4 years with us in Marstons Mills. As a young girl she and her mother drove up from Baltimore so her
mother could study in Ptown.  My mother was born in 1914 and was 84 when she died.  I guess they spent several summers on the cape.  In the late
50s she studied with Will Barnet in New York (Art Students League) and in Ptown for a summer. At the end of her life while on the Cape she
studied at the Cotuit Art Center and had several shows there, plus Barnstable and Hyannis.  I have over 50 paintings, many sketches, and
prints.  Her art is of the 60s and she was very accomplished.  Her name was Elizabeth "Libby" Chater.
Asa   Cheffetz  (1896-1985) Studied at BMFA, NAd with Philip Hale, Ivan Olinsky and William Auerbach-Levy.  Member, NA, WCC, Audubon Artists, Nat. Com of Engraving, and others.  Exhibited at Royal Academy, London, 1929, Victoria & Albert Mus., London, PAFA, 1928-45 (gold, 1928, prizes, 1939-40), AFA, 1929-31, AIC, 1929,30 (prize), 1932 (prize), 1934, 36, 37 and 39. Cleveland, Phil. Pr. Cl, 1931-32, 34 (prize), Los. An. Mus., 32-34 (prize), WFNY, BM, Princeton Unv., MMA, AIGA, CA, LOC, also in Poland, Denmark and Sweden.  Works at LOC, CMA, PAFA, BMA, NYPL, MMA, AIC, CI, LACMA, NMAA, BMFA and countless other museums and collections.  Known for his engravings, block printing, etchings and illustrations.  Extremely well listed in Who's  Who.
Ann  Wells Cheney  Daughter of the famed Manchester, CT. family that made silk textiles.  A portrait of her hangs at the Hartford Athenaeum, painted by Edward Willard Deming, NA. Not much else known about her, except to say this is a great painting.
Harold  William Cheney  (1889-1946)  Primarily painted landscapes, boats in Boston, Ma. Listed in Davenport's.
Mary  Moulton Cheney  (20th Century Artist) Studied at Univ. Minn, BMFA and with Denman W. Ross and George Elmer Browne. Exhibits include: Minn. State Fair and PAAM. Listed in Who was Who in American Art.
Serge   Chermayeff  (1900-1996) Mentioned in Peter Manso's book about the art history of Provincetown, claim to fame as major international  architect and Director of Institute of Design in Chicago (1946 - 1951).  Very few of his artistic endeavors ever come to market so a rare opportunity to get an extremely prominent artist. 
John   Choly  (born 1959) Represented by the Lyman Eyer Gallery, Provincetown. At one time, had his own gallery, the Choly Gallery in the West End, Provincetown.  Studied at RISD, works have been exhibited at PAAM Member's Juried, United Nations 2001 AIDs  event.
Harriet   Christakos  New England painter known for her stave paintings of rural scenes, folk art
La Verne   Christopher  Represented by Gallery 31, Orleans.  Long time artist of Cape Cod.
William   Ciccariello  Represented by the Rice Polak Gallery, Provincetown.  Studied at State Univ. Coll., NY and the MFA, Boston (BFA, 1978).  Exhibitions include Miller Block Gallery, Boston, Sch. of MFA, Boston, Fitchburg Art Mus., Boston Univ., The Forum Corp. and others.  Awards include the prestigious Pollock Krasner Foundation Grant (2000) and Blanche E. Coleman Grant, Boston (1994).  Works in many private and corporate collections.   
Carmen  Louis Cicero (b.1926) Represented by the Berta Walker Gallery. Studied at Newark State College, BS 1951 and also Hans Hofmann School, 1952 and HUNTER Co. 1953 with Robert Motherwell.  Member of Artists Equity and PAAM.  Exhibited at: Corcoran Gallery, 1957, 59, Guggenheim Mus Inaugural Show 1959, Rome 1959, PAFA 1963, Austria, Japan, Peridot-Washburn Gallery, NYC 1970's.  Awards include Guggenheim Fellowship 1957-58 and 63-64 and Ford Foundation, Purchase Prizes 1961 and 65.  WMAA 1955-65.  Works at: Guggenheim MoMA, WMAA, MoMA Paris, Stedelijk Mus, Holland and Aldrich Mus, Ridgefield, CT.  Very well listed and collected artist.
Michel   Ciry  (born 1919) French artist.  Works in countless museums.  Known as an etcher, printmaker.
Marc   Civitarese  (born 1968) Represented by Kathryn Markel FA, NY, Lanoue FA, Boston, William Scott Gallery, Provincetown, Gallery One, Nashville, Tn. Studied at Tufts Univ., Sch. FA, Mass Coll. Art, Boston Univ. Member of Copley Society of Boston. Exhibitions include Tristan Gallery (2001-2004), Kathryn Markel FA, Miller/Block Gallery, Lowe Gallery, Atlanta, GA., Copley Soc./Gallery, Boston, Coco’s Salon, William Scott Gallery, Kroma Gallery, Salem, Ma., Gallery One, Lanoue FA, Boston, Ameringer-Yohe, Ute Stebich Gallery, C. Duell Arts, Boston, JW Gallery, New Hope, countless Copley Soc. Showings, Cortland Jessup Gallery, Tufts Univ., Boston Center for the Arts, Zeitgeist Gallery, Cambridge. Awards include Pearl Arts & Crafts Award (1999), 1998 Juror’s Choice. 1994 Juror’s Choice, all from Copley Society. Collections include NIC Corp., Boston, Fidelity Invest., Beth Israel Hospital, The Bellagio, Las Vegas. Also instructed at School of the Museum of Fine Art.
George   Clare (1835-1900)
Eliot  Candee Clark  (1883-1980) Studied at ASL with J. Twachtman, W. Clark and in Europe, 1904-06. Member: National Academy, 1944 (pres., 1956-59, AWCS (pres., 1920-23), Allied Artists Am. (pres., 1945-53), NSS (honorary member), NAC (life member), CAFA. Exhibited at: NYWC, 1892 (at age 9), Boston AC, NAD, 1899-1950, prizes in 1912 & 22), SAA, AWCS, AIC, St. Louis Art Mus., Doll & Richards Gal., Boston, Corcoran Gallery, Katz Gallery, NYC, Carnegie Inst., PAFA, Albright Art Ga., CAM., RISD, VMFA, NAC, SC, Macdowell Club, NYC (with Leon Kroll), and countless others. Works at: MMA, NAD, NAC, Baltimore Mus. Art, Dayton Mus. Art., Dayton AI, Muncie AA, Witte Mem. Mus., Ft. Worth AA, Wichita Falls Women's Club, Ft. Worth Women's Club and San Antonio Art Mus. Son of landscape painter, Walter Clark. Taught at NAC, ASL, and many other plac
Joan   Clark Represented by Kendall Art Gallery, Wellfleet.  Prolific and well known Cape Cod artist....husband owns Nauset Sports.
Roland   Clark  (1874-1957) New York artist known for his etchings and paintings. Member of Chicago SE. Author of Stray Shorts, Roland Clark's Etchings. Listed in Who was Who in American Art, 1975.
Vivian   Clark There are several Vivian Clarks on the internet but none that I could positively say was this one, although several were/are artists.
A.   Clarke Unknown which A. Clarke this is.
Patrick   Clarke-Fusel  PAAM collection, known for his art critism and writings.
May Austin Claus (1882-?)  Lived in Provincetown and Boston.  Studied at BMFA Sch., W.A.J. Claus.  Member of Penn. Soc., Min. Painters.  Exhibitions include Boston AC (1905-08), Salons of America, AIC in 1905, 1907 and 1909, S. Indp. A. (1920,1921,  1923), PAFA in 1922.  Listed in Who was Who in American Artists, 1975 edition.
John   Clayton  (b.1961)  Represented by Egeli Gallery, Provincetown.  Was at William Scott Gallery, FAN Gallery, Phila.,  New Hope, PA.  Studies include: ASL under Dinnerstein and MB McKenzie, NY at the ASL and the NAD of Fine Arts (won Mrs. Roberts Forbes Scholarship and the Arthur & Melville Scholarship.  Alson an honorable mention, Acad. of FA.  Also at Cape Cod School of Art  (Neily, Griffel, Longley, Egeli), Castle Hill (scholarship, 2004).  Exhibitions include: Commonwealth Gallery, Boston, Symphony Gallery, Key West,  PAAM Emerging Artist Show, 1988, Also 4 juried shows (2003, 2004) and in New Hope, PA.  Known for his plein aire painter, but also known for etchings, mono prints.
Robert   Clibbon Represented by the Robert Clibbon Gallery, Provincetown.  Long time gallery owner/artist of Provincetown.  Well known for his images of Provincetown and it's shores.
William  Baxter Closson  (1848-1926) Studied at Thetford Acad. with S. Kilburn (engraving apprentice to), Boston Lowell Inst., Boston. member of Wash. WCC, Boston AC, Copley Soc., Soc. Wash. Artists, Wash. AC, CAFA, All Am. Artists, AI Graphic Artists, Union Inter. des Beaux-Arts et des lettres, NAC, Lg. AA. Exhibits include: Paris Salon, Boston AC, PAFA, Paris International, Columbian Expo, Wash. WCC, S. Wash. A., Pan-Am. Expo, AIC, st. Louis Expo, Corcoran Biennials, Charitable mechanics Assoc., PAFA and others. Works at: MGA, BMFA, NYPL, Worcester AM, Springfield Pul, Albright Art Mus., PAFA, Cooper Hewitt Mus., Brooklyn Mus. and many others. Very well listed.
James F. Clymer (1893-1982)  Provincetown artist.  Member of Provincetown AA, Beachcombers, CI.  Exhibited at PAFA, AIC, Corcoran Gallery, PAAM.  Listed.
Henry Ives Cobb (1859-1931) Brookline, Ma. Artist. Studied at MIT, Harvard and ASL. Exhibited at S, Indp. A. Works at World's Columbian Expo, Chicago, League Island Bldg., Annapolis, Chicago Opera House, Chicago Athletic Club, Newberry Library, Univ. Chicago. Listed in Who was Who in American Art, 1975 edition.
Dorothy   Cochran Was represented by the Swansboro Gallery in Wellfleet 
Peter   Cody  A Virginia artist that also exhibited at the Wright Gallery.
Ethel  Louise Coe  (1880-1938)  Studied at AIC; Hawthorne; Sorolla in Madrid.  Member of Chicago PS, Evanston Univ. G.  Exhibited at AIC (1905-1923, prize in 1911), Pan-Pacific Expo, San Francisco.  Works at: Sioux City AM, Vanderpoel Collection, Mun. Art Collection, Chicago, Kohler (WI) Gallery.  Known for her Taos Indians and scenes of Morocco and the Tangiers.  Instructor and lecturer at AIC and Northwestern Univ., director, art dept. Sarah Lawrence College (1931-38).  Well listed.
Peter   Coes  (born 1946)  Represented by Peter Coes Fine Art, Cummaquid, the Left Bank Gallery, Orleans and the Copley Society, Boston.  Studied at the University of Hartford Art School (sculpture major).  Memberships include the Copley Society (35 years, named Copley Master in both painting and sculpture), PAAM (board of directors). Exhibitions include Trees Place Gallery Orleans (for 14 years).  Recently had a 30 year Retrospective show at The Cahoon Museum Of American Art.  He came to Provincetown in 1980.
Susan (Susanna(   Coffey (Frost) Studied Yale Sch. FA (MFA, 1982), Univ. CT. (BFA, 1977).  Exhibitions include: Gallery Pireus (Greece), Isabel Ignacio Gall. (Seville, Spain), Natl. Mus. Cont. Arts, Greece, Art Mus., NY, Smithsonian, Wheeler Gal., RI, 55 Mercer Gal, NY, Frances M. Nauman Gallery, NYC, Heaven Gallery, Chicago, The Painting Center, NYC, Staten Island Mus., NY, Nat. Acad. Mus., Peligro Gallery, New Orleans, Lyme Acad. Art Gallery, CT., RKL Gallery, Brooklyn, Alpha Gallery, Boston, Illinois State Mus., Tibor de Nagy Gallery, NYC., NAD, NY Acad. of Science, , PAFA, Robert Hull Fleming Mus., Temple Univ., Rome, The Meyerhoff Gall, Baltimore, Yale Univ., AIC, Bangs St. Gallery, Art Miami, Ackland Art Mus., Univ. NC, Atrium Gallery, Univ. CT, Am. Acad. Arts & Letters, Boston Univ., Kendell Art & Design, NY., The Rockford Mus., Rockford, Il., The NY Studio Sch. and many more.  Works at Boston MFA, Akron Mus. Art, Weatherspoon Art Gallery, Williams Coll. Mus. Art, The Brauer Mus., Davis Mus., NAD, AIC, Rockford Mus., Bryn Mawr Coll., Minneapolis Mus. Art, Northwestern Univ. and so many others.  Very well listed and written about New York artist.
Arthur   Cohen (b.1928) Represented by The Berta Walker Gallery along with numerous other galleries in New York, New Mexico, California and others.  Painted in Provincetown from 1961 on.  Studied at Univ. of Chicago (BA and MA).  Extremely well listed and in almost every major Museum in the country, including MoMA.
Barbara   Cohen Extremely well known and collected artist of Provincetown with several books credited to her name.  Very well collected and in countless collections.
Karen   Coill  Represented by the Schoolhouse Gallery.  Studied at Mus. Sch. Art, Boston and FAWC, Provincetown.  Member of PAAM.  Exhibitions include Schoolhouse Gallery, Grand Central Gallery, Florida, Camino Gallery, Concord Art Association, Truro Center Arts, PAAM (Member's juried).  Longtime summer resident of Provincetown.
Patricia   Cole Was a fellow at FAWC in the 80's.  Well collected artist.
Virginia   Thurman Cole (20th century) Addresses include Shreveport, LA and Provincetown, MA.  Studied with George Elmer Browne, Alice Schille and Arthur Woelfle, Columbus A. School.  Member of Ohio WCS, Columbus AL, PAAM.  Listed in Who's Who.
Gary   Collins (born 1936)  American artist.
Roy   Collins  Studied at School of Visual Arts (NY with Robert DeNiro, Sr.), Swain School of Design, Roger Williams Univ. (BA), RI College (MA) and certified Graphic Arts Technician (California). Exhibits include solo and group shows on both coast. Known author (Fire Over heaven, Xlibris, 2001), illustrator, art conservator and publisher. Article about him in Art Spotlight. RI.
Grace Gouvea Collinson Known as the Provincetown Portuguese historian.  Introduced Mary Alice Cook's Traditional Portuguese Recipes from Provincetown.  Was a long time teacher, poet and sometime painter.  Instrumental in the Provincetown Council on Aging, hence the building named after her, the Grace Gouveia Building.
Wendell F. Collum (20th century) Cape Cod Artist.
Robert   Connavale 20th century New York artist.  Exhibited at S. Indp. A. in 1921. Listed in Who was Who in American Art, 1975.
Jay  Hall Connaway  (1893-1970)  Studied at: Ind. AI  with John Herron, 1910-11, ASL with Bridgman and WM Chase, 1911-13, Academie Julian, Paris with Laurens and Ecole dis Beaux-Arts, Paris, 1921.  Member of: NA, ALL. A. Am., NAC, Audubon A., CAA, Meriden SA, Portland SA, Southern VT A. Center (trustee, 1954 on).  Exhibited at: John Herron AI, 1011, 39 and 65.  Also at PAFA, 1924-43, NAD, 1924-46 (prize, 1926), Macbeth Gal, 1926-40, Hoosier Salon, 1926 & 47, AIC, 1928-46, All. A. Am., 1926, 45, Albright Art. Gal, 1928, NAC, 1928, Grand Central Gal, 1928, Milch Gal. 1929-49, Corcoran Gallery 1932-43, Currier Gal, 1934, Toledo Mus., Clearwater Art Mus., Oberlin Col., Vose Galleries, Boston, BMFA and countless others (too numerous to list all).  Works at: John Herron AI, BMFA, Farnsworth Mus., Vermont A, Indiana Univ., Cornell, White Mus., and many more.  Extremely well listed artist.
Dimitrius   Constantinus  Represented by the Berta Walker Gallery.  Bronze sculptures are very sought out. Also known photographer and artist of Provincetown and New York.  Member of Artists Right, NY.  Greek origins.
J A Cook (1870-1936)  Gloucester artist.  Studied with DeCamp, E.L. Major, Douglas Volk.  Member of Baltimore WCC, Rockport AA, Gloucester SA, North Shore AA (1923-36), Boston Ac, New Haven PCC, AFA.  Exhibited at above associations and also Boston AC in 1895-1906, and S. Indp. A.  Best known for his watercolors of Gloucester Harbor.  Listed in Who was Who in American Art, 1975 edition.
S.   Cook Unknown who this artist is.
Ted   Cook Illustrator
Rosamond (Mary) Coolidge (1884-1976)  Studied at Mass Sch. Art with A. Cross, W. Hamilton and at BMFA Sch. with E. Tarbell, and with C. H. Woodbury.  Member of Boston AC, AAPL, North Shore AA, NAWA, Copley Society.  Exhibited at AIC in 1909, 1912-14, PAFA (several years), Corcoran Gallery, NAD, Ogunquit AC, North Shore AA, Newport AA, Boston AC, S. Indp. A, Lg. Am. Pen Women (prize), Jordan Marsh Co. (gold).  Works at Framingham Normal Sch., Leverett House, Harvard Univ., Masonic Temple, Channing House (Boston), First Parish and Phillips Sch., Jackson Coll., Tufts Univ.  Well listed.
J.   Cordula  
Bernard   Corey (1905 - 2000 ) Massachusetts. Plein aire painter. Member of Rockport AA, Salmagundi Club., Acad. Artists Assoc., Hudson Valley AA, AAPL, American WCCS, Rockport AA, All. Art. Amer., Providence WCC, Guild of Boston Artists. Many award exhibitions including North Shore AA (Lazare Barth Award), AAA (1rst, w/c, 1964), Salmagundi Club, Providence WCC, Lester House, NY, Thumb Box Show. Some awards include Helen Gould Kennedy Award, Morton Donald Cotch Award, Amuel Armour Award, NE Heritage, LB Seley Award, Winsor & Newton Award, CH Davis Award, and more.Publications include "Bernard Corey on the Sopt" (1978) and The World's at the Tip of My Brush (1985). Well listed in Who was Who in American Art. Founding member of The Blackstone Valley Art Association.
Johanne   Corno  Canadian and New York artist. Known for her expansive brilliant canvases. Exhibitions include: Opera Gallery (NY, 2002,03), Yves Laroche Gallerie, Montreal, Michel Blais Gallery, Vancouver, Atmosphere Gallery, NY, Paul Labrecque Spa Gallery, NY, Art Mode (solo, Calgary), Skylight 6 Studio, NY, Bond Street Studio, NY, Twilo, Art Frenzie, Fl., Ludmilla Baczynksy Gallery, NY and others. Well listed and collected.
Camille  Jean-Baptiste Corot  (1796-1875) 
J O'H (O'Hara) Cosgrave II (1908-1968)  Studied at Univ. Calif., Calif. Sch. FA and with LHote in Paris.  Member of Dutch Treat Club.  Exhibits include: Paris Salons, AWCS, S. Indp. A., Brooklyn SA, AIC, PAFA, BM, AV and SFMA to name a few.  Known for his illustrations and covers for Life, Fortune and Yachting Magazines.  Well listed.
Michael   Costello  Represented by the Julie Heller Gallery. Well known Boston artist.
Kathy   Cotter (born 1967)  Provincetown artist and pastry chef (Front Street).  Works available at the Front Street Restaurant, Provincetown. Exhibits include The Schoolhouse Gallery and FAWC. 
Jack   Coughlin  Very popular artist of Cape Cod and Western Mass.,  won 1rst Prize at National Academy of Design in Printmaking, shows at Calhoun Museum of American Art and other noted museums and collections.
Mary  Jenks Coulter (1880-1966)  Studied at: Cin. Art. Acad., with Duveneck, Nowottny, Meakin, AIC, Univ. of Chicago, and with Lionel Waiden and Charles Hawthorne.  Member of :SFAA, AA Mus., AFA, AAPL, Calfi SE, Calif. AC, NAWA, Friends of the Huntington Library.  Exhibited at: Lewis and Clark Expo (1905, medal), AIC, 1909 (prize), Pan-Pacific Expo, 1915 (medal), Hawaiian Soc. Artists, CLPH, Berkeley Lg. Fine Art, SFAA, Stanford, de Young Mem. Mus., LAMA, Huntington Library, Uffizzi Gal, Florence, Italy, Bibliotheque Nationale, Paris, Victoria & Albert Mus., London, England.  Works at: LACMA, MMA, BMFA, AIC, LOC, NGA, Univ. Club, San Diego, John Herron AI, British Mus., FMA, NYPL, Cooke Gal., Honolulu, Louvre in Paris France, Huntington Library, San Marino, CA.,  and many more.  Was curator of Prints for AIC, asst. director, San Diego FA Gal. and others.  Very well listed artist.
Charles  A. Couper b.1924)  Studied under Hensche 1947-51 and under Ernest Major of Fenway Studios, extensive shows include Chrysler Museum, PAAM, awarded Medal of Distinction, Paris France:
Charles   Courtney Unknown if this is Charles Courtney Curran or another artist).
Joni   Cozza (b.1956) Has showed at PAAM.  Painting since 1994. First time in these auctions. 
B(essie) T. Cram (20th century)  Middleboro artist, also resided in Cambridge and Portsmouth.  Studied at BMFA Sch.  Member of Boston SAC, Newport AA.  Listed in Who was Who, American Art, 1975 edition.
Konrad   Cramer (1888-1963)  Studied at Acad. FA, Germany.  Member of Am. Soc. PS & G, Woodstock AA (president 1953-56) and Woodstock Guild of Craftsmen.  Exhibited at: McDowell Club, Florence Ga., NYC, LACMA, Brooks Mem. AG, AIC, PAFA, College AA, Warwich Gallery, Phila., Corcoran Gallery, WMAA, PAFA, AFA, Woodstock AA, MoMA and countless others (many awards).  Works at MMA, WMAA, MoMA, Woodstock AA.  Very well listed artist.
Ed   Crane  Very prolific Provincetown artist whose works include wood block prints, etchings, photography.  Many shows since landing on our fair shores
Barry   Croasmun (born 1960) Studied at West Liberty State College (BA- Art Education, BS- Graphic Design).  Memberships include Duval Art Teachers Assoc.  Teaches art at Mandarin Middle School (since 1989), began teaching career in Jacksonville, Fl. (Duval County, 1984).  Recently began teaching pottery and clay sculpture. 
Richard   Crocker Reverend of the Truro Church.
Charles   Crodel  (1894-1973) Listed European artist with listings in artnet and artprice (ADEC).
Susan   Crook (Ingersoll) (Mrs. W. King)  (born 1908)  Studied at Converse College, PAFA.  Member: West Chester AA, PAFA.  Listed in Who was Who in American Art.  Known for her portrait paintings.  
George  Lee Crosby (born 1949)  Represented by the Esmond-Wright Gallery, Provincetown and the Julie Heller Gallery.  Studied at University of Michigan, Cooper Union, NY, San Carlos Academy, Mexico.  Exhibitions include Trica Karlis Gallery, Ptown, Galerie Uno, Mexico, Gallery Del Mundo,  NY, "Conched Out" Gallery, Key West, Gallery/Loft on Wooster St., Soho, Studio V, NY, LaGalleria, Chiapas, Mexico, Lucky Street Gallery, Key West, Julie Heller Gallery, Dennis deBerry Gallery, Patrick Gallery, Eau Gallie Gallery, FL, Limner Gallery, NY, Lagerquist Gallery, Atlanta, Gallery Kokoro, Sapporo, Gallery Shoganai, Tokyo, Lafayette Gallery, Boston, Galeria Ars Nova, Puerto Vallarta, Argosy Gallery, Bar Harbor, ME, Tropic Art Gallery, Key West, Sarah Jessica Gallery, Ptown and Newport, RI., Caterpillar Hill Gallery, Deer Isle, ME., Hemingway House Gallery, Key West, Lazy Way Lane Gallery, Key West, Limner Gallery, Hudson, NY., Captain Outrageous Gallery, Key West, Blue Hill Bay Art Gallery, Blue Hill, ME., Sabina Wood Gallery, Northeast Harbor, ME., The Real Key West Gallery, Key West, Gallery Hindu, Ptown, Doma Cafe Gallery, NY, Esmond-Wright Gallery, Ptown.
Raymond   Crosby (1876-1945)  Yarmouth port artist.  Membership included SI (1904), Players' C, Century Assn.  Exhibited at S. Indp. A.  Known for illustrations (Woodbury Black Book) and lithographs.  Listed in Who was Who in American Art, 1975 edition.
John  Henry Crosman (1897-1970) Studied at Mass. Normal School with Richard Andrew, Ernest Major.  Member of Guild of Boston Artists. Has been discussed in national magazines like Woman's Home Companion, Collier's.  Listed.
Walter   Crumb Boston teacher and artist.  Also known for pinhole photography.
Philip   Cruteau  Boston artist known for his furniture painting.  Had shown in Provincetown (Renaissance III Gallery).
Robin   Cuplin Chicago artist.
Alice   Cushman  (1854-?)  Studied with Ross Turner, Boston and NAD. Member:  Phila. WCC, Phila. Plastic Club, NY Woman's AC.  Exhibits include: AIC (1895-1916), Woman's Expo Carolinas, 1897 (prize), AWCS, PAFA (1888-1900), BAC (1870's,1893-1905).  Listed in Who was Who in American Art. 
Billie  Miller Da Roza (b.1913) Early Provincetown artist, part of permanent collection of Town of Provincetown.
Salvador   Dali (1904-1989)  World famous artist whose works grace major museums and collections.  Not much needs to be said about this artist but will say this....he studied at Academy of Fine Arts in Madrid, Spain and then moved to Paris (1928) to join the surrealist.  He became one of the principal figures in the movement.  He moved to the USA in 1940 and devoted his art to symbolic religious paintings.  Works at MoMA and countless others.
Michele   D'angelo  Was represented by the Julie Heller Gallery, now at Dragonfly Gallery, Martha's Vineyard and the Left Bank Gallery, Wellfleet and others.  The recipient of many awards, she left an MBA career to pursue art.  Inspired by Robert Henri, she primarily paints houses.  Listed and very collected.
Nora   Daniel  (born 1968) Born and raised in New York City. Represented by the Sharon Weiss Gallery in Columbus, Ohio. Studied with Jacob Collins, Nelson Shanks, Michael Grimaldi and Richard Schmid. She taught with and for Nelson Shanks at the Art Students League and at workshops in the U.S. Exhibited in New York, Boston, Vermont, Columbus, Ohio and had shows in Europe in Hamburg, Germany and London. Private collections include Forbes, Jon Stewart (The Daily Show), the estate of Henny Youngman, Tom Sachs and T-Bone Wolk. Featured in magazines, newspapers: American Artist (2003 June), 2003 October American Artist Magazine, D.R.A.W.I.N.G., The Brattleboro Reformer, the Times Recorder. Awards include an Invitational Painting Trip to the Forbes Chateau in Normandy; Vermont Studio School Fellowship; The Brooklyn Brewery Best Coaster Award, twice been recipient of Inga Denbar Award from National Academy and two Ohio Art Council Awards. Spent summers painting in Provincetown since 1989. In 2008, Daniel was nominated to The Women Society of Painters.
Carole Ann Danner (contemp.) Represented by the DNA Gallery, Provincetown, Harvest Gallery, Dennis, MA.  Studied at Mass. Coll. Art (MFA), FAWC.  Exhibits include Kobalt Gallery, Breakdown Lane, Hyannis, Doran Graduate Gallery, Boston, Arsenal Cntr Arts, Watertown.  Lives in Hyannis, has studio at Shirley Blair Flynn working artists studios, Hyannis.
Allan  Albert Davidson  (1908-1988) Studied at Sch. Mus. FA, Boston, Ecole Beaux Arts, Fogg Mus., BA., Maitre Arts.  Member of Am. Watercolor Soc., Boston Watercolor Soc., Am. Artists Prof. League, Rockport AA, North Shore AA, Mass. Art Comm., Cape Ann Soc. of Modern Artists, Salmagundi Club of NY.  Exhibits include: AWCS, AAPL, Boston WCS, North Shore AA, PAAM and others.  Awards include Hendy Gold medal, Chase Mem. Prize, Benson-Hayes-Stuart Awards and many others. Very well listed in Who was Who in American Art.
Julian  Oliver Davidson  (1853-1894)  Studied with Mauritz de Hass in NYC.  Exhibited at NAD, Brooklyn AA, Boston AC, Int'l Maritime Exh., Boston.  Works at: Dossin Great Lakes Mus. in Detroit and FDR Lib. in NY.  Known for his maritime paintings and illustrations that appeared in Harper's and other publications.  Listed in Who was Who. 
Morris   Davidson (1898-1976)  Studied at: ASL, MD Inst. of Design, AIC with Harry Walcott, with GE Browne, 1920, Acad. Grande Chaumiere, Paris, Fr., 1925.  Member of PAAM (Vice President, 1950-60), Am. Artists Cong (NY Exec. bd., 1939), Fedn. Modern Painters and Sculptors, (pres, 1950-), Rockland Found (chairman, board, 1950-).  Exhibited at: WMAA, 1933, Montimer Brandt Gal, 1936-46, S. Indp. A. 1938, Charles Morgan Ga., NY, 1939, Contemporary Gallery, Rockport, MA, 1939, Fed. Modern P&S,1945, American Modern Artists, Riverside Mus, NY, 1950, 1960, PAFA, 1954 & 60 plus many solo shows.  Works at: Baltimore Mus. Art, Univ. NC, Gallery Living Art, NY Univ., Sarah Lawrence Col, Jerusalem Mus., Israel,.  Active in Provincetown from 1925 on.  Taught in Provincetown in summers, AIC, 1917-18, and Director of Morris Davidson School of Modern Painting, NY (1935-65).  Extremely well listed and collected artist.
Al   Davis Formerly of the Al Davis Gallery, Wellfleet, extremely well known and collected artist.  Works grace Napi's Restaurant, numerous homes.  Known for his animal sculptures, predominantly his "cat" series.  
James   Davis  (1965- 2002) Was represented by the Kiley Court Gallery and before that the Lee Musselman Gallery in Provincetown.  Born in DC and moved to Provincetown in the early 1990's.  He studied art in various community colleges and institutions. He was a  prolific artist with a large following and in many collections here and abroad.  ""The dark colors I use (olive green and ultramarine blue) allow the viewer their own interpretation of the world they enter in my paintings.  I do this by not defining everything.  I don't like my paintings to tower over people, instead to invite them in," stated Jim on his art.
Julien  Oliver Davis  (1853-1894)  Studied with Mauritz de Hass in NYC.  Exhibited at NAD, Brooklyn AA, Boston AC, Int'l Maritime Exh., Boston.  Works at: Dossin Great Lakes Mus. in Detroit and FDR Lib. in NY.  Known for his maritime paintings and illustrations that appeared in Harper's and other publications.  Listed in Who was Who.
Mabel   E. Davis  (1860-1950) New Bedford artist. Studied at Mass. Normal Art Sch., and with Charles Woodbury in Ogunquit and with Charles Hawthorne in Provincetown. Exhibited at the New Bedford Art Club in 1908,1916, New Bedford Free Public Library, Swain Free Sch. Design, Crapo Gallery, New Bedford Soc. Indp. Artist Ann. Exh. in 1932. Listed in Who was Who in American Art, 1975.
Michael  E. Davis  (late 20th century) Represented by the Kiley Court Gallery, Provincetown and the Left Bank Gallery, Orleans. Used to be at Ellen Harris Gallery. Studied at Art Institute of Boston (major in Illustration). Prestigious Wellfleet artist. 
Martha   Day (1885-?)  Studied at RISD, Academie Julian, and also with Lucia F. Fuller.  Member of: Providence Art Club, ASMP, Penn. SMP.  Exhibited at: ASMP Ann & Penn., PAFA, 1932, (prize and medal at both). Works at: Phila. Mus. Art., Smithsonian Inst..  Also known as Martha Willson.  Listed.
Eva   de Nagy (20th century Hungarian born artist) Resided in Provincetown, MA. Studied at Acad. Royal Beaux-Arts, Brussels, Belg. Member of Provincetown AA, Cape Cod Art Assn., Am. Artists Prof. League, Painters & Sculptors Soc., NJ. Exhibits include: Provincetown AA., Ecclesiastical Crafts Exhib., Pittsburgh, PA., Painters & Sculptors Soc., NJ., Am-Hungerian Art Assn., Catherine Lorillard Wolfe Art Club. Exhibitions and Awards include: NJ State Fed. Women’s Club (bronze, 1954 & 59), Seton Hall Univ. (1956, prize), NJ State Med. Assn. Convention Art Exhib. (1958 & 60). Works at Color Slides, Guild. Lib., Church Archit. Guild Am., Wash. DC. Owned the Eva de Nagy Gallery in Provincetown for a number of years and also Mass. State art chmn., NJ Fed. Women’s Clubs, mem. art comn., Trenton, NJ, Roebling-Boehm art scholar. Well listed in Who was Who in American Art, 1975 edition.
Vivian   De Pinna (1883-1978)  Studied with Hans Hofmann.  Works include the PAAM permanent collection.
Fabian   DeCarpis  Represented by the Gordon Gallery, Bedford, MA.
Tom A. DeDecker Studied at Brigham Young Univ.  Known for his western paintings. Quite collectible.
Anthony   DeFazio Provincetown and Cape Cod artist.  Exhibits include the Provincetown Art Association and Museum and the Old Selectmen's Building Gallery, West Barnstable.
Adolf   Dehn  (1895-1968)  Studied at Minneapolis Sch. Art, ASL with Boardman Robinson, Kenneth Hayes Miller.  Member of ANA, NA, Am. Acad. Arts & Letters, An. Am. Group, Am. Artists Congress, Am. Soc. Painters, Am Watercolor Soc., Woodstock AA and others.  Exhibited at MoMA, BMFA, NYPL, Soc. Am. Painters, Sculptors and Engravers, Minneapolis Inst. Art, Knoedler Gallery, Nat. Univ. Mexico, Am. Inst. Graphic Arts, Am. Printmakers Ann., Newark PL., Salons of America, Weyhe Gallery, CMA, AIC, WMAA, Newport RI AA., MacBeth Gallery, NAD, Brooklyn PL., Drasner Gallery, Milch Gallery, PAFA, Dayton Art Inst., Corcoran Gallery and so many others.  Extremely well listed.
Michael   del Visco Provincetown/Truro artist.  Represented by the MDV3 Gallery (at MFM Interiors, Truro).  Well collected.
Dan   Dellea (b.1963) Native Massachusetts resident, began painting in oils at age 10.  Graduate of Univ. of Boston, studied sculpture, painting and photography.  Strong influence by Mark Rothko's color fields.
Josephine  Arico Delva  Student of Henry Hensche.  Exhibitions include this painting at the 20th Century Club, Boston in 1955.
Edwin  Willard Deming (1860-1942)  Studied at Academie Paris with Lefebvre and Boulanger (1884), exhibited NAD, PAFA, St Louis Expo, Corcoran Gallery, countless awards, shows, collections.  Way too much to list here.  This is a rare painting of King Philip's War (1675-76), done around the time the monument was raised in Rhode Island.  His paintings have sold for as high as 17,600 (2000) in auction.  In pristine condition, no cracks, chipping, etc.  It hung at the Great Northern Hotel in mid-Manhattan in the 1930's.
Morgan   Dennis  (1892 - 1960) Studied at American Sch. of Design, Boston and with William HW Bicknell, Stanhope and Forbes.  Member of Author's Log.  Exhibits include Ft. Meyers, Fl., Key West, Clarke Univ., Worcester, Long Island, Macbeth Gal., NYC.  Works at The Dog House bar and lounge, NY. Best known for his dog subjects, particularly Scotties.  Author'/Illustrator of Pup Himself, Burlap, Morgan Dennis Dog Book, Skit and Skat, Pure Breds, The Sea Dog and others.  Sketched FDR's Fala, Black & White scotch label. Extremely well listed artist whose works grace countless museums, the White House and collections around the world. 
Salvatore  del Deo  (born 1928) Represented by the Berta Walker Gallery, Provincetown.  Studied at RISD, Vesper George Sch. of Art, ASL (under Edwin Dickinson and John McPherson) and CCSA under Hensche.  Moved to Provincetown permanently, 1954.  Exhibits include Helio Galleries, National Portrait Gallery at Smithsonian, Harvard Univ., PAAM, Williams College Museum of Art and countless others. Was also the well known owner of Sal's Place, a landmark restaurant in Provincetown. 
Richard   DeQuattro  (born 1946) Now represented by Outer Cape Auctions online Gallery.  Also at the Larson Gallery.  Studied at RISD and Boston Mus. Sch. of Fine Art. Member of PAAM, DIFFA. Was represented by the Breakpoint Gallery, Larson Gallery, One-Man shows in galleries in New York City, Palm Beach, Miami, Key West, Mexico, Paris and Provincetown. Well known local artist with distinctive pallet and application. He has won numerous awards and grants for his fine art and wearable collections.
George   Dergalis  (born 1928)  Studied sculpture with Ambrose, Accad. Belle Artis, Rome, Boston Mus. FA.  member of Copley Society, Int. Soc. Arts. Intl. Soc. Arts & letters, Boston Mus. Sch. Alumni, Cambridge AA.  Exhibited at Prima Mostra Int., Rome, MoMA, Kurhaus Wiesbaden, Germany, De Cordova Mus., Brockton Mus., Frederick R. Schaeffer Gallery, Cambridge.  Awards include Prix Rome, Paige Scholar, Concord AA (gold).  Works at De Cordova Mus., Brockton Mus., Inst. Sarro, Barcelona, Spain, Mus. Sch. Fine Arts, Boston, St. Matthew Church,,, Fitchburg.  Well listed Massachusetts painter.
Frank   Desch (1873-1934) Studied at Chase with Charles Hawthorne and Biloul in Paris.  Member of Allied AA, PAFA, PAAM.  Exhibited at: AIC, 1914,21, 23, 25.  PAFA, 1923 and 24 (prize).  Also at Corcoran Gallery, 1919 and 21, and Florida Fed. A, 1930 (prize).  Works at: Butler AI, Bloomington AA.  Very well known portraitist whose works have grace countless calendars and post cards.  Very well listed and collected artist with auction prices reaching 50,000+ for oils.
Donn   DeVita Represented by the Worden Hall Art Gallery, East Dennis, Mass.  Originally a New York artist,. moved to Cape Cod in 1965.  Countless collections, multiple mediums and also renowned teacher.
Annie   Dew  Represented by the Annie Dew Gallery at 385 Commercial Street in Provincetown. Her artwork is created on the premise.
Grey   Dey  (born 1964)  Studied at the Cape School of Art, the Egeli School of Art, with Hilda Neily, John Clayton, Wodek, at CRUD and FAWC (with Bert Yarborough) and with Steve Perkins (San Francisco, private instruction).  Exhibition includes Provincetown Community Center (first showing of works in progress).  First entry into these auctions.
Grey   Dey (born 1964)  Studied at the Cape School of Art, the Egeli School of Art, with Hilda Neily, John Clayton, Wodek, at CRUD and FAWC (with Bert Yarborough) and with Steve Perkins (San Francisco, private instruction).  Exhibition includes Provincetown Community Center (first showing of works in progress).  First entry into these auctions.
signed   Di Lieto Italian artist.  Unknown which one this is, there are several.
Tina   Dickey (b.1954) She was represented by the famed Ellen Harris Gallery, Provincetown. Studied under many Hofmann students and at Univ. of Mass, MFA, Boston, NY School of Drawing, Painting and Sculpture. the Vermont Center and privately with Selina Trieff.  MA in 1989 at Vermont College..  Solo shows include Cherry Stone Gallery, 1972-92, MIT, 1993.  
Edwin W.  Dickinson (1891-1978)  Studied at Pratt Inst. Art Sch., NAD, Art Student League, Art Sch. Buffalo FA Acad. and with W.M. Chase and C. Hawthorne in Provincetown.  Member of Fed. Modern Painters & Sculptors, NAD, Patteran Soc., Buffalo Am. Academy of Arts & Letters, NIAL and more.  Extensive exhibitions including Corcoran Gal., PAFA, SIA, McDowell CI, NAD, Luxembourg Mus., AIC, Carnegie Inst., Jeu de Pomme, Paris, Albright AG, Passedoit Gal, Rochester Mem. AG, Provincetown AA, MMA, Cushman Gal, Boston Univ., MoMA, WMAA, BMFA, AAAL. Brooklyn Mus. and many more.  Works in permanent collections of NMAA, MMA, WMAA, AIC, PAFA, BMFA, NAD, PMA, VMFA, AAAL, CAM, TMA, SFMA, Atlanta Univ., Chrysler Mus., MoMA, PAAM and many many more.  Very well listed and collected.  Lived in Wellfleet, considered one of the early Modernist that converged in Provincetown (1912-on).
Sidney E. Dickinson (1890-1980) Studied with William M. Chase, Bridgman and Volk.  Member of NAD (1927), Century Club, Allied A. Am.  Exhibits include Corcoran Gallery (1916-1943), AIC, NAD, PAFA, All. A. Am. (1930, prize), NAC.  Many of the above were medal showings.  Works at CGA, AIC, CAM, Mus. of FA, Houston, Municipal Art Gal, Davenport, IA.  Taught at ASL 1920-21 and NAD art schools from 1928-1930.  Listed in Who was Who in American Art, 1975 edition.
Arthur  Vidal Diehl  (1870-1929) Largely self-taught. Exhibited at the Royal Academy, 1899. Progress Expo, Ct. 1927.  He came to New York in 1891 penniless and painted snuff box tops and such. Listed in AskArt and Who's Who, but never sold in gallery or dealer.  Fox Movietone made a short movie of Diehl painting and talking in Provincetown.  
Cal   Diehl  Listed artist known for many book and interior covers including "Captain Courageous" by Rudyard Kipling (interior boards and cover art), "A Bell for Adano" by John Hersey (illustrated interior boards).  Listed on Ask Art.
John   DiMestico  (born 1949) Represented by Erdreich White Fine Art, Boston. Studied with Wolf Kahn and at Ringling School of Art, Cape Cod Sch. Of Art (with Hensche, Griffel), also taught at CCSA. Exhibitions include: William Scott Gallery, Berta Walker Gallery, Boston Art Club, Matrix Gallery, PAAM. Collections include PAAM, Mass. General Hospital, Fidelity Investments.
George  William Dinckel (1891-1976) Studied at: Cincinnati Art Acad. with Duveneed, Meakin, Wessel, also in Europe; Paris, Munich and Rome.  Member of: Scarab Club, Detroit, Mi., Rockport AA, North Shore AA, Marblehead AA, Tile CL, Toledo, Salmagundi Club, Boston, MA.  Exhibited at: North Shore AA, Rockport AA, Marblehead AA, TMA, Toledo AA, Madison School in Sandusky, OH.  Many solo shows and awards at above locations.  Works are at numerous high schools in Cincinnati, Oh., Toledo Univ., Bowling Green State Col., Heidelberg Univ.  Preferred media was oil and watercolors.  Well listed artist.
Jennifer   Ditacchio  Studied at Yale Univ. (MFA in painting/printmaking), Bennington Coll. (BFA in painting/printmaking), The Putney Sch. PAAM. Exhibitions include Yale Univ., Ptown Arts Magazine, Bennington College, Center for Popular Culture (Nicaragua), Putney School and many others. Awards include the 2001 Paul Harper Res. Fellowship, Vermont Studio Center, 1997 Blair Dickinson Award through Yale Univ., Yale Univ. scholarship, Bennington College grant, Elizabeth Reed Keller Award, Mass. State grant, PAAM (painting/printmaking scholarship award, 1989). Well collected artist of Provincetown and New York.
John A. Dix (1881-1945)  Studied at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts, Paris.  Exhibited at WMAA in 1925-26, New York City and elsewhere.  Listed in Who was Who in American Art, 1975 edition.
Otto   Dix  (1891-1969) Studied at Dresden School of Art. Works at Wallraf-Richartz Museum. Became a member of the Imperial Chamber of Fine Arts (controlled by the Nazis) only if he would stop painting anti-war paintings and start painting landscapes. Being a member was the only way he could obtain materials to paint. His works have been exhibited in major museums throughout the world. 
Harvey   Dodd Represented by the Harvey Dodd Gallery. Painting in Provincetown since 1960's. Studied at Pratt Institute, painting and architecture, also ASL, SFAI, Boston Museum School.  Has had several one man shows. Countless collections here and abroad and very collectible.
Leon   Dolice  (1892 - 1960) Extremely prominent New York artist, countless Museums, collections, shows and awards.
Bruno   Dominici Extensive research yielded nothing on this name.
Ellen   Donahue  Extensive research yielded nothing on this particular Ellen Donahue, probably from the 1930's or 40's.
O.  Walter Donnenfeld  Studied at Newport Art Association, Goodman Sch., Chicago,  the Museum Sch., MFA, Boston, Bennington Coll. (Art New England), Fine Arts Work Center,  and the Vermont Studio Center, VT. Influences include Cynthia Packard, James Lechay, Selina Trieff.  Exhibits include: Newport Art Assoc., RI, the Yankee Dental Congress, MA, the St. Botolph Club, Boston and Sakai City Museum, Japan, and galleries (New York, Boston, Detroit, Provincetown, MA and San Diego). 
Carol   Donohue Was represented by the East End Gallery.  Also exhibited at Provincetown Visitors Center.  Well known and respected artist.
Walter   Dorrell  Graduate of Amherst college and is a self-taught plein-air painter. Resident artist and gallery owner, he has been painting the Outer Cape landscape for twenty years, and is well-known for his jewel –like watercolors. Summer finds him at work on location in his canoe or secluded local sites. Studio still-lifes are his winter work, often taking several weeks to complete from a “live” set-up.  His paintings are in many fine collections and have been exhibited in several galleries and museums throughout New England. Additionally, his work was included in the recent Provincetown Art Association show “The Art Student’s League at the Cape.”
Claire  V. Dorst  Studied at Newport Art Association, Goodman Sch., Chicago,  the Museum Sch., MFA, Boston, Bennington Coll. (Art New England), Fine Arts Work Center,  and the Vermont Studio Center, VT. Influences include Cynthia Packard, James Lechay, Selina Trieff.  Exhibits include: Newport Art Assoc., RI, the Yankee Dental Congress, MA, the St. Botolph Club, Boston and Sakai City Museum, Japan, and galleries (New York, Boston, Detroit, Provincetown, MA and San Diego). 
Walter   Douglas  (1868 - 1948) Studied at ASL, NAD and with William Chase.  Member of AWCS, SC and Morristown AA.  Exhibits include: NAD 1893-1900, AWCS, PAFA, AIC, Boston AC 1894-1907 and Salons of America.  Works at Dallas Museum of FA, SC, New Haven Hist. Soc., BM and Jersey City Mus.  Well listed artist.
John   Dowd   (b.1960) Represented by the William Scott Gallery, Provincetown, and the new William Scott Gallery in South Boston, 450 Huntington Avenue, Room 318.  Studied at Notre Dame (architecture).  Exhibitions include  Smith Art Museum, 1987, Hell's Kitchen Gallery, Wisteriahurst Museum, Holyoke, MA., Thronja Art Gallery, Chillingsworth, George Walter Vincent Smith Museum, Hamilton Gallery, Detroit, Mi., American Artist at Stage West (1986, Springfield, MA.), Hudson River Museum, Yonkers, NY., Renwick Museum, Washington, DC., Z.O.N.E., Springfield, Ma., Isis Gallery, Notre Dame, Ind., Campbell Gallery, Provincetown, Young Artists Silvermine, New Canaan, Ct.,  1983 graduate BA, Univ. Notre Dame.  Major award (Altmann Prize) from National Academy of Design.  Very collected local artist, "Summer of ....." annual posters feature one of his works for last several years.  Extremely collectible.
George  E. Downing  (born 1904) Studied Univ. Chicago, Harvard Univ. Member of: Col. AA, Providence AC. Art Instructor at Univ. Chicago and Brown Univ. Listed in Who was Who.
Cooper   Dragonette  (b.1970) Represented by the William Scott Gallery, Provincetown and the Sandpiper Gallery, Wellfleet and the Elizabeth Moss Gallery, Portland, Maine..  Studied at Prescott College, Univ. of Maine (BFA) under George Burk and Goddard College, VT.  Taught art at Univ. of Maine.  Exhibits include the Hay Gallery, Portland, Maine, Sandpiper Gallery, Wellfleet, MA and "", Westport, CT.  Member of PAAM and Mid-Coast Artist Association (Maine).  Numerous group and solo shows. 
Judith   Dragonette  (b.1938)  Represented by Cove Gallery, Wellfleet and Greenhill Gallery, Yorktown and the Holbrook House, Wellfleet.  Studied under Jeanette Lamb and at Univ. of Bridgeport and New School of Art, NY.  Exhibits include Ohio, CT and NY. Also was represented at Silvermine Guild, Ct.  Member of PAAM.
Dr.   Dread Provincetown artist, known for many of the original artworks at Bubala's, Spiritus Pizza and elsewhere.
Joerg   Dressler  (born 1964)  Represented by the Alden Gallery, Provincetown.  Studied in Germany (Masters of Arts Degree), Ecole Nationale Superieur des Arts Decoratif, Paris.  Works at Sametz Blackstone Assoc., Boston (Design Director).  Exhibitions include: Gateway Terrace, Boston, PAAM (member's juried, 2004), Silas-Kenyan Gallery, Provincetown, Hochschule, Germany, Ecole Nationale, Paris, Karl-Rehbein Schule, Germany.  This is one very talented artist and definitely one to buy before his prices go skyward. 
Kevin   Driskell Very well known artist of Provincetown with a tremendous following.  The Schoolhouse has a room named after him.
Guy  Pene Du Bois  (1884-1958)  Studied at New York Sch. of Art with Wm. M. Chase, Frank DuMond, Robert Henri, Beckwith and Miller.  Member of ANA, New Soc. Artists, NA.  Exhibited: PAFA, Armory Show, Corcoran Gallery, WMAA, NAD, Mystic AA, Kraushaar Gallery, Graham Gallery, NY.  Works at MMA, WMAA, PMG, LACMA, AGAA, Detroit Inst. Art, PAFA, Toledo Mus. Art, Nebraska AA, WPA Murals, USPO, FA Gallery and others.  Very well listed painter and art critic.
Ralph   Dubin  (born 1918) Studied: Am Artist Sch with M. Soyer & J. Lechay; New Sch Soc Res, with R. Gwathmey & S. Davis; Brooklyn Mus Art Sch, with G. Ptererdi & B. Shahn; Brooklyn Col, BA with H. Hofmann. Exhibition: S. Indp. A.1940, Nat Inst Arts & Lett, New York 1968; PAFA 1954, 1966; Cornell Univ;WMAA; Kraushaar Gal. Well noted in "Who was Who in American Art".
H (Horatio) C. Dumham (died 1934) Auburndale and Boston artist.  Member of the Copley Society, (1893).  Exhibited at Boston AC in 1892, PAFA in 1895 and 1900.  Listed in Who was Who in American Art.  Also did drawings for "Handbook of Old Burial Hill".
Boyslon H. Dummer (1878-1945)  Rockport Artist.  Studied at ASL with PapeNoyes, Webster, Carlson.  Member of SC, North Shore AA, Boston Soc. Indp. Artists, Rockport AA.  Exhibits include WMAA, NAD, PAFA, SC, Copley Society, North Shore AA, Rockport AA.  Listed in Who was Who in American Art, 1975, Polk.
Harold  C. Dunbar  (1882-1953) Teacher, painter and writer.  Exhibited at Boston Art Club 1905-07, PAFA 1906 & 1913,, 1917-1923 and 1931.  Also at Corcoran Gallery 1914, AWCs, 1917 and the Art Institute of Chicago.  Works at: Radcliffe College, State House, Montpelier, VT, Beuchner Hospital, Ohio, Empire Theatre, NY and in Chatham Massachusetts.  Well listed on Who's Who and
Martha  Malicoat Dunigan (1934-2002)  Represented by the Berta Walker Gallery, Provincetown.  Born and raised in Provincetown.  Studied: Oberlin College (BA), Pratt Graphic Center, NY, Atelier 17, Paris, FR., Penland School of Crafts, Univ. of NC.  Taught at: North Carolina School of the Arts, Truro Center for Arts, Penland School, Arts and Crafts Assc., Winston-Salem.  Grants and Awards include: Teaching Excellence, NC, Artists of Year, 1994 Sawtooth Center Vis. Arts, SECCA/RJR Southeastern Artists Fellowship, Emerging Artist Grant, 1988. Mellon Grant NC Sch. Arts, 1984.  Exhibitions include: PAAM and Berta Walker Gallery, 2003 (both solo), Sawtooth  Center, NC (2000), Artspace, 99, Artworks Gallery, NC (98, solo), NC-Barbados Exchange, 96, Milton Rhodes Gallery, 96, Meredith Coll., Tri-State Sculptures, 92, Piedmont Craftsman Gal., Farnsworth Art Mus, Art on Paper, Univ. of NC, PAAM and many others.  Member of: Artworks Gallery, Five Winston-Salem Printmakers, PAAM, Tri-State Sculptures, Piedmont Craftsmen.  Works at: Barclays, Graylyn CC., Mandala Center, NC, Wachovia Bank, NC, Wake Forest Univ. and in many private collections.  
Thomas  R. Dunlay (b.1951) Strong Massachusetts affiliation, known for his town-landscapes, still lifes and figures. Listed on
Kathleen   Dunn (born 1960)  Studied at Castle Hill Art School, Truro, Ma.,  Mass. College of Art and UMass.  Winner of grants from the Mass. Cultural Council.  Member of PAAM.  Exhibits include Boston, Berkshires and Cape Cod.  Sept. 28, 2004 exhibition at FAWC (dune shack artist-in-residence show).  Many private collections.
Aisha   Dupee (b.1973) Studied at Fashion Institute of Technology, NY  under Milos Matas and Henry Street Settlement Art School, NY.  Exhibitions include the Fashion Institute and Settlement Art School.  She won several 1rst place awards in those exhibitions. First time in these auctions.  
Pattee   Durkin (b.1958) Represented by Gallery at B & B, Waquoit  Bay, Cape Cod.  Studied at Art Institute of Boston, also in Normandy under Jason Berger.  Has had several group and solo shows in New York.
Rob   Dutoit  Represented by the Schoolhouse Gallery, Provincetown.  Studied at Parsons School of Design (MFA) and in France and Italy.  Numerous exhibitions PAAM, Schoolhouse Gallery, Maurice Arlos Gallery, NY and elsewhere.  Also teaches at PAAM.
P.   Dutra Provincetown artist.
Alexandra   Eames Extensive research yielded nothing on this name.
Thomas   Eaton  (20th/21rst century) Represented by the Star Gallery, Orleans. Known for fantasy, still life. “At a very early age Tom Eaton remembers becoming lost in the world of drawing and painting. To this day Tom can sit and sketch very ordinary things. Soon his imagination comes into play; defying gravity and the logic of reality, a surrealistic interpretation emerges. The viewer is engaged in emotional whimsy; one can look at a Tom Eaton work for hours only to see something new.”
Kerr   Eby (1889-1946)  Studied at Pratt Institute, ASL.  Member of ANA, NAD, SAE, Chicago SE, Phila. SE, NIAL.  Exhibits include Brooklyn SE, SAE, Harbor Gal., NYC, many were prize and award showings.  Works at NYPL (complete collection of prints to 1932).  Known as a master etcher, well listed.
Jane   Eccles Studied at Mount Holyoke Coll. (Art History), Montclair State Univ. (Masters, FA).  Received fellowship NJ State Council of the Arts (Printmaking).  Member of PAAM, Pastel Painters of CC, CCAA.  Exhibits include Art House, Summer Gallery, Gallery 888, Northumberland Arts Council, Green Stage Gallery and more.  Works at Newark Mus., Princeton Univ. (Firestone Library), Rutgers Univ., Cape MFA, PAAM, Gallinglen Arts Foundation (Ireland) and elsewhere.
Albert   Edel  (1890 - 1961)  Strong affiliation with Provincetown and Massachusetts.  Exhibited at PAAM and is in their permanent collection.  Often known for his marine renderings.  As time has passed with each auction, I have been able to gather more information about him.  He had a gallery name the Edel Gallery in Provincetown in the 1960's.  Was a predominant etcher.  Each auction, the prices are going up.
Harriet   Edmunds (1892-1977)
Beverly   Edwards Represented by Gallery 333, Jan Collins Selman FA. Member and founder of Monotype Guild of New England and former Director of Fuller Mus. (Brockton, MA.).  Taught at Cape Cod Conservatory, and occasional workshops at Falmouth Artist's Guild.  Has exhibited throughout the country.  Granddaughter of Mildred Black Beverly Edwards (well known early Abilene picture framers).
Ethel   Edwards (1915-?)  Studied at Newcomb College Art School and also with Xavier Gonzalez.  Member of PAAM, McDowell Colony Alumni.  Exhibited at: 48 States Comp., 1939, Butler IA, 1964-69, WMAA, 1952-65, CGA, 1953, PAFA, 1953 & 58, Hartford Athenaeum, 1967-68 (prize), CCAA. Awards include: Larry Aldrich Prize. Also exhibited at: Silvermine Guild Artists, Ball State Univ. Works at: BMFA, Springfield MFA, Chase Manhattan Bank.  She married Xavier Gonzalez in 1935 and her great uncle was George H. Clements.
Arthur    Egeli Represented by Wohlfarth Gallery, extremely collected artist in a family of artist (Cedric, Joanette, Anastasia).  Also producing and directing movies.  Teaches art in Pasadena, California during the winters.
Joanette   Egeli Represented by the Wohlfarth Gallery in Provincetown.  Well known student of Hensche, wife of Teacher and Artist, Cedric Egeli.  In countless collections here and abroad.
    Eklund European artist.  There are a couple of Eklund artists, most likely brothers but I cannot ascertain which one painted this work.
Lane   Eliot  
Richard   Ellery  Was represented by the Julie Heller Gallery, now at Dragonfly Gallery, Martha's Vineyard and the Left Bank Gallery, Wellfleet and others.  The recipient of many awards, she left an MBA career to pursue art.  Inspired by Robert Henri, she primarily paints houses.  Listed and very collected.
Britt   Elliott  (b.1971)  Had studio at 3rd Floor, Whaler's Wharf.  Studied at Fine Arts Work Center, Castle Hill, PAAM, 9 year resident, well known local artist.
Deborah   Ellis (20th century) Well known New York artist whose works have graced countless collections and in museums.  Listed on AskART.
Richard   Elloward  Painted for Peter Hunt.
Ray   Elman Extremely well known and collected artist of New York and Cape Cod.  Studio in Truro.  Known for his large works on paper and canvas.  
Dean   Embry  
Lloyd   Embry  (20th century) Exhibited at CGA in 1951. Also listed in Who was Who, Falk and Corcoran Gallery records.
Richard   Emerson-Bailey  (American, 20th century) Fellow, Intl. Inst. Of Arts and Letters, Alumnus Coll. Of Art, AAPL, Who's Who, Inter. Dir. Art. Listed.
Harry   Engel  (1901-1970) Studied: Notre Dame Univ., Columbia Univ. and in Paris with Maurice Denis.  Member: Indiana Art Club, Assoc. Artists Gal., CAA.  Exhibits include: S. Indp. A., PAFA (1948-54 and 1958), AIC, Detroit Inst. A., Milwaukee AI, John Herron AI, Audubon A., WMAA, Indiana Artists, Provincetown AA (1948-52), Franz Bader Gal, Wash. DC., Provincetown Art Festival (1958), Retrospective Exhibit, Indiana Univ., 1955.  Awards include: Carnegie club, Temple Israel purchase award, Hoosier Salon, Indiana Art club, Milwaukee AI, Audubon Artists, John Herron AI.  Works at John Herron AI., Indiana Univ., Union Bldg., Indiana Univ..  Professor or painting and drawing at Indiana Univ.  Listed in Who was Who.
Woody   English  At Castle Hill, there is the "Woody English Distinguished Artists & Writers Chair."  Works in the PAAM permanent collection.
Louis  C. English, MD.   (deceased, 21rst century)  He was a Fellow Emeritus, former director of Clinical Services and former President of the White Society.  Fulbright Professor at Univ. Baroda, mid 1950's.  An artist of some repute, his collages and other works were shown on the East Coast and reside in a number of private collections.
J.   J. Enwright (Hjalmar Amundsen)  (born 1905) Lived in eastern Massachusetts and painted along the shore, including the Cape, Rockport, Cape Ann and Gloucester. He is known for his fine harbor scenes. 
Edward   Ertz (1862-1954)  Studied at Academie Julian (Paris) with Lefovbre, Constant and Delance.  Memberships include: Artist's Assoc. of New Orleans, Eclectic Artists Soc., Rowley Gallery (London), Royal Soc. British Artists, Imperial AL, British WCS, Essex AG, Aberdeen AG, Societe Int. d'Aquarellistes, Societe des Cinquante, Union Inst. Beaux Arts, Chicago SE, Chicago AG, Calif. SE. Exhibitions include Seebold's,  Artist's Assoc. New Orleans, Paris Salons, SNBA, Tulane Univ. Ann. Art & Indust. Exhib., Int. Expo, St. Etienne, Rouen Soc. (prize), Soc. des Amis des Arts de la Somme, Ville d'El Boeuf, Bristol Arts & Crafts, AAS, Phila., Festival Arts & Letters.  Works at Alexander Palace Mus., LOC, Calif. St. Lib., NYPL, BMFA, Vanderpoel AA, Wolseley Art Gal., Sussex AM., Public Art Gal., Brighton.  Well listed artist.
Ray   Euffa (1904-1977, Russia)  Studied at Detroit School of Fine Arts, Educational Alliance Art School, NYC and ASL.  Teachings include Educational Alliance, National Serigraph Society and NY Phoenix School of Fine Arts and Design.   Member of Natl. Serigraph Society, National Graphics Society, National Assoc. of Women Artists and Woodstock Artists Assoc.  Works at AAA Gallery, NYC, Ann Leonard Gallery, Woodstock, NI.  Exhibits include Library of Congress, Washington DC, Serigraph Gallery, NYC, Medical Building, New Rochelle, NY, Cape Cod AA and numerous travel exhibits in Universities and galleries in US and Europe.  Collections include: Museum of City of NY, US Dept. of Interior, Mr. David Rockefeller, Smithsonian Inst., Princeton Univ., Chicago Institute of Children's Museum an Tel Aviv Museum, Israel.  Publications include New York Magazine, c.1920, cover and New York Federal Arts Project (WPA Artist).  Listed in Who was Who in American Art.
E. (Eddie) Reeves Euler (1896-?) Studied: Corcoran School, also NAD, and with Charles Hawthorne in Provincetown, 1919. Member of PAAM (president, 1954-56). Also Beachcombers, Washington AC, Wash. Landscape Club and Woodstock AA and Provincetown Painters.  Exhibits include: NAD, NGA, PMG, PAAM, Univ. Illinois, Univ. Nebraska, Boise Gallery of Art, Papermill Playhouse, Corcoran Gallery 1935, 37 and 39.  Very well listed artist.  
    Evangelo (b.1961) Represented by Merchant's Hall, Provincetown.  Newcomer to the Provincetown arts scene.  Self taught artist. PAAM member. Up and coming artist.
William   Evaul Extremely well known wood block printmaker, works have graced posters for Payomet Performing Arts Auction 2 yrs, also local Appraiser, historian, highly collectible.
    Evergon Fellow of FAWC, also exhibited at MFA, Boston, Canadian Museum of Photography.  Extremely well known international photographer with countless awards and shows.  
Philip   Evergood  (1907 - 1973) Early Provincetown artist, also WPA artist (mural section), extensive museums, shows and awards including the Tuthill Prize, Art Institute of Chicago, Altman Prize, National Academy of Design, 1971, collections include Metropolitan Museum of Art, NY, Whitney Museum, Brooklyn Museum, MoMA.
Marguerite  E. Falconer  (1919 - ) Represented by the Wynne/Falconer Gallery, Chatham. Chatham artist. Listed, countless exhibitions and works including the Smithsonian Institute.
Edmond de P. (Palezieux) Falconnet (1850-1924)  Swiss artist.
Joseph G. Fanelli Provincetown and New York artist.
Emily   Farnham  (1912-2004)  Represented by the Berta Walker Gallery.  Studied at: Cleveland Sch. of Art, Ohio State Univ. (MA & PHD), with Hans Hofmann in NY and Provincetown.  Author of the biography "Charles Demuth: Behind A Laughing Mask" (Natl. Book Award).  Member of PEN, PAAM.  Chairman of Art History, E. Carolina Univ., gubernatorial appointee, North Carolina Mus. of Art.  Also taught at ECU European Studies, Bonn, Germany.  Over 19 solo shows, last in 1994 (retrospective at Demuth Found.)  Extremely well listed in Who's Who in America and Who' Who in the World. 
Jerry   Farnsworth  (1895-1982 )  Studied at: Corcoran Art School with Charles Hawthorne and Clinton Peters.  Member of: NAD, 1935, NAC, PAAM and Soc. of Wash. Artists. (council member).  Exhibited at: PAFA, 1923-53, NAD, 1924-38 (includes Altmann Prize, Thomas Proctor Award, Maynard Portrait Prize).  Also at Corcoran Gallery, 1923-53, AIC, PAFA, Society of Wash. Artists, Washington AC, Grand Central Gal., NYC, Carnegie Inst. Nat. & Intl. Exhibits, MMA, San Francisco's World Fair and others.  Works at: MMA, WMAA, NPG, PAFA, Houston MFA, TMA, New Britain Mus., Dayton AI, Vanderpoel Collections, New Orleans MA, Cranbrook Acad..  Was active in Provincetown from 1915 on where he ran the Farnsworth School of Art.  Several books and very well listed.
David W. Farrell (born 1950) Studied at Georgia State, Florida State Univ., Maryland Art Inst., and with Sculptor, Leslie Posey and painter, Henry Hensche. Along with numerous exhibitions, his work is found in collections throughout the US and Europe. He has called New Mexico his home for the last 25 years, still incorporating the teachings of Hensche and Posey.
Lisa   Farrell Represented by the Wohlfarth Gallery, Provincetown and Washington, DC.  Studied at Carnegie Mellon Univ., PA., Cape Cod School of Art with Cedric and Joanette Egeli, Robert Longley, Lois Griffel and in Washington DC with Dan Neidhardt.  As worked at National Gallery of Art, Dept. Design/Installation (15 years) andwith Lou Stovall (Washington, DC.- Master Printmaker) as first assist., editioned prints for Amer. Artists.  Well collected.
Ronnie   Farrell  Long time resident and artist of Provincetown, died a few years ago.  In countless collections locally and abroad.
Remo M. Farruggio (1904-1981) Born in Palermo, Sicily.  He was one of only 2 WPA/ FAP Artists given solo shows (Julian Levi Gallery, 1936).  Recent retrospective at PAAM, early Provincetown and New York artist with extensive listing in Who's Who in American Art, countless museums worldwide, collections private and public, shows included famed Corcoran Gallery 1957, awards, world famous and recognized artist. 
Mary Crocker Fassett (born 1915)  Studied with her father, Truman Fassett, and Theodore Mueller (son of Hans) Out of Door Sch., Fl., Sarah Lawence Coll. (BA, 1935) and with Mangravite.  Memberships include PAAM.  Exhibitions include Castle Hill Gallery, Truro, (2005), Schoolhouse Galleries (2004), PAAM (Retrospective of Mary Fassett's work, 2003), Acme Gallery (Boston, 2002), Sarah Lawrence College, Library Gallery (1985), Julie Heller Gallery, (1988), Davis Gallery (1985-1998),  Blue Heron  (1985-1998), Cove Gallery (1985-1998), Cręperie, Apt, Vaucluse, France (1970-1978),  Margaret Brown Gallery, Newbury Street, MA (1952), Seymour Swetzoff Gallery, Cambridge, MA, (1952).
Robert  Lloyd Faulkner  On extensive research on this name, the only possible match would be a R. Lloyd Faulkner of St. Paul, Mn., a 20th century artist listed in Who was Who in American Art and was known as an illustrator and painter.
Loretta   Feeney (born 1961)  Represented by Tree's Place Gallery, Orleans.  Studied with John Terelack at Gloucester Acad. Art (1980-82), under Sam Barber and Henry Hensche.  Member of Cape Cod Art Assoc.  Exhibitions and awards include Knickerbocker Artsts of NY (gold), Salmagundi Club (1965), Catherine Lorrillard Wolfe Art Club (1986 at National Arts Club, NY), American Artists Prof. League (award, 1987), Grumbacher Gold Medal at Salmagundi Club (NY, 1993).  Featured in The American Artists magazine (1988).  
Nancy  Maybin Ferguson (1871-1967) Studied under Hawthorne and Wm Chase, also at PAFA, and Breckenridge, Daingerfield.  Exhibited at: Corcoran Gallery (1914-45), PAFA, Buffalo FA, TMA, PAAM, Philadelphia Ten (1938) Philadelphia Men's Club (gold medal, AIC, NAD, Paris, countless prizes, awards, scholarships.  Known as one of the Philadelphia 10 (retrospective in 1998).  Countless collections.  Extremely well listed in Who's Who, Askart, Davenport's, has sold for as high as 14,000 in 2000 in auction.
Amalia   Ferri  (1908-1998) Studied at Springfield Art Sch. and under Marion Huse and Adpolph Aldrich. Extensive research did not yield much information.
R. D. Ferris  (19th century artist)  Could not find anything on this artist except auction sales.  High of 2,703. at Skinner's, Boston (May, 2004).  A similar painting as this one sold at Christie's in New York for 2,652 in February, 1990: Cattle Ranch, 12.5 x 14.5,  oil on board.
Isabella  H. Ferry  (1865-1937)  Studied: Tyron, R. Henri, Academie Julian, Paris with Bouguereau and Fleury, also with Boutet de Monvel in Paris.  Member of Springfield, Ma. AL, CAFA, Holyoke AL.  Exhibited at NAD in 1937.  She also painted in Bermuda.  Listed in Who was Who in American Art, 1975.
Charles   Fields Represented by the Charles Fields Publishing Company, North Truro.  Studied at Paier College of Art, Hamden, Ct.  Memberships include Provincetown Art Association Museum, Photographic Arts Collective, Commercial Industrial Photographers of New England (CIPNE) and the American Society of Media Photographers (ASMP).  Formerly represented by the Fields Gallery in Provincetown.  He is extremely well known and collected for his coffee table books and calendars (Cape Cod National Seashore, Carnival).  His publishing company has photographed and printed coffee table books for Anne Packard, Dog in the Dunes - Revisited, Sam Feinstein and many more.
Gail   Fields Represented by the Fields Gallery, extremely collectible artist of Connecticut, New York and Provincetown:
Ernest   Fiene  (1894-1965?) Studied at NAD (with Leon Kroll), BAID, ASL and in France, Germany and Italy). Member: NA (Corresponding secr.), ASL (life member), AEA, Inst. Insti. Arts & letters, Salons of America, Soc. PS & G, Am. Artists Congress, Century Assn., Guggenheim Fellow (1932), and Woodstock AA. Exhibits include: McDowell Club , NYC., Soc. Indp. A., Salons of America, Whitney Studio Club, WMAA, New Gallery, NYC, Corcoran Biennial, Carnegie Inst., AIC, PAFA, BMFA, LOC and many others. Works at: MMA, MoMA, WMAA, BM, NYPL, PAFA, BMFA, AIC, Detroit IA, CM, CMA, LACMA, Neward Mus., LOC., Encylc. Britannica Coll., CAM, SFMA, FMA, Denver AM, PMG, Swope Gall., Ohio State Univ., Columbia Univ., Yale, Mia Coll., Japan, Tel Aviv Mus., Harrison Gal. Also painted WPA murals, known as painter, etcher, lithographer and teacher. Extremely well listed and important American artist.
Anton  Otto Fischer  (1882-1962)  Studied with A.B. Frost (c.1903), in Bavaria, Julian Acad., Paris with Jean Paul Laurens, H. Pyle in Wilmington.  Member of: S.I. and Woodstock AA.  Exhibits include: Salons of Am., Soc. Indp. A. Works at: Woodstock AA., Coast Guard Academy, CT., (artist laureate in WW II).  He came to NYC to be a model and handyman for Frost.  He is best known for his Gloucester fishing schooners, war convoys and marine battles.  Illustrated sea stories for Saturday Evening Post since 1910.  Also for Life Magazine, Adventure Magazine.   Books illustrated include Moby Dick, Treasure Island, Black Hawk, Twenty Thousand Leagues under the Sea.  Authored "Fosc'le Days."  Well listed in Who was Who in American Art.  
Donna   Flax Represented by the Albert Merola Gallery.  Previously at the UFO Gallery.  Extremely well known and collected Provincetown artist.
Louise  M. Fleming  Studied at Cape School of Art with Hensche.  Former adviser to Watertown Assoc. of Rainbow and active member of south Congregational Church. Falmouth artist that had studio there.
Leonard  Theobald Flettrich (1916-1970)  New Orleans artist.  Studied at Arts & Crafts Club with Paul Ninas and Charles Bein, ASL, 1938 (scholarship), with Robert Brackman, Morris Kantor, Michel Newell, George Bridgeman, Yasuo Kuniyoshi and William Zorach.  Works at Historic New Orleans Collection.  Known as an abstract painter and one of New Orleans most respected painters.  Also as a teacher (Tulane Univ.).  Listed in Who was Who.
Rick   Fleury   Represented by the Addison Gallery, Orleans.  Had his own gallery, nicknamed the NoCo Gallery, 268 Bradford St., Provincetown.  Studied at Univ. Colorado (Journalism), primarily a self-taught artist.  Moved to Provincetown in 1997. Current solo exhibition at Cape Cod Mus. of Art in Dennis.  Other exhibitions include PAAM, Left Bank Gallery, Wellfleet.  Works at PAAM and many private collections.  Solos at Cape Museum of Fine Art Dennis.  Prolific painter.  Strong buy!
Richard   Florsheim (1916 - 1979)  Studied at: Univ. Chicago under A. Bohrod.  Member of: NAD, Art LG., Chicago, Soc. Am. Graphic Artists, Audubon Artists, PAAM (trustee and vice pres, 1962-71), Artists Equity Assn. (pres. 1953-54, honorary pres.), Woodstock AA. Exhibited at: APAAFAA, 1034-35, LAMA, 1934, SFMA, 1935, AIC, 1940-43, 34, 46 (solo), 54  (Chicago Newspaper Guild Award), 1970.  Also at Salon des Refueses, 1935, Century Gallery, 1935, Univ. Chicago, 1935, Equity Chicago Artists, 1935, WMAA, 1940, Toledo Mus. Art, 1942, PMG, Phila. Print Club, Milwaukee Little Gal., Breckenridge Gal., Corcoran Ga., 1957 & 63, NAD, ACA Gallery, NYC. plus many others.  Works at: MoMA, MMA, AIC, LOC, Woodstock AA, Musee du Jeu de Paume, Musee Nationale d'Art Moderne.  Active in Provincetown from 1954 on.  Very well listed.
Nastassia   Fokina (born 1985, Mozambique) Represented by the Pioneer Gallery, Provincetown. Studied at Choreographical Sch. (13 years), Academic Sch. Art (at age 15, Belarus - 1996-2000), European Humanities Univ. (Conceptual Designer-web/graphic, Lithuania - 2003-2008). Co-founding member Pioneer Foundation, Provincetown (Dir. Dev. Comm. Relations). Founded Yurai Design Co. (web design, Cape Cod). Exhibitions include: Lethual, Holland (group, 1999), Vega, London (group, 2001), Pioneer Gallery (2006-present), Tristan Gallery (2008, group). Currently lives and works in Provincetown.
E. Z. Foley Nauset painter
John   Foley  (born 1967) Studied at Boston College (painting, art history), Boston Architectural Center (interior design). Member of PAAM. Exhibitions include PAAM (Member's Open, several, 2006, image used on cover catalogue), Noreen's Bistro (summer 2006),  Seamen's Bank (Shank painter Rd. office, summer 2005), FAWC in 2004 Townie Exhibition.
Harry   Folsom Represented by the William Scott Gallery, also in gallery in Prague, extensive one man shows, awards throughout the USA
Donald   Forbes  (1905-1951) Studied at the Arts and Crafts Club, New Orleans and with Jean Charlot at the Florence Cane School, NYC. Exhibitions include: LA Pub. Lib., 1927, Guild Gallery, NYC (1936, solo), Willard Gallery, NYC, AIC (1936, 1942, 1952 retrospective). Known and listed illustrator and painter. Taught at Calif. Sch. FA (1928). Was also a WPA artist.
Audrey   Forge Studied at Mass. Coll. Art (BFA, 1978) w/George Nick, CCSA with Griffel, DiMestico and Kilroy, Art Institute of Boston, also employed at Kodak (worked with famous photographers).  Also studied under Sami Barber, Charles Gruppe, John Sexton and more. Member of Pastel Soc. of CC, Pastel Painters Soc. CC, Copley AA, PAAM, American Women Artists, Texas, Fuller Craft Mus., Lyme AA, SS Arts Ctr., Cape Cod Art Assoc.  Exhibitions include: CCAA, Creative Arts Center, Lyme AA, Pastel Soc. of CC, BFW Gallery, Mashpee, Starbucks Coffee (Mashpee), Bourne Comm. Ctr., Guyer Barn, Hyannis, SS Arts Ctr., Giving Tree Gall. (E. Sandwich, solo), Artists Gallery, Dennis, Falmouth Artists Guild Invit., MFA, Boston, CC Mus. FA, Dennis .and more.
Jim   Forsberg  (1919 - 1991)  Studied at ASL with Will Barnett and Vaclav Vytlacil and with Hans Hofmann at Hofmann's New York and Provincetown schools.  Exhibitions are extensive.  Works can be found at the National Gallery of Art, LACMA, Everson Museum, MoMA, Phila. Mus. Art, PAAM, and elsewhere.  Recent exhibition of his work was at Acme Fine Art, Boston.
Miles   Forst (born 1923) Brooklyn, NY.  Studied at MoMA Veteran's Center, ASL with Morris Kantor, in Mexico and at the Hans Hofmann School School of Fine Arts.  Member of College Art Assn. Am., Am. Assn. Univ. Prof. Exhibited at Green Gallery, NY, Goldowsky-Bellamy Gallery, NY, Notre Dame Univ., Univ. NC, Sch Visual Arts, NY, Richard Bellamy, NYC..  Walter K. Gutman Found., Longview Found. Ford Found.  Works at: MoMA, Newark Mus., MIT, Chrysler Mus., Provincetown, Bowdin College Mus.  Well listed artist.
Karl   Fortress (1906-1993)  Well known painter and printmaker.  Was prominent administrator of/and WPA Artist.  Also teacher or art, Boston Univ., retiring in 1990's.  Close friend and teacher of Philip Guston, famed abstract expressionist.  Member of Woodstock AA.  Exhibited at NYC WPA Art", MoMA, Whitney Museum, Boston Art Museum, American Art Congress and Carnegie Institute.  Received Guggenheim Fund award among many others. Parson's School of Design,1977.  Was commissioned by the government to paint large murals. Maintained studio until his death in Woodstock.