Results for December 29, 2002 Auction




Abbreviations are: SLR = signed lower right, SLL = signed lower left


Estimates are where the auction house feels the item will sell.  It is in no way a judgment of worth.

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Also added is more in depth bios.  Several of the well known schools, museums and organizations are abbreviated.  Below are some of the more used ones below.
ASL = Art Students League
PAFA = Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art
AIC = Art Institute of Chicago
NA = National Academy
NAD = National Academy of Design
AFA = American Federation of Arts
MoMA = Museum of Modern Art, NYC
WMAA = Whitney Museum
VMFA = Virginia Museum of Fine Art
BMA = Boston Museum of Art
est.  if you have any questions on an abbreviation, feel free to email me and I will tell you what it stands for.....


1.   Simie Maryles: Represented by the Simie Maryles Gallery, Provincetown.  A very prolific and collected artist found in countless collections.
"Provincetown", oil on board, 4 x 5, SLL
SOLD 280.00

2.  Weinrich, Agnes:(1873 - 1946)  Early Provincetown artist.  Known as an early abstractionist, heavy involvement in the early years of PAAM, well listed, countless museums, shows, awards and collections here and abroad:
"Fish Shacks" c.1935, wood block print from PAAM chapbook, 5 x 4
SOLD 140.00

3. Richard Snell (died 2001):  Well known and collected late artist of Provincetown.  His work was well known at the Council on Aging and countless collections.  This particular piece is quite rare as he was more known for painting on glass.
"Hatches Harbor" c.1992, oil on board, 8 x 10, SLR
SOLD 168.00

4.  Britt Elliott (b.1971): Studied at Fine Arts Work Center, Castle Hill, PAAM, 9 year resident, well known local artist.
"Horse Dog". oil on canvas, 10 x 8, SLR
SOLD 28.00

5.  Barbara Stoughton (20th Century):  Local early Provincetown woodblock printmaker. Member of PAAM, studied under Kathi Smith.
"Anthony Street", white line wood block print, 4 x 5, SLR
SOLD 140.00

6.  William EvaulExtremely well known wood block printmaker, works have graced posters for Payomet Performing Arts Auction 2 yrs, also local Appraiser, historian, highly collectible.
"View", work on paper, 5 x 5, SLR
SOLD 84.00

7.  Betty BodianLong time Provincetown artists, original Provincetown Group, countless shows in New York, life long artist.
"Harbor on Sunset", acrylic on canvas, 10.5 x 9.5, SLL
SOLD 84.00

8.  Kathleen Dunn: Up cape artist with many shows and in many private collections, popular in these auctions:
"Back Shore", oil on canvas, 11.5 x 7.5, SLR
SOLD 112.00

9.  Derek Bolduc: Emerging artist to watch, studied at Castle Hill, as he quotes "I have to paint everyday!":
"Sunset over Great Island", oil on canvas, 9.5 x 8, SLR
SOLD 308.00

10.  Anne PackardRepresented by the Packard Gallery, Provincetown, extremely collectible artist with countless shows, awards, in too many collections to list, granddaughter of famed local artist Max Bohm.
"Dunes", oil on board, 5 x 7, SLL
SOLD 480.00

11.  Irving Marantz:  (1909 - 1970) Studied at Art Student League, exhibited at PAFA, WMAA (award winner), MMA, NY,  VMFA, Boston Museum and many more, collections include Guggenheim, MoMA, NYPL, Denver Art Museum, and many more, extremely well listed, taught at Brooklyn Museum Art School, also was director of PAAM.
"Untitled Study", charcoal on paper, 9 x11.5, SLR
SOLD 140.00

12.  Al Hirschfeld: (1903-2002, St. Louis, MO)  Extremely well known caricature artist of New York fame (New Yorker, New York Times).  He will be 100 years old next year and has the distinction of being the first artist to have a theater named after him (Martin Beck Theater at 45th Street).  Studied at NAD in NY, Julian in Paris.  Works hang at MoMA, MMA, Brooklyn Museum.  This etching plus others in this auction never hit auction market before.  Also has book out, "The World of Al Hirschfeld".  This lithograph was appraised in 2001 for 1,400.00
"La Cage Aux Folles", lithograph 89 of 250, 15.5 x 18, SLL

13.  Knaths, Karl: (1891 - 1971) Known as one of the Big Ten artists, early abstract, many museums and collections, awards, shows, listed in Who's Who, Davenport's, etc:
"Gathering Quahogs" c.1935, wood block print from PAAM chapbook, 5 x 4
SOLD 196.00

14.  Rose BasileRepresented by the Julie Heller Gallery, prolific and very collected Provincetown artist, PAAM Member's Juried, countless collections.
"Bass Fisherman" c.1998, marker drawing, study for larger painting, 8 x 5, SLR.
SOLD 56.00

15.  William P. HamlinRepresented by the Schoolhouse Gallery, PAAM International Artist of the Year, 2000.
"St. Jean Bay", c.1994, woven photography, 1 of 10, 5 x 7, SLR
SOLD 112.00

16.  Linda Singer: (b.1945)  Represented by the Tom Johnson Gallery, 2nd fl, Whaler's Wharf.  Commission available artist for walls, doors, etc.  Very collected artist of Provincetown and beyond.
"Boat on Bay", acrylic on paper, 4 x 6, SLR
SOLD 112.00

16A.  Libby Trynz (1904-2000):  Painted in Provincetown for over 55 years, studied for many years at PAAM.  Mentor is Remo Farruggio, recent PAAM auction yielded a new record price.  Limited pieces in estate to 13, so rare opportunity to buy now.
"Floral Still Life", oil on canvas, 20 x 16,SLR
SOLD 224.00

17.  Morgan Dennis: (1892 - 1960) Known for etchings, animal, illustrator, sketched FDR's Fala, Black & White scotch label, Children's Books, extremely well listed artist:
"Irish and Proud of Ireland", etching, 4.5 x 6, SLR
SOLD 28.00

18.  David Williams: Late 20th century Provincetown painter.  Countless collections in Provincetown and beyond.  Not often one of his paintings comes to market.  Great opportunity to get a rare painting of a major landmark in town.
"Houses", oil on canvas, 4 x 5.5, SLL
SOLD 168.00

19.  Frank MilbyRepresented by the Kiley Court Gallery, extremely collectible artist of Provincetown and extremely well listed.  Long term member of Beachcomber's.
"Floral Still Life", oil on canvas, 8 x 10, SLR
SOLD 588.00

20.  William von der HeydtWell known local artist with gallery representation on Martha's Vineyard and on cape, very collectible.
"Afternoon Meadow", oil on canvas, 10 x 14, SLR
SOLD 140.00

21. Shirley Pell YaterWife of George Yater, just celebrated 90th Birthday.
"Lighthouse, Nauset Beach, Eastham, acrylic on wood, 5.75 x 10.5
SOLD 196.00

22.  Remo Farruggio:(1904-1981) Born in Palermo, Sicily, he was one of only 2 WPA/ FAP Artists given solo shows (Julian Levi Gallery, 1936).  Recent retrospective at PAAM, early Provincetown and New York artist with extensive listing in Who's Who in American Art, countless museums worldwide, collections private and public, shows included famed Corcoran Gallery 1957, awards, world famous and recognized artist: 
"Carnival", oil on board, 13.5 x 18, SLR
SOLD 588.00

23.  Blossom NewmanRepresented by the Cottontail Gallery, Wellfleet.  Studied in Provincetown, Germany, countless shows, awards and in countless collections.  
"A View of Great Island, Wellfleet", oil on wood, 8.75 x 10.25, SLL
SOLD 112.00

24.  Agnes Weinrich:(1873 - 1946)  Early Provincetown artist.  Known as an early abstractionist, heavy involvement in the early years of PAAM, well listed, countless museums, shows, awards and collections here and abroad: 
"Untitled", etching, 5 x 4, SLR
SOLD 140.00

25.  Ben Ganz: (b.1896-1996)  Studied: ASL, Grand Central Art School, exhibits include; AWCS, ACA Gallery, Salons of America and others.  Well listed in Who's Who. New York painter known for his land and cityscapes and watercolors.
"West Gloucester, Massachusetts" c.1936, watercolor, 12 x 16, SLR
SOLD 196.00

26.  Conny Hatch: (b.1952) Represented by The Quilted Fish, Provincetown and Teichman Gallery, Orleans. Countless shows, PAAM Juried shows:
"Perch", sculpture, 8 x 18 x 2, signed
SOLD 224.00

27.  Romanos Rizk: (b.1927) :Studio on 6 Kiley Court, extensive listings, shows and awards, very prolific painter of Provincetown.  Has current exhibition at Cape Museum of Fine Arts in Dennis, MA:
"Moon Rising", oil on board, 9 x 12, SLR
SOLD 448.00

28.  Lois Griffel: Represented by the Wolfarth Gallery, director of Cape Cod School of Art, student of Henry Hensche, countless collections, very collectible.
"Sunset and Snow", oil on board, 10 x 12, SLR
SOLD 532.00   

29.  Al HirschfeldInformation previously listed.  This etching appraised in 2001 for 6,000.00
"Mae West", etching 51 of 150, 14.5 x 19, SLR

30.  Martin Friedman: (1896 - 1980) Early Provincetown abstract artist who painted in town during the 1955's to 70's.  Also listed in Provincetown Painters.  Extremely well listed with many organizations, museums, collections and exhibitions.
"Backstage", lithograph, 17 x 13, SLR
SOLD 336.00

31.  Morgan Dennis: Information previously listed.
"Pansy Me Eye", etching, 4 x 5.5, SLR
SOLD 56.00

32.  Sally Brophy: (b.1960) Recent show at Printmaker's Show at the Creative Arts Center in Chatham and upcoming Printmaker's of Cape Cod Summer Exhibition show at  Marion Crane Gallery, Orleans. Studied under Kathi Smith, PIAI, many PAAM Member's juried, show at Whaler's Wharf, 2001:
"The Race at Race Point", white line wood block print, 10 x 20, SLR
SOLD 224.00

33.  AfonEarly Provincetown artist whose works in part of PAAM permanent collection and many collections here and abroad.
"High Clouds", oil on board, estate stamped on verso
SOLD 196.00

34.  Al HirschfeldInformation previously listed.  This etching appraised in 2001 for 4,500.00.
"Lucille Ball", etching 17 of 150, 14.5 x 11, SLR

35.  Virginia Berresford: (1904-1995)  Well known painter and dealer who addresses include Paris, Fr. and Martha's Vineyard.  Studied under Charles Martin, Columbia Univ., Art Students League, Academie Moderne, Paris, Fr. Exhibited: Bernheim Gallery, Paris, FR.,  The New Gallery, NYC, WMAA, World's Fair (1939), PAFA, MoMA, BM, AIC, Salons of America. Works at; WMAA, Detroit, Columbus Gallery Fine Arts, countless collections.  Extremely collectible.
"Palm Tree" c.1933, watercolor, 16.25 X 10, SLR

36.  Euler, E.R. (1896 - 1982)  Prominent artist of Provincetown and wood block artist.  This is from the PAAM chapbook produced in 1935:
"Provincetown Studio" c.1935, wood block print, 5 x 4
SOLD 140.00

36A.  Linda SingerInformation already listed.
"Untitled", assemblage, hand painted, with fish mirror and shelf, size to come
SOLD 168.00

37.  Nancy Whorf: Represented by the Berta Walker Gallery, daughter of John Whorf, used to paint for Peter Hunt, extremely collectible and in many collections including PAAM and Town of Provincetown.
"Town from the East", oil on board, SLL
SOLD 1792.00

38.  David WilliamsInformation previously listed.
"Race Point" c.1990, oil on board, 4.75 x 7.5, SLR
SOLD 280.00

39.  Jack CoughlinVery popular artist of Cape Cod and Western Mass.,  won 1rst Prize at National Academy of Design in Printmaking, shows at Calhoun Museum of American Art and other noted museums and collections.
"Small Landscape" c.1958, hand colored etching, 9 of 50, SLR
SOLD 28.00

40.  Michael Davis: (late 20th century)  Had Gallery in Provincetown for years, has since relocated to Miami.  Listed and well collected artist.
"Beach Shacks, Ballston Beach" c.1999, oil on canvas, 15.75 x 20, SLR
SOLD 840.00

40A.  Byrne Marston: Studied under Hilda Neily in Italy last year, Cape Cod School style painter.  
"Pamet Harbor", oil on board, 8 x 10, SLR
SOLD 168.00

41.  Elisabeth Pearl: (b.1945) Represented by the Al Davis Gallery, Wellfleet, PAAM Member's Juried, curator of dog show at PAAM for 2003, articles on her include Cape Cod Magazine, countless collections here and abroad.
"East End View", oil on canvas, 5 x 7, signed on verso
SOLD 168.00

42.  Rosalind Smith (Roz):  Represented by Gallery Matrix, Unicef Artist, list includes illustrations for Book of the Month, very well collected artist.
"Herring Cove" c.1983, watercolor, 5.75 x 7.75, SLR
SOLD 84.00

43.  Al HirschfeldInformation previously listed.  This etching appraised in 2001 for 10,000.00.
"Fred Astaire", etching 95 of 150, 15 x 11.5, SLR
SOLD 4144.00

44.  Dennis LucasRepresented by the Impulse Gallery, Provincetown, very collected artist.
"Three Boats, Provincetown", oil on board, 16 x 20, SLR
SOLD 336.00

45.  Deo, Salvatore delRepresented by the Berta Walker Gallery, very prominent Provincetown artist, historian, also had show at FAWC last summer, countless museums, collections:
"Back Shore, Big Dune" c.1989, watercolor, 16 x 20, SLR
SOLD 364.00

46.  John Dowd:  (b.1960) Represented by the William Scott Gallery, Provincetown, studied at Notre Dame (architecture), Major award (Altmann Prize) from National Academy of Design.  Very collected local artist, "Summer of ....." annual posters feature one of his works for last several years.  Extremely collectible.  
"Black Locust" c.1994, oil on canvas, 18 x 18, SLR
SOLD 1232.00

47.  Lazzell, Blanche:(1878 - 1956) Very popular early Provincetown artist and teacher, early modernist, wood block prints, has major shows running in museums in Dennis, Provincetown, Boston MFA, Cincinnati, very sought out artist:
"My Studio" c.1935, wood block print from PAAM chapbook of 1935, 5 x 4
SOLD 504.00

48.  John Krenik:  (b.1956)  Art Teacher, Nauset , PAAM Member's Juried, NE Watercolor Society, 2nd pl, Southwest Watercolor Society, Best of Show, National Collage Society, Best of Show.  Also PAAM Member's Juried.
"Pleasant Street, Water View" c.2002, white line wood block print, 12 x 6.75, SLR
SOLD 252.00

49.  Morgan Dennis Information previously listed.
"Let's Get Going", etching, SLR, 6.25 x 7.75, SLR
SOLD 140.00

49A. Agnes WeinrichInformation previously listed. Although on first look, it looks to be the Provincetown Monument, surrounding architecture lends me to believe it is not. Probably Europe somewhere.
"Monument", pastel on paper, 9 x 6, SLL
SOLD 252.00

50.  Henry Hensche: (1901 - 1992) Very sought after artist/teacher of Provincetown and Louisiana, recent auction record set in February auction:
"Still Life", oil on board, 18 x 24, signed on verso, probably a painting from when he was a student.
SOLD 672.00

50A.  Charlotte Blass: (b.1908)  Studied under Charles Hawthorne at ASL, also NAD.  Exhibited: NAD, PAFA, TMA, AWCS, PAAM, BM, Salons of America, AIC.  Works at: BM, West Point, Columbia Univ.  Countless shows and awards, well listed in Who's Who and AskArt and Davenport's.  Known for her portraits, still lifes and landscapes.
"Windy Day, Provincetown", watercolor, 14 x 19.5 ,SLR

51.  Elisabeth PearlInformation previously listed.
"Provincetown Harbor", oil on canvas, 9 x 12, signed on verso
SOLD 140.00

52.  EB WoodAttributed to Arthur Diehl or at the very least in his style of painting, spectacular color and details.
"Wharf and Dory", oil on board, 9.5 x 6.5, SLL

53.  Elisabeth Paxton Oliver (1891 - 1977): Early  artist, printmaker (etchings and lithographs) who spent some time in Provincetown circa 1940's or 50's and made some lovely prints which she often hand-colored, quite extensively. PAAM has sold a few of her works in past auctions.
"Oldest House in Provincetown", hand colored lithograph, 4 x 5, SLR
SOLD 224.00

54.  Anne Packard: Information previously listed.
"Nude Portrait" c.1985, oil on canvas, 28 x 18, SLL
SOLD 1904.00

55.  Arthur Cohen: (b.1928):  Represented by the East End Gallery along with numerous other galleries in New York, New Mexico, California and others.  Extremely well listed and in almost every major Museum in the country, including, MoMA.
"Marsh, Cummaquid" c.1968, oil on board, 7.25 x 8.5, SLR
SOLD 896.00

56.  Al HirschfeldInformation previously listed.  This etching appraised in 2001 for 3,400.00
"Carol Channing", etching 10 of 150, 12.5 x 9.5, SLR

57.  Cesare Provaggi:  Italian painter, 19th century, similar but smaller piece sold in auction, May 2001 for 1080.00
"Art Study", watercolor, 9 x 15, SLL
SOLD 644.00  

58.  John Clayton (b.1961)  Represented by William Scott Gallery, also in New Hope, PA.  Student: Art Students League under Dinnerstein and MB McKenzie, also NA of Design, NY (scholarship winner twice), Cape Cod School of Art; PAAM Emerging Artist Show, 1988. Countless collections.
"Untitled", oil on board, 20 x 24, SLL (this is by far the absolute best Clayton ever received for auction).
SOLD 1008.00

59.  Gordon Hansen:  (1904 - 1972) studied at Museum of Fine Arts, Boston 1925 - 32, newspaper artist at Boston Art Club, 1931, Jordan Marsh's Sixth Annual Exhibitions, 1936, Cape Museum of Fine Arts, 1989, staff illustrator Boston Herald Traveler, 1928 - 67, Covers of New Yorker and Cosmopolitan Magazine, 1950's, listed in Who' Who in American Art. 
"Marblehead Houses", watercolor, 11 x 13, SLR
SOLD 336.00

60.  Michael McGuire:  (b.1953 ): Represented by McGuire Studio & Gallery at 349 Commercial St.  Also shows at Sailor's  Valentine Gallery, Nantucket, very popular artist in Provincetown, Key West: 
"Four Yellow Cottages", oil on canvas, 24 x 24, SLR
SOLD 784.00

60A.  Lindenmuth, Tod: (1885-1976) modern shore-scape,  abstract:
"Fisherman" c.1935, wood block print from PAAM chapbook, 5 x 4
SOLD 140.00

61.  Chuck AnzaloneRepresented by Studio 34, Whaler's Wharf, prolific artist with countless shows, awards and in many collections:
"Johnson Street", oil on board, 18 x 14, SLL
SOLD 532.00

62.  Karl Knaths, NA:  (1891 - 1971) Known as one of the Big Ten artists, early abstract, many museums and collections, awards, shows, listed in Who's Who, Davenport's, etc: Studied at AIC.  Member: NA (1971), NIAL.  Exhibited at: Salons of America, Corcoran Gallery, Carnegie Institute, WMAA, PAFA, MMA, AIC, NAD.  Works at: Gallery of Living Arts, NY, NYU, MMA, MoMA, AIC, Detroit Institute, PAFA, CAM, SFMA, WMAA, PMA, PMG, LACMA, Wadsworth, Syracuse Univ Mus. of FA, NAD (Altman Prizes, 63, 65)  Countless prizes and awards at above mentioned plus too many to list.  Auction high of 17,250.00 (7/31/02).
"Floral Still Life", watercolor on handmade paper, 13 x 9.5, SLR
SOLD 1456.00

63.  TJ WaltonRepresented by TJ Walton Gallery, winner 2000 PAAM Artist of the Year, many shows, awards, in countless collections, also had one woman show on Newbury Street, Boston, 2002.
"Untitled" man, oil on canvas in TJ Walton frame, 14, x11, SLR
SOLD 896.00

64.  John Phillip Hultberg (b.1922)  Studied at CA School of Fine Arts,  exhibited: WMAA (1955-63), Martha Jackson Gallery (1955-72), works at MMA, MoMA, NMAA, Guggenheim. Listed in Who's Who, AskArt.
"Study" c.1956, gouache, 13.75 x 20, Martha Jackson Gallery label on verso 
SOLD 392.00

65.  Dorothy Lake Gregory:  (1893 - 1970)  Extremely popular early illustrator and artist, over 20 books and magazines, exhibitions at Museum of Modern Art, National Academy of Design, studied under Hawthorne, wife of Ross Moffett.
"Provincetown Dunes", oil on board, 12 x 16, SLR
SOLD 1680.00

66.  John Hare:  (1908 - 1978)  Well known Provincetown artist, well listed, countless collections, museums.
"Untitled", watercolor, 14 x 18, SLR
SOLD 840.00

67.  Ray Ahmuty:  (b.1922)  Studied at RI School of Design under Price Dodge, teacher also. Exhibited at Providence Art Club 90's, was also President and life member. Member of PAAM, countless collections.  This is the first time he has participated in these auctions.
"Winter Village", acrylic on board, 19.5 x 25.5, SLR
SOLD 504.00

67A.  Karl Knaths, NAInformation previously listed.
"Island Imagery", oil on paper, 9.25 x 10.75, SLR

68.  Al HirschfeldInformation previously listed.  This etching appraised in 2001 for 9,000.00
"Barbara Streisand - Funny Girl", etching 118 of 150, 15 x 11.5, SLR
SOLD 2800.00

69.  John DowdInformation previously listed.
"Dune Marsh", oil on canvas, 18 x 24, SLR
SOLD 1680.00

70.  Remo Farruggio:   Information previously listed. 
"Fine Art" c.1957, oil on canvas, SLR
SOLD 1120.00 

70A.  Evangeline KotinWPA painter, wife of Peter Gotin, Provincetown painter, estate label on verso.
"Dockside", oil on canvas, 20 x 30, estate stamp on back of Peter Gotin estate. 
SOLD 1904.00

71.  Daisy Marguerite Hughes (1883-1968): Studied under famed artist/teacher George Elmer Browne. Exhibited Corcoran Gallery (1937), Paris Salon (1927), PAFA (1930), countless solo shows, also was an art teacher.  Extremely hard to find works by her.
"Beach Shack", oil on canvas, 16 x 12, SLR
SOLD 728.00

72.  George Elmer Browne: (1871 - 1946) Famed artist/teacher who painted in Provincetown  from 1919-45.  Countless shows, awards, worldwide.  French Government bought one of his paintings in 1904.  Studied at BMFA, Academie Paris.  Works hang at MMA, NAD, NYPL, TMA, etc.  Too much to list, well listed in Who's Who, Askart, etc.  This painting was a demonstration painting for the Salmagundi Club and painted in 62 minutes.  Just shows you what a master he was.  Works have sold for as high as 28,750 in 1997 in auction.
"Untitled Landscape" c.1941, oil on canvas, 31 x 38, SLL
SOLD 7840.00

73.  John Whorf, NAFRONT BACK (1903 - 1959): A very collectible early Provincetown artist who is also in probably every major museum in the country, extremely well listed.  Also, distinction of NA, National Academy member, rare distinction bestowed on top artists. As to his paintings, fly fishermen and nudes top the list, second is Provincetown street scenes.....this painting also has painting on backside.
"Village in Spring", watercolor, 14 x 21, SLL
SOLD 12880.00

74.  Al HirschfeldLITHO 1  LITHO 2  Information is previously listed. This lot is 2 lithographs sold as one. Appraised in 2001 for 22,000 for the pair.
"Charlie Chaplin", 2 lithographs, both 6 of 200, both 23 x 15.5, both SLR

75.  Lois GriffelInformation previously listed.
"Through the Marsh, Corn Hill, Truro", oil on canvas, 15 x 30, SLR
SOLD 1904.00

76.  Ross E. Moffett, NA:  (1888 - 1971) sea, landscapes, extremely sought after artist, numerous paintings hang in Provincetown Town Hall, taught at Cape Cod School of Art, well listed and accomplished, member of National Academy, also had works on Coca Cola Posters, 1930's.  Book written about him ("Life and Time of the American Painter, Ross E. Moffett, by Josephine Couch del Deo).  This painting is listed in her book on page 62.  
"Cattle on the Moors" c.1922, oil on canvas, 40 x 50, SLL, relined on aluminum panel and slight restoration, mostly in the sky  by famed Restorer Peter Williams of the Fenway, Boston.  Also this is unframed.
SOLD 15,680.00

77.  Nancy Maybin Ferguson:  (1871-1967) Studied under Hawthorne and Wm Chase, also at PAFA, and Breckenridge, Daingerfield.  Exhibited at: Corcoran Gallery (1914-45), PAFA, Buffalo FA, TMA, PAAM, Philadelphia Ten (1938) Philadelphia Men's Club (gold medal, AIC, NAD, Paris, countless prizes, awards, scholarships.  Known as one of the Philadelphia 10 (retrospective in 1998).  Countless collections.  Extremely well listed in Who' Who, Askart, Davenport's, has sold for as high as 14,000 in 2000 in auction.
"Church by the Bay" c.early teens or 20's, oil on board, 12 x 16, signed in verso
SOLD 4592.00

78.  Edwin Willard Deming (1860-1942):  Studied at Academie Paris with Lefebvre and Boulanger (1884), exhibited NAD, PAFA, St Louis Expo, Corcoran Gallery, countless awards, shows, collections.  Way too much to list here.  This is a rare painting of King Philip's War (1675-76), done around the time the monument was raised in Rhode Island.  His paintings have sold for as high as 17,600 (2000) in auction.  In pristine condition, no cracks, chipping, etc.  It hung at the Great Northern Hotel in mid-Manhattan in the 1930's.
"The Great Swamp Battle" c.1915, oil on board, 24 x 70, SLR

79.  Peter Kalill: (b.1973) Solo and group shows in Florence, Italy, San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, Providence and Cape Cod.  Emerging artist to watch.
"Highland Light",, oil on canvas, 28 x 35.5, SLL
SOLD 1176.00

80.  Charles Basing:  (1865-1933) Studied at Academie Paris, Cornell Univ., exhibited; AIC (prize), Am. Institute (prize), listed in Who's Who, Askart, extremely collectible.  Known for his town-landscapes, interiors and murals.  Paintings have sold as high as 4,082 in auction (1991).
"Untitled" c.1908, oil on canvas, 10 x 13, SLR
SOLD 952.00

81.  Karl Knaths, NA: Information previously listed.
"Rooster and Sunfish" c.1970, oil on canvas, 30 x 36, SL center
SOLD 10,080.00

82.  Michael Moss: (b.1951) Represented by Impulse Gallery, Provincetown, also in Marin-Price Gallery, Washington DC and galleries in Newport, RI.  Was best in show at Cape Cod Artists show, 2002:
"The Moors, Early September", oil on board, 12 x 16, SLR
SOLD 588.00

83.  James Hansen:  (1925 - 1986): In countless museums and noted collections in Provincetown and Boston, well listed.
"Art History Lesson" c.1984, oil on canvas, 18 x 14, signed on verso
SOLD 784.00

84.  Arthur CohenInformation previously listed.
"Provincetown", oil on canvas, 28 x 48, SLR
SOLD 2800.00

85.  Rhonda Venezia: (b.1952) Represented by The Renovation Room, 3rd fl, Whaler's Wharf. Studied at Art Institute of Boston, member of PAAM and juried shows, countless collections and shows.
"The Moors" c.2001, pastel on sandpaper, 6" diameter, SLR
SOLD 280.00

86.  Cynthia Packard (20th century)  Represented by the Packard Gallery, Provincetown.  Countless shows, awards and extremely collectible.  Part of the famed Packard Family of painters, descended down from Max Bohm, another great early Provincetown painter.
"Still Life with Chairs and Fruit" c.1972, oil on canvas,36 x 30, SLL
SOLD 2464.00

87.  Umberto Romano (1905 - 1982) Very well known artist of New York and Provincetown, known for his genre, portraits, illustrations and murals. Studied at NAD, Tiffany Foundation, Am. Academy in Rome, exhibited  at AIC, PAFA, WMAA, PAAM, Castle Hill, Corcoran Galleries.  Countless awards (includes Carnegie Award,1954), solo shows, works at NMAA, WMAA, WMA, BMA, etc.  Too much to list.  Listed in Who's Who, AskArt, Davenport's.  Extremely collectible.
"An Afternoon at Halibut Point, A White Water Rafting Scene", oil on canvas, 30 x 40, SLR
SOLD 1792.00

88.  Michael Joseph: (b.1945), Showed at the famed Ellen Harris Gallery, Provincetown.  Studied at SF Art Institute, awards include Chi Omega Scholarship, Mayor's Purchase Award (Beverly Hills).  Work hang at Beverly Hills City Hall, Fluor Corporation, Festival of Arts, Laguna Beach, countless private and public collections.
"Hull", oil on canvas, 16 x 22.5, SLR
SOLD 420.00

89.  John Whorf, NA   This painting is a beauty and shows the incredible talent Whorf had on painting not only water, but the nude female figure.  Anyone who loves John Singer Sergeant's watercolors, will love this painting. Information previously listed.  
"April Morning", watercolor, 15 x 22, SLR, fabulous rare nude
SOLD 11,760.00

90.  Harold Hering: (1887-1949)  Known for his landscape-urban-coastal and still lifes.  Self-taught artist. Showed at PAFA, Carnegie Institute, Corcoran Gallery, WMAA, AIC, CMA, BM, WMA. Countless awards, well listed in Who' Who, AskArt, Davenport's.
"The Old Swimming Hole", oil on canvas, 21 x 24, SLR

91.  Al HirschfeldInformation previously listed.  This etching appraised in 2001 for 10,000.
"Marilyn Monroe", etching 104 of 150, 15.5 x 11.5, SLR

92.  Gerrit A. Beneker (1882-1934): Studied at AIC, Art Students League  and under Charles Hawthorne. Member Beachcomber's, PAAM,, exhibited; AIC, PAFA, Corcoran Gallery, Detroit Ints. of Art, countless shows, awards, well listed in Who's Who, Davenport's, AskArt.  This is a spectacular unframed portrait.  Identity of model, unknown.  Do you know who she is?  Any information would be greatly appreciated.
"Untitled Portrait" c.1929, oil on canvas, 37 x 30, SLL
SOLD 840.00

93.  Rosie O'Donnell: Represented by the Mumford Gallery in Provincetown.  What can I say about her?  Who does not know Rosie O'Donnell? Talk show host, comedian actress.  
"9-11 Series", mixed media, 14 x 11, signed on verso
SOLD 140.00

94.  Alice BrockFamed artist, cookbook author and known as "Alice" (TV Show and movie).  Studio at 69 Commercial Street.  This is a new direction for her works and always sells well in auction.
"Fish", acrylic on paper, 5 x 7, SLR
SOLD 168.00

95.  Gerrit A. Beneker:  Information previously listed.
"Untitled Man" c.1903, pencil on paper, 17 x 10.5, SLL

96.  Mary Spencer Nay:  (1913 - 1993)  Well collected artist/teacher of Massachusetts and Louisville, studied at Art Student League, came to Provincetown (1950) to study with Boris Margo, had recent exhibition at PAAM (1995-96).  Many museums, collections, well listed in Who's Who, Askart, Davenport's. 
"Provincetown Fishing Boats" c.1979, acrylic on canvas, 36 x 30, monogram LM, also signed on verso
SOLD 896.00

97.  Cynthia PackardInformation previously listed.
"Still Life with Pots on Shelf" c.1992, oil on canvas, 42 x 30, SLR
SOLD 1344.00

98.  Joseph Kaplan: (1900-1982)  Studied Educ. Alliance, NYC and NAD, member: PAAM, Audubon Artist, exhibited: Carnegie Institute (1941), Corcoran Gallery (1949-53, 3 times), Audubon Artists, PAFA, Pepsi-Cola, 1944, NAD, 1969 (prize).  Works at: MMA, Butler Institute, Tel Aviv, Univ. of Louisville, many prizes, awards and solo shows, well listed in Who' Who, Askart, Davenport's.
"Street Scene, Mexico", tempura on paper, 18 x 24.25, SLR
SOLD 588.00

98A.  John Whorf NAInformation previously listed.
"Provincetown Harbor", watercolor, 22 x 30, SLR
SOLD 9520.00

99.  Virginia BerresfordInformation previously listed.
"Man Dancing", watercolor, 21.5 x 14.5, SLR

100.  LeRoy Neiman (b.1926)  Famed New York artist.  Studied at AIC, Univ. of Chicago, exhibited; Twin City Exhibit, Minneapolis (1rst prize), Chicago Artists & Vicinity, Carnegie Institute, Salon d'art Moderne, Paris and Corcoran Gallery to name a few.  Countless collections, shows and awards. Extremely well listed in Who's Who, Askart, Davenport's. 
"Bergamo Harlequinn"c.1983, serio graph, printer's proof with certificate of authenticity, 36 x 27, SLR
SOLD 588.00

101.  AnonymousThis painting came from the estate of Gerrit A. Beneker.  On back of painting is St. Botolph Club label with saying it is from a Charles Hawthorne student:
"Mud Head", oil on board, 24 x 20
SOLD 1288.00

102.  Leon Dolice (1892 - 1960) Extremely prominent New York artist, countless Museums, collections, shows and awards.
"New York Skyline", pastel on paper, 15.75 X 19, SLR
SOLD 672.00

103.  Mabel May Woodward (1877-1945)  Strong affiliation with Providence, known for her sea-landscape, genre and portraits.  Studied; Art Student League with William Chase, W. Dow, DuMond, also studied at RISD in 1896.  Exhibited: Boston AC, Providence AC, Vose Galleries, El Paso, Tx, Chicago and NAD,  AIC Gold Medal (1908).  She was the first woman president of Providence AC.  Extremely well listed in Who's Who, Davenport's and AskArt.  Her work has sold for as high as 59.700 in 1997.  This is a great piece as it has the portrait, landscape and sea scape all in one piece.
"Untitled", series of 5 watercolors on one matting, 17 x 10, signed middle painting,
SOLD 504.00

104.  Richard MacCormack (b.1962):  Represented by Sandwich Art Gallery, Dunlay Gallery in Mashpee, Willoughby's on Martha's Vineyard, shows at CC Art Assoc, Boston Hospital, Harvard University, also greeting cards.  Studied at RI School of Design (RISD) and Mass College of Art.
"Tossed About", oil on canvas, 24 x 30, SLR
SOLD 560.00

105.  Victor Candell:  (1903-1977)  Known for his town-landscape and other imagery.  Studied in Paris, Budapest and NYC.  Exhibited at; Carnegie Internationals, Corcoran Gallery (1947-61), MoMA (1940, second prize), Audubon Artists, WMAA, WMA, Albany Inst., WMA, PAFA, Galerie Jean Bucher, Paris.  Works at MMA, WMAA, CGA, CI, BMA, Children's Hospital, PAAM.  Extremely well listed in Who's Who, AskArt, Davenport's, countless shows, awards and collections.
"The Muse Plant" c.1962, mixed media, 24 x 24, SLL
SOLD 112.00

106.  Coulton Waugh: (1896-1973) Painter, cartoonist, illustrator.  Known for his marine works.  Son of Frederick Waugh, prominent artist of Cape Cod.  Works exhibited at; WMAA, NAD, PAFA, AIC, CI, PAAM, Hudson Walker Gallery, Grand Central Gallery, Cooperstown AA.  His work can be found in 321 Libraries across the country.  Countless shows, awards, listings and collections.  In Who's Who, AskArt, Davenport's.
"The Tipmost End of Cape", hand colored woodblock print, 3.5 x 5.5
SOLD 252.00

106A.  Rann, VB (1891 - 1971):  Early prominent Provincetown artist in PAAM collection, well listed and in countless shows, museums:
"Low Tide" c.1935, wood block print from PAAM chapbook (1935), 5 x 4
SOLD 224.00

107.  Marjorie Windust:  (late 20th Century), Strong Massachusetts following, known for her landscapes.  Countless collections, listed on AskArt.
"Watery Glade", pastel on paper, 10.25 x 12.25, signed on verso
SOLD 224.00

108.  Herve Goulet: Not much known about this artist, except to say this is a great watercolor with date and inscription of Provincetown cottage on verso.
"Provincetown Cottage" c.1943, watercolor, 8.5 x 11.5, SLL
SOLD 140.00

109.  John  DowdInformation previously listed.
"Pilgrim Lake", oil on canvas, 30 x 40, signed
SOLD 2688.00

110.  Al Hirschfeld Information previously listed.  This etching appraised in 2001 for3,600.00
"Clark Gable", etching 170 of 200, 13.5 x 9.5, SLR
SOLD 2016.00

110A.  John Edward Rollins: (20th century)  Florida Artist that used to show  on Cape Cod. Countless collections and shows, Listed on AskArt.
"Dancer Pink and Grey", oil on canvas, hand shaped stretchers, 87 x 33.5

111.  Chuck AnzaloneInformation previously listed.
"Captain Jack's Wharf", oil on board, 14 x 18, SLL
SOLD 728.00

112.  Anne PackardInformation previously listed. 
"Beached Dory" c.1976, oil on canvas, 20 x 23.5, SLL
SOLD 2352.00

113.  Albert Edel: (1890 - 1961)  Strong affiliation with Provincetown and Massachusetts.  Often known for his marine renderings.  As time has past with each auction, I have been able to gather more information about him.  He had a shop in Provincetown in the 1960's.  Was a predominant etcher.  Each auction, the prices are going up.
"The Oldest House in Provincetown", etching, 3.5 x 5.5, SLR
SOLD 168.00

114.  Mervin Honig: (b.1920)  Strong New York presence, known for his urban views and interiors.  Studied under Hans Hofmann (1947-50), Francis Criss, 1939-41, Amadee Ozenfant 1946.  Exhibited; Portrait of America, MMA, Carnegie Institute, WMAA, Wadsworth Athenaeum, Brooklyn Museum. Countless shows, awards and well listed with Who's Who, Askart.
"Wild Poppies", watercolor, 16 x 12, SLL
SOLD 280.00

115.  Hilda NeilyRepresented by the Robyn Wasson Gallery, student of Henry Hensche, accomplished Provincetown artist with countless shows, awards, many collections.
"The Bend in Commercial Street", oil on board, 16 x 20, SLL
SOLD 1232.00

116.  William Maynard: Studio located at 72A Commercial St, extremely well listed, award winning artist, museums, collections throughout the USA and beyond:
"Silence", acrylic on canvas, 18 x 24, SLR
SOLD 952.00

117.  AnonymousOld Master, 19th century, spectacular gold gild frame.
"Mother and Child", oil on canvas, 24.5 x 19.5 (estimate, is in centimeters)

117A.  Kaesalau, Charles: (1889 - 1970)  Prominent early artist of Provincetown and wood block print maker:
"Wellfleet Oystermen" c.1935, woodblock print from PAAM chapbook, 5 x 4
SOLD 224.00

118.  William L'Engle: (1884-1957)  Strong Florida and Massachusetts following, knwon for his genre-active, figure and landscape.  Studied in Paris and Yale Univ.  Exhibits include Corcoran Gallery, PAAM, New Orleans AA, Salons of America, WFNY, MMA, WMAA, St. Augustine AC.  Well listed in Who' Who, Askart and Davenport's.
"Head Portrait" c.1930, pencil on paper, 15 x 12, SLL
SOLD 252.00

119.  Chris Storr: (b.1963 ) Represented by Harmon Gallery in Wellfleet, Peter Coes Gallery in Barnstable, student of Ron Fowler, definite emerging artist to watch.  First entry into these auctions led to representation in 3 galleries:
"Longpoint Dory, Provincetown", oil on board, 5.5 x 23, SLR
SOLD 784.00

120.  Robert WeinsteinRepresented by Jan Collins Selman Fine Arts Gallery, Falmouth, also The Geary Gallery, Darien, CT. studied at MoMA.  Many solo and juried shows.  Emerging artist to watch.
"Cape Blue", acrylic on board, 12 x 16, SLR
SOLD 196.00

121.  Morgan DennisInformation previously listed.
"Mother and Pup", etching, 6.5 x 7.75, SLR
SOLD 84.00

122.  Bonnie Whittingham: (early 20th century, died 2000) Studied at PAFA, Barnes Foundation.  Exhibited: Art Alliance, PA, PAFA (3 prizes), Shore Galleries, Boston and Provincetown.  Many private and public collections, listed in Who's Who, AskArt, Davenport's.
"Untitled", oil on board, 24 x 48, SLL
SOLD 364.00

123.  Gregory Mumford:  (b.1976) Represented by the Mumford Gallery, also in the private collection of Rosie O"Donnell.  Studied at Massachusetts College of Art. Soon, NY Galleries, emerging artist to watch.
"Untitled", oil on board, 24 x 48, SLL
SOLD 112.00

124.  Walter Kamys:  (b.1917)  Studied AIC, 1943 with Hubert Ropp and Brois Anisfeld.  Exhibited: Ohio Valley Exhib. (1946), Portland SA, PAFA, AIC, Springfield Museum, Art for US Embassies, Smithsonian, Boston, Amherst and much more. Works at Fogg Art Museum, Smith College, Holyoke Col, Yale Univ., countless awards and collections.  Well listed in Who's Who, AskArt, Davenport's.
"Silent Night" c.1951, oil on board, 16 x 20, SLR
SOLD 224.00

125.  Edith Morrison: Local Provincetown painter who died recently.  Many local collections including PAAM.  Studied under Hans Hofmann.
"Shack and Dory", oil on board, 16 x 20, SLR
SOLD 308.00

126.  Albert Thayer:  (died 1955)  Studied under Eric Page, Edmund Tarbell and Aldro Hibbard, exhibited Rockport AA, PAFA, listed in Who's Who, AskArt.
"Eastham, Cape Cod", oil on board, 12 x 15, SLR
SOLD 394.00

127.  signed HBL: On lower right, it says this is of a scene of a play at the Provincetown Players.
"Abidon's Bosom", watercolor, SLR
SOLD 224.00

128  Lily Harmon, NA: (1912-1998)  Studied: Yale Univ, Parson's School of Design, Art Student League, Academie Colarossi, Paris.  Member NA (full academician, 1970), Exhibits include: NA, NAD, NGA, WMAA, PAFA, MMA, Carnegie Institute, Corcoran Gallery, and countless others. Works at: WMAA, Hirshhorn College, AFA, Tel Aviv Museum.  Extremely well listed with Who's Who, AskArt, Davenport's.
"Untitled" c. 1943, pencil on paper, 9 x 7, SLR
SOLD 56.00

129.  Constance Black: Represented by Teichman Gallery,  Brewster: Student of Henry Hensche's.  Countless collections here and abroad.  Chairman of Art Commission, Provincetown, member PAAM.  
"Provincetown Bay, Winter", oil on canvas, 14 x 21, SLL
SOL 448.00

129A  Nancy Whorf:  information previously listed.
"Ice Skating on Clapps Pond", oil on board, SLR
SOLD 560.00

130.  Tom JohnsonRepresented by Johnson Gallery, 2nd fl, Whaler's Wharf.  Countless collections.
"Winter in Provincetown, 2000", photography, 10.5 x 13.5, SLR
SOLD 196.00

131.  Tim Moore: (b.1950)  Worldwide showings and collections.    Commissions include: GQ Magazine, The New Yorker, W, Conde Nast, graduate of RISD.  First participation in these auctions.
"MIT Rehearsal", acrylic and collage, 11 x 16.5, SLR
SOLD 112.00

132.  Vince Grimaldi:  (b.1929)  Extremely well known Rhode Island and New York artist who studied at the Art's Student League has over 3 pages of gallery showings, awards, museums (MoMA) and collections.  Great article done by famed artist William Littlefield in the 1960's about Vince.  First time his artwork will be available through Outer Cape Art Auctions, a rare opportunity.  He also has a photo exhibit of the World Trade Center at the Long Library in Aurora, New York.
"Going Home", oil on canvas, 15 x 20, signed on back
SOLD 224.00

133.  Marian RothWell known pin hole photographer, teacher, countless shows in Provincetown, Boston and beyond.  Extremely collectible.
"Beech Forest", pinhole photography/wash, 14 x 20, SLR
SOLD 196.00

134. Jack CoughlinInformation previously listed.
"Untitled Houses" c.1959, watercolor, 8.5 x 11.5, SLL
SOLD 308.00

135.  Albert EdelInformation previously listed.
" Railroad Whorf", etching, 4 x 5, SLR
SOLD 196.00

136.  LA RomaineUnknown about this artist.  Great European painting, 19th century.
"Boats on River", oil on canvas, 13.3 x 19.75 (it is in centimeters, so this is rounded off), SLL

137.  Anne PackardInformation previously listed.
"Mitla's Doorway" c.1985, oil on canvas, 13.5 x 16, SLR
SOLD 1344.00

138.  John HareInformation previously listed.
"Untitled", watercolor, 13 x 17.5, SLR
SOLD 840.00

139.  Harold Haven Brown:  (1869-1932)  Studied at Ecoles des Beaux-Arts, Paris and Academie Julian, Mass Normal Art School. Exhibited; Pan-Am Expo, AIC, Buffalo.  Works at; PAAM, countless collections, well listed in Who's Who, AskArt.  Known as illustrator, figure and graphics.
"Old Fashioned Flowers, #2", white line wood block print, 10 x 8, SLR
SOLD 112.00

139A.  Shackelford, Shelby: (1899 - 1987) prominent early Provincetown artist and wood block printer, many shows, awards, museums:
"Winter" c.1935 from PAAM chapbook, wood block print, 4 x 5
SOLD 196.00

140.  Karen HardingLocal printmaker, in countless collections.
"MacMillan Pier" c.1995, white line wood block print, 8 x 17
SOLD 112.00

141.  Morgan DennisInformation previously listed.
"I Love Nature", etching, 3.5 x 5, SLR
SOLD 56.00

142.  Nancy WhorfInformation previously listed. 
"Kelly's Corner", watercolor, 9 x 12, SLL
SOLD 336.00

143.  Priscilla SalvadorWell known late Provincetown artist, in countless collections in town.
"Provincetown Shore", oil on canvas, 16 x 20, SLR
SOLD 224.00

144.  Arthur Cohen Information previously listed.
"Friends and Self", hand colored etching, 9.5 x 7.25, SLR
SOLD 392.00

145.  Tabitha VeversRepresented by the DNA Gallery, part of famed Vevers/Halvorsean family.  Countless shows and collections.
"In the Clouds" c.1993, oil on handmade paper, 9.5 x 7.25, SUL
SOLD 364.00

146.  Philip Kappel:  (1901-1981)  Studied: PIA and with Philip Little.  Exhibited: NAD (1928-1946), WFNY, CAFA, Kent AA, Palm Beach, with awards in most of the above showings.  Works include: Bibliotecheque Nationale, Paris, NYPL, CMA, BM, MMA, CGA, National Museum, Wash DC, Carnegie Institute.  Well listed in Who's Who, AskArt.  Won "Fine Arts Print of the Year", 1926 and 1927.
"Net Menders, Gloucester Fog", etching, 10 x 8, SLR
SOLD 252.00

147.  Harold Haven BrownInformation previously listed. 
"A History of Ships", hand colored woodblock prints, 8.5 x 12, unsigned
SOLD 28.00

148.  Elizabeth Draper Gardiner: (1871-1955)  Studied with Sophia Pitman, 1888-1892, RISD with Tolman, and CH woodbury, plus Europe.  Exhibited: Newport AA, PAAM, AIC, Boston Soc. of Arts, NAC, 1925, Vose Gallery, Brooklyn Museum. Works: NYPL, Paris, Ogunquit, Providence.  One of her woodblock prints graces the inside cover of Who's Who in American Art, Vol.G-O, 1975.  Countless collections and awards and shows, too many to list.  Well listed in Who's Who.
"The Pig Market", white line wood block print 3 of 25, 9 x 8, SLL
SOLD 196.00

149. William Littlefield: (1902 - 1969)  Strong Massachusetts affiliation, known for his figure, genre and murals.  Studied at Harvard, exhibited at: PAFA, WMA, MoMA, WMAA, BMFA, Wadsworth, Dallas Museum of FA, Paris and many more. Works at: BMFA, FMA, WMA, Smith College, Vassar College, UMass and many others. Was a prolific writer as well.  Extremely collectible and prices only going up. 
"Alien Corn"c.1961-62, oil on canvas, 58 x 24, SLR and on verso
SOLD 784.00

150.  Albert EdelInformation previously listed.
"Smokey Boy", etching, 5 x 4, SLR
SOLD 28.00

151.  signed HooverUnknown about this artist, but great painting anyway.  From an estate.
"Portrait" c.1985, oil on canvas, 24 x 18, SLR

152.  Michael RogovskyExtremely well known artist, had show in DC and sold out to Russian Ambassador.  Countless shows and collections.  
"The Garden" c.1978, oil on canvas, 43 x 49, SLR
SOLD 560.00

153.  L'AssiletUnknown about this artist, except to say it was from a New York Gallery.
"Untitled" c.1960, oil on paper, 17 x 13, SLL
SOLD 28.00

154.  Rich McKownRepresented by Schoolhouse Gallery.  Early works of his. Many shows and in many collections.
"642 Commercial Street" c.1994, oil on board, 46 x 16, signed on verso
SOLD 112.00

155.  AnonymousUnknown about this artist, early (1920's) with several of the traits of local teachers (Hawthorne and Browne).
"Dunes, oil on board, 16 x 20
SOLD 308.00

156.  E. WeeksUnknown about this artist.  Great painting though.  Makes you just want to be there in this winter time.
"Beach Scene" c.1948, watercolor, 11.5 x 18.5, SLR
SOLD 252.00

157.  GerbierUnknown about this artist.  Also difficult to ascertain if it is Provincetown or elsewhere, but sure looks like the Provincetown shoreline.
"Provincetown Shoreline", oil on canvas, 22 x 29.5, SLL
SOLD 196.00

157A.  George Elmer BrowneInformation previously listed.
"The Trawlers", etching, 7.75 x 9.5, SLR

158.  Henry HeringInformation previously listed.
"Untitled coast", oil on board, 15.5 x 19.5, SLL
SOLD 224.00

158A.  Yalkert, Saul: Early Provincetown artist and wood block printmaker.
"House in the Hollow" c.1935, wood block print from PAAM chapbook, 5 X 4
SOLD 28.00

159.  Hugo Pocaro:  (b.1965) Represented by the Globe, Gulfport, FL and St. Petersburg Art Center.  Also member of PAAM and includes juried shows. In many collections locally.
"Green Vase" c.2001, acrylic on paper, 17.5 x 23.5, SLR
SOLD 196.00

160.  Rudolpf Freund: (b.1903)  Strong PA showing, known for plant, animal and illustrator.  Well known illustrator for National Geographic.  This drawing was used as the cover of an issue.  Very collectible and noted artist with US following.  Listed.
"Neanderthal Man" c.1937, pencil on paper, 10.5 x 8.5, signed in middle
SOLD 112.00

160A.  Lisa Simms:  (b.1961) Studied in Italy, US and Mexico.  Shows in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico where she teaches and has her own gallery.
"The Drag Queen", sculpture of paper mache,
SOLD 28.00

161.  Brenda Silva: Represented by Studio S, 3rd Fl. Whaler’s Wharf:  Countless shows include PAAM Member's Juried, many collections.
"Fire and Ice", oil on board, 12 x 16, SLR
SOLD 560.00

162.  Charles StepuleUnknown about this artist, except to say a great painting.
"Harbor View, East Gloucester", acrylic on bard, 12 x 16, SL
SOLD 112.00

163.  W. Harry Smith:  (1875-1951)  Member: Copley Society, Boston SWC Painters, Chicago SE, exhibited Chicago SE, 1925 and 46 (prize).  Works at: BMFA, FMA, MIT, NGA and AIC. Listed in Who' Who, Askart.  Known for his murals, etchings and as a designer.
"Long Wharf, Boston", early print of an etching, 10 x 8, SLR
SOLD 28.00

164.  MC Waite: Unknown about this painter, but to say it is a spectacular ocean scene.
"Untitled", oil on canvas, 24 x 35, SLR
SOLD 168.00

165.  C. Bertram Hartman: (1882-1960)  Studied at AIC, Royal Academy and Munich and Paris.  Exhibited: Pan Pacific Expo, AIC, PAFA, WMAA, Carnegie Inst., Salons of America, MMA, BM, WMAA.  Works at: MMA, BM, WMAA, also was a WPA Artist.  Well listed in Who's Who and AskART.  Sold for as high as 4950. in 1989.
"Nude" c.1929, watercolor/charcoal, 19 x 24, SLL

166.  Louis Kronberg, NA:  (1872 - 1965)  Studied: ASL, BMFA, Academie Julian, Paris, and under E. Longfellow. Member: National Academy (NA), ANA, Salon des Beaux Arts, Copley Society.  Exhibited: Boston AC, PAFA, Paris Salon (1897-99), Corcoran Gallery (1907-39-12 times), AIC, NAD, Pan-Pac Expo, Rockport AA and many others.  Works include: MMA, BMFA, Isabella Stewart Gardner Musuem, PAFA, NYHS, AIC, Musee D'Orsay, Paris, Luxemborg Museum, and too many others to list.  Extremely well listed in Who' Who and Askart.  Works have sold for as high as 29.500 in 2001 in auction.
"Inlet with Sailing Boats" c.1944, watercolor, 14 x 20, SLR

167.  Heinrich Pfeiffer: (1874 - 1960) Studied at ASL with John Carlson and PAFA with Breckenridge and McCarter.  Exhibits include: PAFA, Corcoran Gallery, AIC, Salons of America.  Extremely well listed in Who's Who, AskART. Strong presence in Florida and Provincetown, known for his landscapes and urban-coastal views.
"Untitled" Dorys, watercolor, matted, 14 x 20, SLR
SOLD 224.00

168.  Michael JosephInformation previously listed.
"Newbury Street" c.1990, oil on canvas, 33 x 46
SOLD 1904.00

168A. Chaffee, Oliver (1886 - 1980): Very well listed and collected early Provincetown artist.  
"3 Central" c.1935, wood block print form 1935 PAAM chapbook, 3 x 6
SOLD 84.00

169.  Elizabeth B. Warren  (Mrs. Tod Lindenmuth) (1886 - 1960)   Studied Massachusetts School of Art, Vesper George School of Art, and under William H. Bicknell.  Exhibits include: Rockport AA, Palm Beach AL, PAAM, SAE, SE Chicago and others.  Many awards, countless collections and shows.  Listed in Who's Who, Askart, Davenport's.
"The Arch at St. Joseph", etching, 7 x 5, SLR
SOLD 56.00

170.  Anonymous:
"Cape House", oil on board, 12 x 16
SOLD 336.00

170A.  Libby TrynzInformation previously listed.
"Cubist Still Life", oil on canvas, 20 x 15.5, SLR
SOLD 308.00

171.  William Speier (b.1913)  NYC, PAFA teacher, painter, illustrator, exhibited Publisher's & Printers Assoc., awards: 1939, 1940, very well collected.
"Sunshine and Meadows", limited edition print, 8 x 10, SLR
SOLD 140.00

172.  CR SoudersUnknown about this artist.  Came from an estate.
"Beach, Naples Florida" c.1981, oil on board, SLR
SOLD 84.00

173.  Bertha BurtonUnknown about this local artist and print maker.  
"Fishing Smack, Provincetown Harbor", white line wood block print, 8 x 6.5, signed in block
SOLD 140.00

174.  James Hansen: Information previously listed.
"Series" c.1991, lithograph, 8 x 6, SLR
SOLD 224.00

175.  Laura Anderson:  (late 20th century)  Represented by  The Chase Gallery, Boston.  Studied under Wolf Kahn, Wayne Thiebaud, RISD, Hartford Art School.  Exhibits include Parkersburg Art Museum, WV, Springfield Museum FA, DeCordova Museum, Fitchburg Art Museum with awards, 1979,80,81.  Galleries include Chase Gallery, Boston, National Arts Club, Gallery East, and many other shows and awards.  Extremely well known Boston artist.
"Morning, Atlantic Inn #2", oil on canvas, 36.5 x 30
SOLD 3528.00

176.  Oren Sherman:  (b1956) Represented by Robinwood of Provincetown. Also at Left Bank, Wellfleet, Oceana, Orleans, Falconer in Chatham.  Studied at RISD.  Extremely prominent artist whose images have graced the cover of  LL Bean Catalogues for three issues.  Also 2 covers of Yankee Magazine and In Style Magazine.  Commissions include 8 US Postage Stamps, designs for Steuben Glass, and posters for Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey Circus, the Olympics and Disney Corporation.  He recently completed illustrating Random House Book of Greek Myths and the upcoming design for The Miami Art Deco Festival.   Collections include; RISDWorks plus countless others.    
"Provincetown", gouache, 17 x 12, SLR
SOLD 1792.00

177.  Barrie McDowell:  (b.1923) Pennsylvania Artist.  Studied at Yale Univ. School of FA, exhibited Pace Gallery, NY, WMAA, 1964, countless collections, listed in Who' Who.
"Sakaty Light", oil tempura on paper, 20 x 30, SLR

178.  Seymour Thomas, Stephen:  (1886 - 1956)  Studied under Wm. Chase and C. Beckwith at Art Student League, Academie Julian, Paris, Ecole des Beaux Arts, Paris.  Exhibits include: PAFA, Paris Salon, Paris Expo, LACMA, AIC including countless awards.  Works at: MMA, Buffalo Museum of Art, New York Life Bldg, NY, Courtroom, Hall of Records, NYC, MFA in Houston, MIT, Athenaeum Pasadena CA. and many more.  Extremely well listed in Who's Who and AskArt.  Sold as high as 11,000 in 1989 in auction.
"Harbor Scene" probably Rockport, watercolor, 21 x 27, SLR

179.  Timmy Paquette:  (b.1969)  Represented at Renaissance III Gallery (Jack's Gallery, Provincetown).  Studied at Univ. of Hartford Art School.  Well known local artist.
"Cupid and Psyche", oil on canvas, 36 x 24, SLR
SOLD 224.00

180.  BJO Nordfeldt (Bror Julius Olsson):  (1878-1955)  Studied PIA, Academie Paris, exhibited in Milan, Pan Pacific Expo, Corcoran Gallery, PAFA, Denver MA, WMAA, several awards.  Works at: MMA, MFA, AIC, NYPL, TMA, Parks, Norway, Toronto and many more.  He is very well known as inventing the Provincetown Print (printing more than one color with a single impression.
"Untitled" c.1907, etching, 8 x 6, SLR
SOLD 28.00

181.  N. Cameron WassonRepresented by the Michael McGuire Gallery, 349 Commercial Street.  Well known artist of Provincetown.
"Untitled", oil on board, 11 x 13.5, SLR
SOLD 280.00

182.  Pat Fryklund:  (b.1954)  Represented by Sand Piper Gallery, Wellfleet, studied under John D'Mestico.  First time in these auctions.  Also well known as Ad Rep at the Provincetown Banner.
"Approaching Provincetown, Winter", pastel on paper,19.5 x 13, SLR
SOLD 168.00

183.  Frank MilbyInformation previously listed.
"Man with Guitar", oil on canvas, 33 x 24, SLL, chipping

184.  Virginia BerresfordInformation previously listed.
"Woman Dancing", watercolor, 21 x 12, SLR

185.  Mischa Richter:  (1910-2001)  Studied at Boston FA, Yale, Kozloff, Russia.  Extremely well known cartoonist, teacher and illustrator.  Exhibits include Rockefeller Center, NY, ACA Gallery, NY.  Illustrated for Esquire, Saturday Evening Post, Am. Magazine, also was a WPA artist.
"Untitled", limited edition print 442 of 500, 28 x 28, SLR
SOLD 280.00

186.  Warren Sawyer: (1904 - 1977) Known for his landscapes.  Listed in Who's Who and AskArt.  Very well known early Provincetown and Truro artist.
"Moonlight, Palm Beach Florida" c.1938, gouache, 6.25 x 7, SLR
SOLD 140.00

187.  Sol Wilson:  (1896 - 1974)  Studied at Cooper's Union, NAD, BAID, also with George Bellows, Robert Henri, G. Olinsky and G. Maynard.  Exhibits include PAFA, NAD, AIC, MMA, Pepsi-Cola exhibition, 1944, VMFA, Critic's Choice, NY, Corcoran Gallery and others.  Many awards at above locations.  Works at MMA, WMAA, Brooklyn Museum, BMA, SMA, USSR, Tel Aviv and others.  Too many to list them all.  Extremely prominent New York and Provincetown artist whose prices are only going up.  
"Festival", lithograph, only 250 printed for AAA, 13.5 x 9.5, SLR
SOLD 168.00

188.  Daisy M. HughesInformation previously listed.
"House", oil on canvas, 12 x 16, SLR
SOLD 336.00

189.  Umberto RomanoInformation previously listed.
"Warrier", pastel on paper, 18.5 x 23.5, SLM
SOLD 224.00

189A. Gilmore, Ada  (1891 - 1954)  Extremely well known and collected artist of Provincetown, listed:
"Sandpipers" c.1935, wood block print from PAAM chapbook, 8 x 5
SOLD 56.00

190.  Ruth Berch Greenblatt:  (b.1923 )Very popular artist, studied under Salvadore del Deo, Tony Vevers and Jim Peters, actress, poet and playwright of Cape Cod, many shows in PAAM, up cape, painting since 1950's.
"Window Series #5" c.1993, oil on board, 18 x 22, SLL
SOLD 84.00

191.  William SpeierInformation previously listed.
"Rambler Rose Lane", limited edition print, 8 x 10, SLR
SOLD 140.00

192.  G. Patterson: Unknown about this artist.  Estate piece.
"Portrait of Boy", oil on canvas, 16 x 14, SLR
SOLD 84.00

193.  A. Swift (possibly Ann Swift, painter of romantic scenes in watercolor.  She was an early 19th century painter).  
"Ship at Sea", watercolor, 9.5 x 13.5
SOLD 168.00

194.  Ellen LeggettRepresented by Sarah Jessica Fine Art.  Very popular artist in these auctions.
"Provincetown Rooftops VI", oil on board, 17 x 22, SLR
SOLD 504.00

195.  Robin Brun:  (b.1964) Graphic Artist, tee-shirt designer, Studied at Art Institute of Pittsburg.  Well known local artist, resident of 8 years.
"Dune Shack", acrylic on canvas, 16 x 20, SLR
SOLD 112.00

196.  Hoppie HopkinsExtremely well known local artist.
"Dory", oil on canvas, 30 x 15, SLR
SOLD 28.00

197.  Myles MickelsonUnknown about this artist.  Great cubist style painting though.
"Untitled Cubist Horse", oil on board, 16 x 20, SLR
SOLD 196.00

198.  Lena Gurr:  (1897 - 1992)  Studied at ASL with John Sloan and Maurice Sterne.  Exhibits include:, WMAA, PAAM, Provincetown Town Hall, Corcoran Gallery, Salons of America, Whitney Studio, BM, NAWA and includes many awards at above mentioned.  Works at MMA, Smithsonian, England, Russia.  Well listed in Who' Who, AskArt.  Extremely collectible.
"Winter Melancholy", oil on board, 8 x 10, SLR
SOLD 28.00

199.  Marc Kundmann:   Represented by Union Square Gallery, Provincetown, also Thomas Brown Realty, Truro, countless collections, PAAM, emerging artist to watch.
"Low Tide, Bay Truro", oil on canvas, 23 x 30, SLR
SOLD 364.00

200.  NoelRepresented by the Passions Gallery, Provincetown.  Very popular artist of New York and Cape Cod.  
"We Shall Overcome", limited edition print 635 of 950, SLR

201.  Anonymous:
"Portrait", oil on board, 22.5 x 19.5
SOLD 448.00

202.  Michael JonesCalifornia Artist whose commissions include 2 from Burt Reynolds.
"Untitled Portrait" c.1989, acrylic on canvas, 48 x 36, SLL
SOLD 28.00

203.  Edith MorrisonInformation previously listed.
"The Fisherman", oil on board, 16 x 20, SLL
SOLD 112.00

204.  S. Chatwood Burton (1881-1955)  Studied at Academie Julian, Paris.  Exhibited at: Minn. State Fair (1917, 18, 1rst prize) plus others with prizes awarded and in New Orleans and Grand Rapids. Collections include: MMA, Univ. of Minnesota, AIC, and others.  Although this looks like the Provincetown Monument, surrounding structures leads me to believe it is not Provincetown.  Also member of Beachcombers and PAAM.
"Monument" c.1920, etching, 9 x 5.5, SLR
SOLD 84.00

205.  Gaston NavezEuropean artist, early 20th century.
"A Street in Roquebrune", watercolor/gouache, 13.5 x 10, SLR
SOLD 50.40

206.  Evangelo:  (b.1961)  Represented by the Dorian Studios.  Newcomer to the Provincetown arts scene.  Self taught artist.
"Race Point", oil on board, 7.5 x 9.5, SLR
SOLD 179.20

207.  Gordon HansenInformation previously listed.
"Nude Study" c.1927, sepia on paper, 25 x 14, SLR
SOLD 140.00

208.  Bradford Robinson:  (b.1930): Emerging Providence artist to watch, was in last auction:
"Harbor Mist", watercolor, 13.5 x 19, SLR
SOLD 123.20

209.  Karen HardingInformation previously listed.
"Dinghy Dock" c.1992, white line wood block print, 6 x 6, SLR
SOLD 140.00

210.  Elisabeth OliverInformation previously listed.
"Wren Tower", hand colored etching, 5 x 3.5, SLR
SOLD 196.00

211.  Dorothy Lake GregoryInformation previously listed.
"Over the Hill, Provincetown", hand colored etching, 4.25 x 3.5, SLR
SOLD 420.00

212.  Bertha BurtonInformation previously listed.
"Provincetown Street", white line wood block print, 7.5 x 6.25, SLR
SOLD 392.00

213.  Wincata HopkinsUnknown about this artist. Came from an estate.
"Untitled trees in Winter", oil on board, 12 x 16, SLR
SOLD 28.00

214.  Gabriel: Well known and collected up-cape artist.  Current show at Wellfleet Bank.  Extremely popular in these auctions.
"Storms A'Coming", acrylic on canvas, 16 x 20, SLR
SOLD 190.40

215. Christopher Pierce:  
"Rose" c.1986, watercolor, 8 x 7.5, SLR
SOLD 33.60

216.  Dick McKenzieUnknown about this artist, but on the verso, it says this was in the estate of Howard Hughes.
"Boy with Rooster"c.1965, oil on canvas, 32 x 22, SLR
SOLD 252.00

217.  Illegible (looks like Renzi):  Unknown about this artist, except to say it is probably 19th century European.
"Madonna", oil on canvas, 23.75 x 19.75 (estimate as it is in centimeters), SLR
SOLD 33.60

218.  Lewis Adler: Studied at Art Students League, taught at Hudson School  Museum, shows in Palm Springs and Beverly Hills.  Currently lives in Mexico..
"Untitled", oil on board, 24 x 30, SLR
SOLD 28.00

219.  Elizabeth OliverInformation previously listed.
"The Whorf, Provincetown", hand colored etching, 5 x 3.5, SLR
SOLD 196.00

220.  Serge Chermayeff: (1900- ) Mentioned in Peter Manso's book about the art history of Provincetown, claim to fame as major international  architect and Director of Institute of Design in Chicago (1946 - 1951).  Very few of his artistic endeavors ever come to market so a rare opportunity to get an extremely prominent artist.  This painting scene of a play.
"Modena Background" c.1964, oil on paper, 22.5 x 30.5, needs glass, SLR
SOLD 280.00

221.  Edith Penman: (1860-1929) Studied: Cooper Union School and under HB Snell and RS Gifford.  Exhibits include: NAD, 1886, PAFA, Boston AC, AIC, Corocoran Gallery, and others.  Works at: countless museums and many collections. Well listed in Who's Who, AskART.  Known for her paintings and etchings.
"Untitled", etching, 6 x 8, SLL in plate, plus monogram
SOLD 56.00

222.  J. SweeneyNot sure if this work is by James Johnson or Joseph Henry or just another Sweeney.  Signed J. Sweeney, c.1959.  You be the judge.
""Dunes, Provincetown" c.1959, watercolor, 10.5 x 14, SLL
SOLD 33.60

223.  Cushing Faunce: Not sure if this is by Charles F. Faunce (late 19th century) who was known to paint ships and lived in Maine, since the White Mountains are in New Hampshire, so close by.  Great painting.
"White Mountains" c.1911, oil on board, 10 x 13, SLL
SOLD 61.60

224. M. Bonnefoi: Unknown about this early painting of European decent.
"Lady with Sitar", oil on canvas, 23 x 31(estimate as it is in centimeters), SLL
SOLD 56.00

225.  Jeanne Sullivan:  (b.1942)  Studied at Creative Arts Center, Chatham, painting all her life.
"Marsh Land" c.1990, oil on canvas, 19.5 x 15, SLR
SOLD 84.00

226.  Eugene Sparks: Was represented by famed Ellen Harris Gallery, Provincetown, also Church House Gallery.  self taught artist with shows in Boston, New York and Florida.  The background at St Peter's Church in Provincetown (snow capped mountain scene in the rectory) was painted by Sparks.  Very collectible.
"Beached Dory", watercolor, 19 x 13.5, SLL
SOLD 196.00

227.  attributed to Christopher PierceInformation previously listed. 
"Dandelion" c.1986, watercolor, 8 x 7.5, unsigned
SOLD 28.00 

228.  Yvonne KehewUnknown about this local artist who also painted in Paris, France. .
"Captain with Pipe", watercolor, 9 x 7.5, SLL
SOLD 11.20

229.  Jan Gelb: (1906-1978)  Studied: Yale Univ, School of FA, also Brittany with Skou.  Exhibited: Morton Gallery, ACA Gallery, PAFA, MMA, BM, WMAA.  Many awards at above locations.  Works at: MMA, WMAA, MoMA, Rosenwald Collection, NGA, LOC, PMA.  Wife of famed New York and Provincetown artist, Boris Margo.  Well listed in Who' Who and Askart and Davenport's.
"Many Moons" c.1968, cello cut print 11 of 20, 16.5 x 19.5, SLR

230.  Leo Lucas: (Died 2001at age 19)  Was victim of cerebral palacy and painted with a brush in his mouth.
"Old Boats", oil on board, 16 x 20, SLR
SOLD 50.40

231.  Thomas Blinks (1860-1912):  European artist known for his pointers.
"Steady", lithograph of painting by Blinks, 11 x 18, 
SOLD 11.20

232.  Illegible (H. Br......):
"Untitled pier", charcoal on paper, 21 x 27.5, SLR
SOLD 22.40

233.  GM Cillock:   Unknown about this artist.  Estate piece.
"Boy at Stream", oil on board, 21 x 27.5
SOLD 39.20

234.  AnonymousImage to follow.
"Dory", photography, 12 x 18
SOLD 78.40

235.  Joan RademacherLocal Provincetown artist.  Not much known about her work though.
"dory", watercolor, 14 x 18, SLR
SOLD 84.00

236.  Alexander Rosenfeld:  (1905-1995)  Strong California showing, known for his portraits, figures and historical paintings.  Listed on AskART.  Has sold in auction for a high of 1540.00 in 2000.
"Portrait" c.1978, oil on canvas, 25 x 21, SLR

237.  Adrienne WyssNew York artist.  Not much else known about her work.
"Ten to Five" c.1981, work on paper, 24 x 18, SLR

238.  Anonymous:
"Portrait", watercolor, 10.5 x 8, possible signing below matting.  Great portrait though.
SOLD 84.00

239.  P. HartigLocal artist.
"Untitled boat and pier", oil on board, 12 x 16, SLR
SOLD 84.00

240.  Hopkins (Hoppie)Information previously listed.
"Untitled Bat and Seagulls", oil on board, 6.25 x 22, SLR
SOLD 11.20

241.  Susan Willard Flint:  (early 20th century)  Exhibited in Salons of America, 1934,36.  Born in Cambridge, MA.  Listed in Who's Who.
"The Ship", lithograph, 10.5 x 14.75, SLR
SOLD 28.00

242.  Anonymous:
"Untitled Buoys", watercolor, 15.5 x 11.5
SOLD 39.20

243.  LEROY:  (Harold? or Holly?)  Unsure about the artist as it is signed LEROY.  Looks to be 1900-1920's painting.  Great landscape.  You be the judge. 
"Untitled House by River", oil on board, 11.5 x 23.5, SLL
SOLD 39.20

244.  Anonymous:
"Bird", mixed media, 12 x 15
SOLD 5.60

245.  CF CaronUnsure of this artist, except to say contents lends me to believe the artist was a student of Moffett.
"Untitled" Moffett School, oil on board, 14 x 11, SLL
SOLD 33.60

246.  Anonymous:
"Map of World", early print, 14 x 19.5
SOLD 11.20

247.  Buff: (Conrad?)   Unsure of this artist, except to say it is a great landscape painting.  Needs to be reframed.
"Untitled Birch Trees", oil on board, 16 x 12, SLR
SOLD 28.00

248.  Sir Edwin Henry Landseer:  (1802-1873)  Strong affiliation in Britain. 
"Stag and Deer Hounds", lithograph of painting by Landseer, 10 x 18
SOLD 28.00

249.  TilligUnknown about this local artist.
"Untitled Man Rowing", pastel on paper, 8 x 9.5
SOLD 11.20

250.  Yvonne KehewInformation previously listed. 
"Untitled Girl with Lilacs", watercolor, 9.5 x 7.5, SLR

251.  Marge AlligrettiWas represented by the Swansboro Gallery in Wellfleet.  Well known Cape Cod artist. 
"Beach Road", oil on paper, 42 x 30, SLL, broken Plexiglas
SOLD 39.20

252.  John W. Gregory A  B  C  D  (1903 - 1992) Provincetown's premier photographer. The Smithsonian considered him one of America's finest pictorial photographers. Studied at Art Student's League of New York and with distinguished artist John Sloan:
"Assorted postcards of etchings and photographs", several, all framed and of various sizes, signed
SOLD 420.00

253.  Deborah Ellis (20th century) Well known New York artist whose works have graced countless collections and in museums.  Listed on AskART.
"Kimono", mixed media/collage, 49 x 29, SLR